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Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School Weekly Bulletin.

TERM 1 WEEK 7  2015

From The Principal

There is only a week to go until our Autumn Festival and classes have been preparing, learning songs and verses and thinking about this wonderful season when the weather is changing and a range of different fruits and vegetables are being harvested.  
Our school is looking particularly beautiful thanks to the efforts of those wonderful parents, students and staff who turned up to our Repair, Care and Maintenance day last weekend.  New garden beds were built, existing garden beds were weeded, a classroom was painted, pencil cases were sewn and a whole range of other jobs around the school were attended to.  It was lovely to see people from across our community working together to make our school a better place.
On Monday night I was lucky enough to attend a performance at the Sydney Opera House of the very best of last year’s HSC music students from across the state.  Three of our students, Patrick, Louie and Noah, were selected and played in front of a very large and very appreciative audience.  Their performance was outstanding and they represented Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School beautifully.  It is wonderful to see our students graduating as confident, capable (and often very talented) young adults.
Finally, just a reminder that we have an excellent parent library within our school library collection.  Please do make use of this if you would like to read about Steiner Education, Parenting, Anthroposophy or a range of other relevant topics.  Charlotte can help you out with finding what you are looking for.


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Notice  about  the  SMG  from  James

The School Council has been working for many months to produce a draft of the school’s new constitution.  This week we circulated the draft to all members of the Association so that you can have time to have a look at it and consider the changes.  We will be holding a meeting on Monday 23rd March to provide information about the proposed changes and to allow for consultation and discussion. I invite all members of the association to come along and be part of this process.  The meeting will be held at the school, beginning at 7.00 pm (straight after the P&F AGM)
James Dods
Chair CBRSS Council

Year 9 Camp Monday, 16th March – 20th March 2015

Please note the time has changed for Monday morning 16th March.  The bus will now leave CBRSS at 7:45am sharp.


Autumn Festival

Friday, 20th March, 9.30am – 10.45am  in the Amphitheatre

Please join us to celebrate the beginning of the Autumn Season as the days are beginning to get cooler and longer.

The whole school will participate in the festival. There will be some performances in the amphitheatre and then we will move to the grass area for some circle dances all together. The primary school will form the inner circle and high school and parents will form the outer circles.
Please bring in your produce from your garden or farmers market for the harvest display and these will be donated to those in need. These can be given to class teachers any day next week or early on the morning of the festival.
After the festival there will be a shared morning tea in the classrooms and then a normal school day for the all students.

Study and Discussion Group

Steiner Discussion Group – The Kingdom of Childhood

Our study group is well on its way & happy to see new faces each week.  We are currently discussing Steiner’s Lectures, given to teachers in England in 1924.  Last week we discussed aspects of Lecture 3 and we plan to take on a new lecture every week.  If you would like to join our group, please just come along (the ‘discussion’ nature of the group means that whilst it would be great for people to attend every week, it is not essential).  If you would like to join us and would like a copy of Lecture Four for next week, please contact the office.   The group meets every Tuesday in the Library at 6.00 pm.

Year 11 & 12 Visual Art Excursion to GOMA – Brisbane

Last Thursday 6th March, our Senior Art students travelled to Brisbane for an immersive day analysing and interacting with Postmodern Art at “Sublime” and “We can make another future, Japanese Art after 1989”.

One of the highlights was “The Obliteration room”, by Japanese Contemporary artist, Yayoi Kusama. Students were provided with a sheet of colourful, dot stickers of various shapes and sizes and could place the dots anywhere in the once white room.  See featured photo.

The second room by Kusama, known as “The Infinity Room” was a magical experience. Students entered a room four at a time. The room was lit by a black light so everything white glowed. The most striking aspect of this room was the sensation that the eye could see forever through a multitude of colourful spheres reflected in the walls made out of mirrors. You felt as if you were actually looking into space.

A popular work was PixCell-Deer#24 (2011) by Kohei Nawa (Japanese, born 1975). The deer is classified, mixed media, taxidermied deer with artificial crystal glass. Our students were armed with pencils, paper and a challenging set of questions tailored to engage students in art analysis.

Katie Alleva
Clare Sleeman

NSW Government Health – North Coast Public Health

Year 7, 11&12 Vaccination Program 2015

All Year 7 Students:
* Chicken Pox
* Boostrix (Diptheria, Tetnas & Whooping Cough)
* Gardasil vacine (Human Papillomavirus)

Year 11 & 12 Students
* MMR (Measles, Mumps & Rubella). This is a catch-up vaccination program for students who are not fully vaccinated.

These are free vaccines while they are in Year 7 and the MMR for Year 11 & 12.

For any parents interested, please contact the office.




The NSW Board of Studies have informed us that school principals are no longer able to grant exemptions from attendance for holidays. This means that students who are away because they are on a holiday during term must be marked as absent. It is a legal requirement that parents sent students to school on every day unless they are sick or have an exceptional circumstance (family funeral etc.) Students who are absent without valid reason may be subject to mandatory reporting requirements.
All legal requirements aside, students who go away during term time miss valuable learning opportunities adding stress to both teachers and students . Please don’t book holidays for students in term times other than in exceptional circumstances.


The school canteen is once again looking for parent helpers on a Tues, Wed or Thursday between 9.30am-2.30pm. Being involved is lots of fun, a great way to get to know the school community, allows you to claim RC&M hours and your child/ren receives a free lunch on the day!! If this is something you would like to do, please email Amanda at amandaeade1@bigpond.com or phone 0411837699.

FRIDGE DONATION – We are looking for a small upright fridge/freezer in great working condition. Contact Craig if you can help out the canteen.


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