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Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School Weekly Bulletin.

TERM 1 WEEK 8  2015

From The Principal

“When autumn mists gather
and leaves fall gently down.
New strength in me rises
to bear life’s waiting crown”

What a beautiful autumn festival we experienced this morning.  With the mist rising in the valleys and the dew on the grass, there was a gentle hint of autumn in the warm air.  With singing and playing, verses and dances and reverent contributions to the harvest table, we celebrated the changing season with our lovely school community.  Autumn is the time when we move from the outward activities of the summer towards the more inward, reflective time of winter.  On the way, through the autumn months, we ‘come back to ourselves’ and this can feel a little unsettling.  This is the time we are called on to find the strength to work through the grumbles and inner instability to be our true ‘better selves.’  Our students showed a beautiful example of this with their participation in the festival today.

Our Year 9 students have been sailing the high seas (well the bay at least) on their camp.  I have heard that they had a wonderful time and there are some very tired and happy students (and teachers) heading for home as I write this.  Next week, our Year 8 students finally head out on their camp.  They have been waiting patiently since the camp was postponed a couple of weeks ago due to bad weather.
Finally, I would like to apologise for the ‘absent student’ text messages which were mistakenly sent out today to many parents.  We have a problem with our administration software system which is causing the text messages to be sent out.  We are in contact with the software support team and are attempting to rectify the problem and ensure this doesn’t happen again.  We are in the process of transferring to a new system and hopefully will have no further problems in the future.


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P&F Annual General Meeting

All Parents are invited to attend the AGM this Monday 23 March from 6-7pm in the Movement Room.

CBRSS Association SGM

The School Council has been working for many months to produce a draft of the school’s new constitution. We will be holding a meeting on Monday 23 March to provide information about the proposed changes and to allow for consultation and discussion. I invite all members of the association to come along and be part of this process.  The meeting will be held at the school, beginning at 7.00 pm (straight after the P&F AGM) in the Movement Room.
James Dods
Chair CBRSS Council

Year 8 Camp Monday, 23rd March – 27th March 2015

Hinterland to Sea Year 8 camp departing CBRSS 9am.



On the very rare (if ever) occasion that a lockdown is called at Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School it will be carried out as set out in the policy available on the school website. If this occurs, parents will be notified as soon as it is practical to do so. However, parents are requested not to

come to the school, as students will not be released to parents during lock down. Parents are also asked not to call the school as this may tie up emergency lines that must remain open.

Parents should not expect their child to call them, nor should they call student mobiles, as the lock down situation requires silence in order not to alert an intruder to the presence of students and staff in classrooms. If your child’s stay at school is extended beyond the regular time, you will receive information about the time and place that you can pick up your child.

Please be assured, in the event of lock down, that the overriding consideration for the school is the safety and well being of your child.

Study and Discussion Group

Steiner Discussion Group – continued Term 2.



Recently we have had a number of ‘bugs’ going around the school, causing students to become unwell at school.  We have limited sick-bay facilities and our administration can quickly become overwhelmed with numbers of students presenting at the office requiring care and attention.  If a child is vomiting, or it is immediately obvious the child is very unwell (or the child does not recover within 20 minutes), our process is to call and ask parents to pick the child up.  It is very important that parents are able to pick up their child or arrange an alternative person to do this if they are not available.  The best place for a sick child is at home!

Safety in the Carpark

We have noticed that lately a number of younger children are being allowed to walk, unsupervised through the bottom car park to their cars in the afternoon.  This is a very dangerous practice in our busy car park.  If you have primary school aged children, please meet them and walk them safely across the car park to your car.  Help us to make our car park a child-safe place.


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