CBRSS Site report


To enhance the learning environment for our students & staff.

  • Replace roof on Kindergarten plus all ceiling insulation & upgrade gutters, downpipes etc to take into account Climate Change. 
  • Install large 3 Bay Storage Shed at COLA for excess furniture & general storage plus Garden Program & Camping Equipment plus PS Equipment & Admin Archives. 
  • Install new double pipe road crossing over gully to new storage shed.
  • Install underground power to COLA Sports Shed plus light.
  • Lower height of Cl 4 Treehouse Upper Platform & add Slippery Dip.
  • Replace all posts on PS Monkey Bars.
  • Replace Cupboard Doors Cl’s 4-5-6.
  • Construct Paint Board Towers for Cl 1 & Kindergarten.
  • Construct 70 new paint boards for Cl 1 & Kindergarten.
  • Construct 12 new shelving units for new COLA Storage Sheds.
  • Construct Concrete Spoon Drain at Cl 1-4 Path.
  • 4 new Lunch tables for Kindergarten.
  • 4 new Student Timber Chairs for Kindergarten
  • New Bench Seats for Cl 1.
  • New round rug for Cl 1.
  • New Gas Stoves for Cl 1 & Kindy Rose.
  • 3 new Lunch Tables for Cl 5.
  • Install 3 new bubbler setup to Top Playground. On exterior wall of Marlis’ Room.
  • Install new Air Conditioning unit in PS Music Room.
  • Service all (56) Air Conditioning Units.
  • Service All Fire Equipment.
  • Service all Gas Equipment.
  • Service all D&T Equipment.
  • Service All Hall Safety Systems.
  • Service all Smoke Detectors.
  • Service Innovation Ctr Lift. 
  • Service all Wastewater Systems.
  • Electrical Testing & Tagging of 801 items.
  • Install new Shelving in PS Music Room & Cl 5.
  • New mirror to PS Music Room.
  • New Sand to all Sandpits.
  • New Soft Fall to all Playground Equipment.
  • Window Clean the whole school.
  • Term Break Clean the whole school.
  • Steam Clean all carpets & rugs.

And a million other little jobs done with the help of Julian, Jamie & Lyam plus approximately 50 Tradespeople & Contractors.

Site Manager 

Gavin Colley.