CBRSS ~ Spring Fair Update

The Earth Is Our Garden
Countdown! – 1 week until Spring Fair!!

Dress Up for Spring Fair on the day! Come join us dressed in Spring Garden theme. Calling all garden creatures, scarecrows, gnomes, animals, fruit & veg!

ONE CAKE PER FAMILY – High School Café stall Every family is required to please contribute one cake to the High School Cafe on the day.

Next week each family will be given a cake box and an ingredients tag via your eldest child. We ask that you make (or purchase) a cake, slice, biscuits, cupcakes, muffins, fruit bread or scones in the style that you would eat at home. For example, if you normally eat organic, gluten free, dairy free or vegan, bring a little of your home-­life along to share. Help us to reflect the diversity of our school ­culture and preferences of visitors on the day.

You can drop ­off your offering on the ‘Pupil Free Friday’ prior to the Fair, or directly to the stall on Saturday. To avoid mishaps, please ensure ingredients are clearly marked on the tags provided.

Needing Coat Hangers We would love more coat hangers for the white elephant stall, and old white cream sheets or old white lace tablecloths. Please bring in a bag with your name and number to class 3. You will get them back!

Electrical Appliances Please bring all Electrical appliances that are to be used for Spring Fair to school by Thursday 15th September for safety testing and tagging. Thanks

Pupil Free Day Please remember Friday 16th is a pupil free day. Each class is responsible for set up of their activity on this day.

Raffle and Silent Auction We do not want to reprint more booklets of tickets to sell on the day, so if you still have unsold books please return them.

Plants and Produce We welcome seedlings, plants, fresh garden produce, pickles, jams, conserves and eggs for the Produce Stall as we get closer to Spring Fair. Contact Tanya on 0425239284 or tanyafairyprincess@yahoo.com

White Elephant Stall NOW is the time for Spring Cleaning and de-cluttering! All second hand goods welcome especially clothing. Please bring to class 3. No electrical, mouldy, broken or damaged goods. Contact Lisa at Idobbie13@gmail.com

Craft Stall We welcome any craft donations. Please bring to reception. Contact Kylie 0433176895

Garlands Stall Save your blooms and vines! We will be collecting for our Garlands Stall on either Friday 16th and the morning of the Fair.

First Aid Calling on a few parents who have current First Aid Certificates to be available for contact on the day.

Opening Ceremony Starts at 10am. All classes from 1-6, as well as high school classes, are performing at this time. Please make sure that students are here by 9:30am.

From the Spring Fair Team :-)