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Easter at home

Easter in Rose Kindy

Easter Hare, Easter Hare come into my garden.

Hop, hop, hop, I’ve not got time to stop.

Easter on its way you know.

Gifts for all I have to go!

Hop, hop, hop

The children of Rose Kindy continue to share the magic of Kindergarten in their homes. As our term ended, families were busily preparing to bring the gift of Easter to life and forever etching these beautiful memories into their children’s hearts. Easter baskets were painted and constructed in preparation of Easter hunts, nature tables lovingly created, hot cross buns baked on Good Friday and felted eggs rolled. Easter songs and an Easter story of the True Easter Hare shared. This term, we continue to relive the spirit of Easter by sharing a story of a Rabbit with magical ears.

Pransky Success!

A three hour epic craft bonanza took place on Zoom for a group of Class 6 students with some great results.

Der Osterzopf by Harry (Year 7)

Harry shared some photos with his German teacher Manuela before Easter. 

Harry baked ‘Der Osterzopf’ from page 27 of his Katzensprung textbook! Harry reported that ‘It was good.’

Projects at Home

Make a possum box

While you have extra time at home you might like to make something useful for your local wildlife. What about a bird or a possum box? Some children in Class 6 took the opportunity to construct a possum box. Many of you will be familiar with the nesting boxes around the school and the animals that come and go in them.

By providing a possum box, you are encouraging a possum to stay and claim your garden as its territory. The possum will then discourage other possums from moving into your yard and roof. By making friends with a possum, you can help conserve the species and learn about their way of life at the same time. You can decide if you would like to make a box to suit a ringtail or brushtail possum, or a glider.

Read the guide and instructions here. Hunt around for some materials. Hopefully you have some materials at home so you don’t need to go out to buy them. If not, try making a cardboard model first which will be good practise for doing a wooden box later. You will need your ruler, some cardboard and glue/sticky tape for that.

Good luck and please send us some pictures. Ann (Class 6)

Emily: Class 6 and James her dad.

Jasmine: Class 6

I made a Possum box with the help of my dad and my little brother Elton.

We had to measure and cut the wood and screw it together. We painted our house this year so we had some paint left over and I painted it the same colours so it looked like a mini version of our house. I found a stick on the beach to fix to the front and decided which tree I wanted to put it in. My dad fixed it to the tree. I enjoyed doing this project with my dad. My favourite part was painting the possum box.

Building a Vegie Patch at Home.

Some children in Class 6 have been busy in their gardens. creating their own special vegetable and/or flower garden. They have considered the position of their patch as well as what they like to eat. They’ve also had to think about predators, watering and access. Some already have a vegie garden at home so they are working with the one they have. 

Who are the Teachers Pets of CBRSS?

What a treat: Here we expose and name our ‘teachers pets’ who are grateful for the extra time spent with them.



Lizzie: Science & PDHPE Teacher & Y7 Guardian

From left to right Nala Mavis, me and Bodhi. I am grateful at how many hours I can sit and watch the dogs and think about all the ways they are ridiculously cute and I am grateful to live in a place that gives so much love to sick hens.

Teera: Acting Principal ‘Dusty Cow Chasing Days’

I’m so grateful for my lovely ‘Outback’ family and times we share on that amazing land out there! Alderley Station near Boulia, Qeensland

Chris: Music & Maths Teacher

This is a photo of me on our deck in the morning with Charles (little brown) and Rufus (big brown). As Charlie wouldn’t keep still I’ve included his scholarship photo too. This is where my wife, Amber, and I drink tea every morning, as our sleepy eyes become bright and happy.

Matt: Class 6 Teacher

Introducing Hank the Jack Russel and Marble. They are my daughters dogs and every weekend they come over for a sleepover. Each day we go twice to the beach to exercise at sunrise and midday. Marble chases a ball and tries to train all the humans she comes across to throw it for her and Hank runs off to meet other dogs in the far distance and then returns at high speed with his little legs practically a blur. 

I’m grateful that we get down to the beach and have a laugh.

Paddy: HSIE Teacher & Year 9 Guardian

These are pets from my front yard. Their names are Henrii (spelt weirdly cause his from Byron) and The Dude. It’s great to see them up close.

