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Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School Weekly Bulletin.

Hello everyone,

The school has been a hive of activity this week.  We have welcomed a number of new students to our classes since the beginning of this term and it has been wonderful to see excited families beginning their journey with us.
Julie and Teera have been conducting Kindergarten interviews over the last few days and should soon be able to advise parents in relation to kindergarten enrolments for next year.  This is always a difficult process as we know we only have a limited number of places each year and some families will miss out.  Yvette, Teera and Julie work with great care, integrity and sensitivity in this process.
Class 6 students presented their play to a very appreciative audience this week.  The process of putting on a play is not only a lot of fun, but it provides great opportunities for growth and learning.  The days leading up the play often include the tension of forgotten lines, prop and wardrobe malfunctions and last minute changes to the script.  Then, finally the play comes together and the students have a wonderful sense of both group and individual achievement.  Working through the challenges and finally presenting the play is a wonderful resilience building exercise for students (and the teacher!).
In the High School, students and some teachers have been involved in a lip syncing competition at lunch times.  This has been organised as a house event and the participation has been inspiring.  It is wonderful seeing students so confident and comfortable performing in front of their peers.
Everywhere I look, across the school, I see teachers who are utterly dedicated to their students and their practice.  This dedication translates into happy, engaged students who really want to be at school.
Finally, today I spent some time looking at our hive of native bees.  I regularly go down to the hive when I need a break from the office.  The bees are a little slower and less active in the colder weather.  They huddle at the entrance to the hive, watching the slow procession of bees march down the landing board and take off in search of pollen for the hive.  If you have some spare moments at the school, please do go down and have a look at the hive.  It is in the garden outside the Class 3 room.
Evacuation and Lockdown Procedures for Parents and Visitors to the School
Recently our Evacuation siren went off on a Friday afternoon, at the end of the market time.  Whilst most parents were able to find their way to an evacuation point, some didn’t know what was expected and either walked to their cars and left the grounds or did not move to an evacuation area.  This alerted us to the fact that many parents may not know the process when our sirens activate.
The evacuation siren makes an undulating sound.  If you hear this siren, please go directly to the nearest evacuation point and await further instructions.  Evacuation points are located at the covered outdoor learning area (COLA), the basketball court beside the performance hall and the covered dome near the administration building.  Please do not leave the school grounds until you are directed to do so.
The lockdown siren makes a single sound.  It will sound for about 2-3 minutes and will then turn off.  When you hear this siren go to the nearest room.  Lock the door and stay quietly out of sight (below windows etc.).  Do not open the door until you hear the siren sound a second time (this is the all-clear signal).

We really hope we never have to use these procedures in a real situation, but it is important that everyone knows and understands the process just in case.  If you have any questions about our lockdown or evacuation procedures, please talk to Gavin at the school.
Class 2

We Want to Know What You Think
Just a reminder that our School Surveys close on Monday afternoon.  We would really love to know your thoughts about our strengths and weaknesses so that we can acknowledge and build on our strengths and work to improve where we are not so strong.
If you have not yet completed the survey, please do take some time to share your thoughts and ideas.  The link for the parent survey is http://bit.ly/1VrNhTi . The link to the student survey is http://bit.ly/1LrVy6L  Your assistance in completing this survey would be very much appreciated.

Choir for all on Wednesdays 5pm – 6.15pm in the kindergarten.

We will be learning some new uplifting and fun songs to present at the Spring Fair.
Love to see you there. All welcome! For those who love to sing and those who think they can’t!
6 weeks $60
Cup of tea to finish for those who can stay.



SILKY OAK COTTAGE is our new name for the P&F room!
The Cottage is open for parents to use Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
mornings, 9-11am. You can meet Sandi from SCOOP (School Co-Op) on
Wednesday’s when the shop is open and craft sessions running.
Please make yourselves at home and there are tea and coffee supplies
available for your use.

A P&F fundraiser aimed at supporting the sustainability initiatives of our
great school. $15 and ten great colour options! Available from the office,


NEXT P&F Meeting: Monday 3rd August, 6:30-8:30 at Silky Oak Cottage.
Everyone’s welcome.



