CBRSS students exceed in World recognised Music Exams

On Wednesday 7th November eight exceptional students from CBRSS participated in the Trinity College practical Music Exams. The following students who participated in the exams from Trinity College London all achieved very high results;

Yr 5 Nina Walker violin 2nd grade
Yr 5 Ayla Vargas violin 2nd grade
Yr 6 Koko Le Roy cello 2nd Grade
Yr 6 Dakota Dennis cello 2nd Grade
Yr 7 Amit Sonnenfeld violin 4th grade
Yr 9 Isaac Poulsen cello 4th grade
Yr 11 Max De Saxe piano 7th Grade
Yr 11 Kalani Knight piano 5th Grade

Congratulations to all these students for their hard effort and for taking on the challenge.Well done!