Claire: Visual Arts & Science Teacher & Y11 Guardian

Me and our pet turtles, Lucky and Tanky (with a little puppy). We are grateful for their calming nature.

Emily: Kinder Rose Teacher

This is our cat Nala (yes like in the Lion King, it means Queen). I am grateful for hugs from my children; snuggles from my cat (when she remembers her manners and tucks her claws in); lots of delicious baking; living in the hinterland with lots of space, quiet, calm, birds & butterflies; living in the Byron Shire not-too-far from fabulous beaches for early morning walks and swims, and a big shelf full of wonderful books to read!

Rachel: English Teacher, Curriculum Coordinator & Year 8 Guardian

This is our 5 day old chick called Brave. I am grateful to have been witness to the hatching of this little being who was born in our chicken coop on Saturday 25.4.2020. One of our broody hens had been sitting on her eggs for weeks and we had almost lost hope that she was going to have any success. Miracles do happen!! Watching Mumma teach her baby how to drink, scratch and eat has been very special. #Farm life – Myocum 2020

Ann: Class 6 Teacher

This is Penny. I’m grateful to her for her for reminding me to notice the details.

James: Class 2 Teacher

This is Angel. She recently turned 1. I’m grateful for this time with my baby and having lots of milky smelling cuddles

Ric: PDHPE Teacher & Y12 Guardian

This is Mimosa the dog and Honey the chicken. I am so grateful to be healthy, happy and living in Brunz.

Katie: English Teacher & Department Mentor

This is Lollie who loved to sleep under the bed. Lollie was loved and loved her family in return completely. Sadly at 14 years old, Lollie passed away 4 weeks ago. She will be greatly missed.

Jon: ICT

This is Halo drinking from her favourite Chewbacca cup. She keeps us smiling.

Lisa: DP’s Assistant

This is Inka, the super Kelpie. Great for rounding up the kids and keeping us all active.

Margaret: Reception

Here I am working from home with our 13 and half years old, female German Shepherd / English Collie cross – Qi (pronounced Chee). We are grateful to share each other’s company on dog walks on the beach.

Andrew: Head of Mathematics & Y8 Guardian

This is our tiny Python is called Sheddy and the fish have no names so that when they die the kids do not know they have visited the big toilet bowl in the sky. I am grateful because none of my fish have died in ages and it’s my birthday tomorrow, go the iso birthday party!!!!


This is Tilly, Jim (my son) and Pepper. I am grateful for family and Autumn weather.

Elizabeth: Kindy

This is the FAMOUS Pepper the kitten. Here Pepper is helping Lizzie wind the wool for Kindy.

I’m grateful for her cheekiness, and the many games of hide and seek we play… ‘I’ve looked under the table, and under the chair, down on the ground, and up in the air… but…. I could not find her anywhere!! I wonder where she is hiding today?’ 

Jess: HSIE Teacher & Year 12 Guardian

What happens when you leave the door open. Hungry and confident, ‘Hungry Bird’ walks in and makes himself at home. Hungry Bird is very demanding.

Mat: Music Teacher and ICT Manager

This is Luna the French Bulldog, a great addition to our family. We called him Luna as we love him to the moon and back. Below is Oliver’s (Class 3) portrait of Luna.

Gael: High School Learning Support Administrator 

This is Charlie, the current love of my life, except when he’s scratching my furniture and getting into places that are out of bounds. His full name is Valentine Marmaduke Charles the 3rd. He is a honey most of the time but a house destroyer when he gets that devilish bloom in his eye and wants my attention. I’m grateful for his unconditional companionship and for making me feel needed.

Felicity: Administration

I am grateful to be home with Emi (short for Emerald) and finding the book ‘Crafting with Cat Hair’ to finally make use of her moulting fur.

Renae: Science Assistant

This is me and CoCo. CoCo is 13 years old now and follows me everywhere.

Manuela: German Language Teacher & Distance Ed Coordinator

Here are my garden pets. Last week an invading swarm came and challenged them but they won. My favourite bees are B1 and B2, right in the middle there. I love them because they pollinate my flowers and vegetables.

