CBRSS Chess Club

Dear CBRSS Community,

The Chess Club has been running for almost a year and some dedicated students come to play every session while others drop in occasionally to play or just watch. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly and we welcome anyone to drop by whether it be to play or to watch.

Our Chess Champions so far are Willow (in Class 8) who has been busy honing her chess skills and started to beat much older students at their game without problems. She is closely followed by Riv (also in Class 8) who comes to most sessions and has demonstrated his ability to beat even seasoned players on a good day. – Well done, Willow and Riv!

We have decided to make some changes to our Chess Club in response to changing demand.
The High-School sessions are now running weekly on a Tuesday during lunch and we are currently not pursuing competitions due to a lack of interest.
Most excitingly, we are starting to run Primary School sessions on Fridays during lunch at the library.
Starting next term, we will set up the Giant Chess Set periodically for the High School during lunchtimes and for the Primary School during lunch sometime during the last week of term. – Exact dates and place of set-up will be announced soon.
Please contact Manuela if you have any questions or suggestions. manuelam@capebyronsteiner.nsw.edu.au