Important resource available – CBRSS eSafety guidelines

Managing Social Media as a parent can be a scary & daunting prospect but it is very important that we understand the ramifications of this increasingly impactful influence on our lives and particularly how to protect our children from it. It is never too early to start informing yourself, please don’t make the mistake of assuming you don’t need to worry until your child is in High School.

Did you know that posting photos and sharing personal information about your child could be putting them at significant risk of being preyed upon? As noted in our Social Media Top Tips for Parents cheat sheet (which you can find here.“If your account is not completely private, anyone can see your photos of your child, their name, the name of the cat, where you go on holiday, what your family does on weekends, when birthdays were and other information about your family and your life. Therefore a complete stranger could make up a story that could be convincing to your child by using the information you have shared in a public forum of more than 500 million users.”

We’ve recently updated the eSafety page on our website. In addition to links to important resources it now has all of the ‘Safe on Social Media Guides’ which explain various Social Media platforms, ‘SOS Cheat Sheets’ about significant issues such as location services, youth and pornography and sexting and child pornography. There are also ‘Parenting at the speed of light’ documents with further info about some specific games, online predators and a doc titled Parents this is for you which elaborates on the issues mentioned above, these are all available to read or download. This is a very valuable and important resource provided by experts in the field and Jon in ICT has spent significant time to ensure they are available to our community in a simple user-friendly format so please make time to check it out here.