Craig: Season’s Cafe 

Here is Silky, she provides a calm and graceful presence in our family.

Strawberry: Administration

This is Bellatrix and Holly. They love that I am working from home. I love that I don’t get dressed for work. That’s a bonus. I am grateful for my dogs for helping me remember the world is a great place.

Gavin: Site Manager

I am grateful that Buddy came to hang out with me for a few days before moving on.

Petra: Primary Teacher.

This is Poppy our beautiful dog.

Jenny: Kindy Rose Teacher

Hello this is my very sweet fish called Albie. I have had Albie for 6 years and he has grown so much. He is very shy and territorial but likes to play and seek! I am grateful for all that I have in my life.

Mystery Pet: 

Can you tell what this pet is and which (hint Primary) teacher’s daughter do you think it belongs to? We will give you the answer next week.

Visual Art

The Year 11 art class have started the term looking at appropriation in art. Appropriation is the intentional borrowing, copying and alteration of existing images. For their first creative task this week, the students were asked to use found objects at home to compose an appropriation of a painting from a Great Master and photograph it. Here are some artworks from Lani, Miera, Anouk and Dash.

Claire Sleeman

While there has been some great online access to Art from around the world at this time: ART GALLERY OF NSW  


There’s nothing like creating a gallery at home. Here Jon’s fridge here features Hunter and Ochre’s artwork you can see below. Whose art does your refrigerator feature? Maybe you can upload a photo for next week’s At Home magazine. Just go to our website and click on the School Magazine button. https://capebyronsteiner.nsw.edu.au/


CBRSS Parent Photos

A Rainbow Serpent by Finn: Class 4

Zee (Class 2) and Iona

Mandala’s in the sand.

Thanks to CBRSS parent Angelina Kokolinakis for this stunning photo and reminder of what a beautiful area we live. #stayhome Lighthouse walk exercise looking over Wategos beach .
Image 2 from Angelina: Easter by the pool .. was so bloody hot ! Camp fire in the backyard. Autumn walks on the beach during school holidays. Anzac Day service listening time the last post from the top of our drive

Don’t forget to look at our online community notice and business board featuring CBRSS parent businesses.

Music Making Around The Shire

Hello everybody!
I have been thrilled to hear some of the music that has been played at home over the last few weeks. It has been very heart warming to hear recordings of Class 2 students playing recorder and making up tunes and to receive some wonderful compositions by Class 6 students, excellently notated and played . It really makes my day! I also heard a great story of one student working out how to play Happy Birthday on the recorder for his mum’s birthday. The joys of music in the home! I look forward to hearing more of your music next week.

Wishing you all many wonderful songs and fun singing together. Here is a song for our whole community to sing, to bring us together at this time. It would be lovely to know we are all singing it in our homes. We will all sing it when we all get back again. I have included the words and the chords here for those who play an instrument. Happy singing!

Much love

Give your old computers a new home

Hello, I’m Thomas in Year 12. I’m looking to acquire some old rundown laptops to pull apart for a project. If you can help, please Email me. Thank you

Kindy Rose at home

The children of Rose Kindy have brought the joy of Kindergarten home, baking crunchy buns and apple crumble, collecting seasonal treasures for their just-sewn nature pouches, and slowly stitching their first festival crown, to celebrate the autumn harvest. They have been gently rolling felt apples and bunny eggs in warm soapy water, making wet paintings to then cut and fold into a ball and cup game, and warming and pressing between little fingers beeswax leaves of orange and red to decorate a fallen twig to place upon their homegrown nature table. And they have been doing more besides! As parents, we have discovered a sprinkling of the magic as to why our children emerge from their day at Kindy so content and calm! Thank you to the wonderful Kindy teachers, Jenny, Emily, Lizzie and Christal, for our precious at-home packs.

Pysanky ~ Ukrainian Egg Dying

Lucky Class 6 have been practising Pysanky each year since they were in Class 2. This year they can show their family how to do it.

Instructions Here

Year 8 Art

Students are creating stop frame animations. Here is a picture of a set for animation. Time creating is so important as it allows students to use their imagination and create with their heart and hands utilising colour and form. They are also encouraged to draw portraits and figure drawings of themselves and their families.