Saturday 12th September
We have paid positions available for management of parking for Spring Fair. 
2 – 8hr shifts
3 – 5hr shifts
3 – 4hr shifts
$30 per hour.
No experience necessary instruction provided.
Also Facilities Assistant to Gavin approximately 8 hrs for setup day & 10 hrs for day of Fair. Also $30 per hour. Friday 11th September & Saturday 12th September.
Please contact Gavin on 0427 847 400.
Dear CBRSS Families
We are currently seeking prizes for our 2015 Spring Fair raffle and silent auction from within our fantastically talented and generous school community.  If you are able to support our wonderful school with a prize donation of suitable goods, items, services, or vouchers, etc, this would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Sarah Sykes directly at sarahsykes367@gmail.com
We are also looking outside the immediate CBRSS community for prizes, but as this needs to be done in co-ordinated way, request that you please do not approach outside parties for donations without first checking with Sarah (although any suggestions for contacts again much appreciated).
Many thanks to those who have contributed so far!
Clean Jars Wanted
Pickles & jams are the flavour of this year’s Spring Fair Produce Stall & we need as many jars as possible! Please drop your empty clean jars direct to Class 3 immediately and STAY STUNED for your chance to learn new skills while stocking up the Produce Stall with our FREE upcoming fermenting, pickling & jam-making workshops! Contact amandaeade1@bigpond.com

Give your pre-loved goodies a new home
Now’s a good time to put aside those unwanted clothes, toys, books & any quality second hand goods lying around in preparation for this year’s Spring Fair White Elephant Stall. Contact Fiona leitrim5@bigpond.net.au

Plants & produce please
And if you or someone you know are expecting a bumper crop this Spring then please keep the Spring Fair Produce Stall in mind! We’ll be collecting flowers, plants, seedlings, fruits & vegetables as we get closer to Spring Fair. Contact jessie_2481@yahoo.com.au


Meherarti is searching for an Event Decorating – Junior

Meherarti Wedding & Event Design & Styling is a Byron Bay based company that specialises in custom event design & decorating.

I am seeking a creative, enthusiastic, hard working Junior to assist on upcoming events who has a strong creative eye for decorative detail, design, composition & a flair with colour.

You will assist with:

  • Packing of design items
  • Setting up the venue with decorative items to stylists specification
  • Table settings
  • Basic floristry
  • Pack down

Your hourly rate will be discussed on application depending on your experience, as well as transport.

For a creative opportunity, please contact Teera Palmer

The first assistant event job will be on Saturday Sept 12th, 2015 for approximately 8hrs.

Mehera Rowan
Ph.: 0424 868139

Meherarti is searching for a Multimedia Graphics –  Junior

Meherarti Wedding & Event Design & Styling is a Byron Bay based company that specialises in custom event design & decorating.

I am seeking a creative, enthusiastic, hard working Junior with a strong creative eye for detail, design, composition & colour

You will assist with

  • Website photographic development
  • Developing a styling hire catalogue.

Basic skills & a flair for

  • Computers & graphics
  • Multimedia like Facebook & Instagram
  • Knowledge of using design programs

Are essential.

Your hourly rate will be discussed on application depending on your experience, as well as transport & timing schedule.

For a creative opportunity, please contact Teera Palmer

Mehera Rowan
Ph.: 0424 868139

Year 9/10 Textiles students are entering costumes in the Shearwater Wearable Arts and we are wondering if people in the community have materials that we could use in our costumes. We need magazines, newspapers,old mozzie nets, hoola hoops, masks with nozzles that you wear for sanding, fishing wire, chopsticks, LED Christmas lights with a portable battery, helmets, metres of sheer fabric in black and white, other interesting fabrics or materials.If you have any of these materials to donate you can leave them at the office. We are starting work immediately as we only have this term to finish our costumes.


Looking for families living in the Coorabell, Federal & Goonengerry areas that are willing to support some parents in our community requesting from transport NSW for a new  return direct route school bus run originating in Federal to CBRSS.

They have put together letters of support to sign and are available in the office for convenience or they can be emailed at your request.

Responsible, non smoking, vegetarian family of four seeking a 2/3 bedroom home for 6 months. Happy to move to Ocean shores, Brunswick heads, Mullumbimby, Bangalow, or any surrounding areas. Can afford up to $450 per week. Please email: claires@https://capebyronsteiner.nsw.edu.au

Beginners Eurythmy classes continuing term 3, Wednesdays 9.15am in the movement room. Contact Renelle Harries for more information 0432 259 287.

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