CBRSS Library news

A healthy library, like a healthy habitat, is diverse and dynamic. Like species in a rainforest or fishes on a reef, the books on the shelves shift and change, with time and season, so that every week there is something new to discover. A healthy library invites the eye and mind to wander round.

This book habitat does not happen on its own – it is created by librarians. Librarians are the keystone of good libraries. Without them, dust gathers, book collections are not refreshed, readers do not feel enticed and beguiled, relationships between books and people dwindle into nothing.

From an article in The Guardian called “Without libraries we are less human and more profoundly alone” you can find it via this link

Our Librarian Charlotte regularly creates wonderful book display’s to inspire and support the School community, for the next week we have 2.

1. A parent education display with lovely books on early childhood, parenting, seasonal activities and Steiner education.

2. Honouring International Women’s Day, today (March 8th) with a colourful display on inspirational women -recognising and celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women and girls around the world.

Drop in and check it out!