Vatika Gow Art Teacher

Year 8 Textiles

Students are working on their tops to go with the pants they were making at school and also assignments on cotton, sustainable fashion and early indigenous textiles and weaving. They are also encouraged to make do extra handwork- embroidery, making soft sculptures. A great time to be enjoying the many possibilities of creating with textiles! Vatika Gow Textiles Teacher

Guitar lesson with Tim Schow

Hapi McMullen Year 8. Having an online lesson with Tim.

Weaving on a Fork

Yes you really can weave using an ordinary kitchen fork.
This video shows you how to make a flower using 8 ply wool, a fork, a small bead and a sewing needle – suitable for classes 5 to 12.

Imagine a whole bouquet of woven flowers.

If this inspires you then you might want to try weaving on your fingers as well.

If you don’t have any wool at home you could try some of the following instead:

  • string (kitchen or garden)
  • a t-shirt or other fabric cut into thin strips
  • embroidery thread
  • unravel an old jumper, beanie, scarf, finger knitting and use the wool from that
  • thin, pliable wire (florist or beading wire)
  • crochet cotton
  • flax (striped into thinner pieces)

From Tanja Nelson

Sunflower Kindergarten at Home

Sunflower Kindergarten making and baking at home.


Class 6 are studying Geology in their current main lesson and have been appreciating the wonders of the Earth by collecting and observing rocks and finding out how our local landscape was formed hundreds of millions of years ago. Last week they had an Art lesson with Eleni and created a fiery image of Mt Vesuvius. What a dramatic imagining of how Wollumbin (Mt Warning) itself was created.

Matthew Reynolds Class 6 Teacher

Easter Activity

This could be a lovely activity for families to do in preparation for Easter – natural dyed eggs with plant dyes, flowers and leaves. Read Article

Home School Photography Elective

Maths delivery via my home study


It is a small world I live in now delivering maths lessons to Year 7-12 from my study but it seems to be going OK. Year 7 are engaging each morning in their Main Lesson and really seem to be enjoying the connectivity with their peers and their teacher. Lessons are running to the timetable and include some live video instruction where students can ask questions as I am teaching like in the normal classroom. Live lessons are being recorded and the recordings are available to students on their Google Classroom should they have missed access to the live lesson. I have really appreciated the respect that students are showing in the online classrooms and thank them for that. I encourage them to continue with their positive approach to lessons and to attend as they would if school were still operating from Ewingsdale.

Andy Robinson High School Maths Teacher



To my amazing teachers and guardians,
I would like to express my enormous gratitude to each and every one of you for all the hard work and hours put into making this transition online seamless for us and for supporting us in all ways that you can. In these uncertain times, you have all gone above and beyond and I know that everyone in Year 11 recognises this too.
Thank you for always remaining cheerful and helping the mood of the class on our video chats and for always repeating where to find a link even after 5 people have asked it! Thank you from all of us!
Meira Violet

Food Tech Elective

Students have been making a variety of dishes based on themes of Mexican and Indian foods. They have also been cooking cakes and cookies and hot cross buns. I have been very happy to see how Food Tech at home can bring nourishment to the students and their families. Lot’s of experimentation with new recipes and fantastic results!

Teachers are missing their playground duties

Katie is keeping the rhythm and flow of the week on Zoom lessons with her students and adapting to her Lunch 2 Top duties on Mondays and Thursdays.

Malia in Class 4

Hi from Class 2

Class 2 and I have been engaging in some delightful story telling about the animals that live in our local environment. Slick the WIllie Wagtail, Deep Diver the Sea turtle and Curly the Eel have all been working with the other animals in their community to help each other and share tales with each other to help pass the time. It has been beautiful to share my stories through recordings with the children and keep that beautiful element of my teaching alive for us all. Class 2 and I definitely enjoy hearing these original stories that often address the woes of the world around them. Here are some pictures of their work. James Deefholts, Class 2 Teacher.

Counting in Class 1

Class One are currently learning about their numbers and making patterns with natural materials amongst many other things.

Sophie Marino, Class 1 Teacher.

Year 7 Online Learning

Some year 7 students have shared their thoughts about online learning