CBRSS Parents & Friends Association

Hello! You might have heard of the Parents and Friends Association. The P&F has been established to nourish and support the needs of the parents/carers as active members of the school community. We have recently taken on the roles of P&F executives and are excited to grow and support our school community together with all of you.
There are a variety of ways in which you can get involved with P&F in our school community. Have a look on the P&F webpage on the school website for more info: https://capebyronsteiner.nsw.edu.au/community/parents-friends-association/
We also organize a monthly P&F meeting, a transparent communication platform where parents/carers can connect with us and each other to share and discuss school matters, policy and ideas.
As a parent/carer, you can influence what topics will be discussed at the P&F meetings by sharing your comments and ideas with us. If you cannot attend the meeting but still like to give input you can contact us here or connect with your Class Coordinator.
Looking forward to meeting you there!
Felicity, Michelle & Gladys

Gladys de Swart (Treasurer) Felicity Davies (Chair Person) Michelle Ruthven (Secretary)