CBRSS Students invited to attend Questacon Invention Convention

Isaac Poulsen and I both submitted applications to attend the National Questacon Invention Convention in Canberra at the start of next year and we’re very excited to both be offered places to attend. To get a place at the convention you are required to submit an original invention of your own. Your application has to compete with other students applications from all around Australia with the top 25 being chosen to attend the convention. My invention is designed to help the elderly or handicapped people to open difficult fridge doors. The lower temperature and thus lower air pressure makes fridges hard to open, particularly for elderly people. The device attaches to the side of the fridge with a small paddle inserted in between the seals, when the device senses motion around the handle it activates an actuator that moves the paddle in order to break the seal and equalise the air pressure allowing the fridge to be opened easily. I’d encourage any fellow student passionate about design and engineering to submit an application for next years convention.

Joshua Sykes Year 10

The National Invention Convention is an all-expenses-paid, five-day workshop held in Canberra every January. This program gives 25 delegates aged 14-18 from all around Australia the opportunity to play, make and create with us, designing and developing a prototype that solves a real-world problem.

Participants will use tools, tech and materials, work with local mentors and entrepreneurs, and forge friendships that last a lifetime!