Class 4 news

Class Four visited the Lismore Resource Recovery Centre to attend a range of environmental activities with students from other local schools. The children went to a number of interesting presentations to learn about World Environment Day and the importance of caring for our planet.
We learned how to recognise indications of Koala health and habitat (we found koala poo, scratch marks and even a healthy koala in a tree). We played a resource management game show with a comedian in a canary yellow suit who had everyone singing, dancing and clapping to his environmentally educative songs. They were quite catchy.
We looked through microscopes with help from Southern Cross University scientists and went for a walk in a rainforest to identify plants that grow in the remnant areas of ‘The Big Scrub’.

For many of the children, the highlight was a bus tour of the waste facilities. We joined a queue of rubbish trucks to go in there. Some of the trucks were from Casino, Lismore, and a few from Byron as well. Masses of green waste was stacked in huge wind rows and was being progressively added to a mountain of compost! It was like nirvana for hungry microbes and avid gardeners.
Then we saw the shed where all of the recycling is sorted into different types of plastic and metals. The bottles went through another machine that spat out the lids and labels and turned the glass into a fine sand that can be used to fill potholes. All of the resources were being saved from landfill, reclaimed and sent off to be recycled into something new.
Each experience showed that with our collective efforts we can make a difference to the well being of the planet and ourselves.