Class 1 news

Class 1 began their Class Teacher journey on Wednesday after a moving ceremony where I received each of the children from their Kindy teachers and assistants.
They are settling into their new classroom and the rhythm of primary school beautifully. This term is filled with lots of new and exciting experiences for the children and it is surprising to discover that even receiving a stick crayon to write with is exciting! The class also had their first Class 1 Eurythmy lesson which was beautiful! Susan and her accompanying pianist provided a magical movement session for the class which the children thoroughly enjoy.

The children are beginning to consolidate as a group with lots of creative play both inside and outside the classroom as well as social group games. The first main lesson has the children focussing on orientating themselves to their desks, books and writing implements. It feels like such an exciting opportunity to ensure that the children do this well so that they are set up with positive attitudes and habits for the rest of their primary education and I am thrilled to be the teacher doing this.