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Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School Weekly Bulletin.

TERM 2  Week 7   2015

“Let us recall how the year’s course, in its regular sequence through Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter has a spiritual content. How, in what appears outwardly during the year’s course, in Winter’s snow, Spring’s sprouting waxing life, in Summer’s life of blossoming and Autumn’s life of ripening and fruiting; how in all this which discloses itself physically to humankind, something spiritual is hidden, something spiritual sustains us.”
– Rudolf Steiner, (Festivals and their Meaning)
Winter has arrived and, whilst we do not have the experience of “Winter’s snow”, we nevertheless feel the change of the cold, crisp air, the clear winter night skies and the shorter days and longer nights.  We can also feel the change of the seasons within ourselves.  This is a more reflective time, a time when we can sense the need to “come inside” and experience our own selves in the stillness.  It is a lovely thing to take the time to quietly consider what it is that spiritually sustains each of us through all of the year.
Throughout the school, preparations are underway for our Winter Festival.  When I walked through the school this week there were High School children working away at making lanterns, primary school students practising beautiful festival songs and fire twirlers making their magic in the (empty) car park. 

The celebration of festivals is a very important aspect of Steiner education. It is a wonderful opportunity for parents to take time to experience with their child a connection to the natural world and to give acknowledgement to something beyond busy every day activity. As they move through the school the children of all ages become familiar with the rhythm and certainty of the seasons and calendar of festivals. It brings certainty and security in a world of so much uncertainty. The beauty and traditions provide enrichment and allow everyone who participates to feel connected to the world and to each other. 

We appeal to you to find ways to acknowledge the festivals through making the time to attend or being involved in discussions with your child about the meaning of each festival or season as it arises. Lantern making is a world-wide Steiner activity and the deeper meaning of bringing light into darkness is something that will live beyond the actual festival evening.  Perhaps now is the time for you to start working on your own lantern to join our lantern walk during the Winter Festival.




Winter Festival

 When:           Friday 29th June  @ 4.45pm
 Where:         A and I Hall Bangalow
Within our darkest night
You kindle the fire that never dies away
We invite you all to bring a lantern to the winter festival this year. 
After the beauty and quiet of the inside singing, the Year 12’s will lead you on a magical walk to the oval to watch the children walk the winter spiral and perform in the fire display.
Please do not park in the show-grounds as we need to keep this area free of cars. Please park in the side streets of Bangalow and walk to the Hall.
The Winter Festival Committee


To view our upcoming events click here
African Children’s Choir
The African Children’s Choir will arrive at our school on Tuesday 9th June and stay with us until June 16th.
A big thank you to all the families who have offered to billet them. More than we needed so thanks to everyone!
We will welcome the choir with songs in the amphitheatre and a display of posters that class 4, 5 and 6 have made with the choir’s tour theme “Under One Sky”.
Classes 2 – 8 will participate in a workshop with the choir on Friday 12th June.
On Sunday 14th June there will be a public concert at 6.30pm – 8pm. Class 5 and 6 will be joining the African Choir for this concert. Tickets $25/$15 at the door or www.trybooking.com
Also – This Sunday at 3pm in All Souls Church in Bangalow there will be a fund-raising concert for the African Choir. Soprano Emilie Lemasson and our very own Margaret Curtis on piano.
This will be an excellent concert and a great way to support the choir and all they do in the education of the poorest children in Uganda. Tickets $20 at the door.
Repair Care & Maintenance Task
Would there be 2-3 wonderful dads out there that could relocate our timber bridge in bottom car park to outside Hall. It is just sitting on ground & needs digging out, lifting & resetting in new location & lower hand rail. No technical challenges, just a bit of hard work. If you can rustle up a couple of other dads & do this task please contact me on details below. A few hours work that you can claim RCM hours for and can be done at any time. Much appreciated.
Exciting news from Class 5.

The position of tallest person in the class has been a fiercely vied for contest. While Maree has resorted to all sorts of shenanigans to hold her position, wearing heels, putting her hair up in a high bun etc, the honour has been bestowed upon Krystal Rose Pierce. The WHOLE class is delighted ……with the possible exception of Maree!!!
Sustainability Arts Project
Toilet rolls wanted for the Elective Showcase.
Please recycle your cardboard toilet rolls and drop at reception.
Katie A


Steiner Education Australia CONFERENCE JULY 4-7 2015
Seeking homemade, naturally based, Steiner inspired craft stalls or local businesses interested in participating in a market stall to be held at the SEA Conference @ CBRSS  on the 4-7th July, 2015. There are over 200 delegates registered for the conference already.Enquiries call Jacquie 66399300
There will be no charge for stall holders at the conference, however we will be asking stall holders to donate something each day for our daily raffle prize.  The raffle will raise money for WOW day.  If anyone would like information about WOW day, here is the link http://www.freunde-waldorf.de/en/wow-day/what-is-wow-day.html.


Canteen Roster

April 21 –  Zan April 22 – Ross April 23 – Zan
April 28 –  Angela April 29 -Leone C April 30 – Nat
May 5- Lisa K May 6 – Natalie D May 7- Simon W
May 12- Helen May 13-Quigley A May 14 – Leone C
May 19   Abby B May 20 – Quigley A May 21 – Simon W
May 26  Felicity D May 27 – Quigley A May 28 Donna A
June 2 –  Nicole J June 3 – Quigley A June 4 –  Maggie K
June 9- Nadine Z June 10 – Quigley A June 11 – Callula.
June 16 – John C June 17 – Quigley A June 18 –
June 23 June 24 – June 25

Attn: Bush Dance Attendees
An amount of money was found at the Bush Dance.  If you think this is yours, please contact Sarah on jasarah@powerup.com.au with details.


Gabe and Cecilia
Album Launch- “Vesselsâ€

Well, you all know Gabe and Cecilia by now- along with the rest of the amazing Brandolini Family! Gabe and Cecilia have something special and very new to share with you all.
I am constantly amazed by these two musicians. They have contributed so very much to the Byron Shire and to our schools Music culture and community life for many years.
Gabe and Cecilia have released two EP’s in the last three years, and now they are about to present a mature, interesting and ultimately very beautiful recording project, ‘Vessels’.

They will be launching the project at the Mullumbimby Civic Hall on the 20th Of June.
Come along and support these two amazing young people, see you there.

Tom Whitaker

5:30 – Doors Open
6:30 – 1st Support TBA
7:00 – The Twins (No Frills – Vanessa & Arna) (Graduated CBRSS 2013)
7:30 – Gabriel and Cecilia

~ Starting and ending early for a friendly family event!

Kids Entry – $5
Adults Entry – $10
Tickets for sale at the door.

CDs, vinyls and merchandise will be available to buy on the night.

We are so humbled to have grown up in the Byron Shire and you can see how much influence this place has had on us, and the all the work we’ve put into ”Vessels”. We absolutely cannot wait to share it with all of you.
Gabe and Cecilia

Delectable edibles from Healing Foods for the night.

Bring your kids, bring your grandparents, bring your pet snail  :)


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