Poem written by Joseph Brookes Yr 11

The In-between – by Joseph Brookes Yr 11

I am the autumn tree,
I live in between.
Like a magician,
I transform my summer coat to announce the oncoming winter,
I give a glimpse of the beauty that lies in between
Creating wonder for children, who, with grateful hearts
Gather my leaf harvest, sharing my rhythm.

The heat of summer’s burning sun,
Is tempered now with a wave of coolness.
As I bare my summer jacket, and prepare
The children don their warmer coats,

My leaves, once a shade of forest green
Colour themselves anew, in deep shades of auburn, reds and golden browns,
Glowing in the autumn sun – the beginning of the in-between,
It’s time to say goodbye to my friends who have kept me company through the heat.

My new jeweling now begins to fall
Like coloured confetti, onto the ground
Leaving me to hibernate, alone
I wait now in-between.

Picture is of Kindy Rose’s Seasonal display