Class 3 Binna Burra Camp

Binna Burra

In week 7, Class three set out for their adventure to Binna Burra in Lamington National Park. We had a feeling this class would be ready for 4-days and 3-nights for their first camp away, and we were right! Class Three certainly stepped up to the occasion with impressive determination and enthusiasm.

We spent the days exploring the glorious rainforests with our most lovely National Park guides. The flying fox was definitely a highlight, along with the great ‘EGGsperiment’. We caught and examined water sensitive bugs, built up our trust for each on the low ropes course and sensory trail and went on a night exploration for nocturnal animals. In the evenings we sat in the beautiful Grooms Cottage by the fire knitting and listening to stories. It could just well have been a scene from Little House in the Prairie!

We were very grateful for our superb parent helpers Craig, Peter, Joe and Tahl who ensured that our bellies were always full, our questions always answered, and our timely bed-time always guaranteed!

At the end of the camp, the Binna Burra guides told us that they were especially impressed with how exceptionally respectful, considerate, creative and enthusiastic Class Three were. We felt very proud! The children returned home safe, contentedly worn-out and full of wonderful stories.

We are already dreaming up plans for our Class 4 camp in 2017……
ahhh the joy of it!!!

From the happy campers,
Bethanie &Teera