Weeders, we need you!

It has been an epic season for growth in our garden beds and the Year 8 Biodynamic gardening group have been working hard to keep back this pesky nutgrass that keeps rearing its ugly head. We have approval from the site manager that any contribution can be awarded RCM hours. If you are interested in doing a bit of gardening around the school please get in contact with either Gavin or me. site@capebyronsteiner.nsw.edu.aupeterp@capebyronsteiner.nsw.edu.au

Thank you!



Our next RCM day is on Saturday 24th August 9am – 12.30pm.
We will be concentrating on the Kindergarten Area but if we get enough people we will branch out into other areas.
Of course, if you have a burning task you want to do we will see if we can accommodate that.
There will be a variety of tasks to do from cleaning to oiling timber to gardening etc.
Love to see you there.
Site Manager – Gavin – 0427 847 400

RCM day success

We had a lovely, productive, community RCM Morning recently with 10-12 parents attending.
We were able to work together & improve a number of areas around Admin & the Top Playground. Such a fun way to contribute to the physical body of the school & enrich our community.

Repair Care & Maintenance Morning 28/3 9-11am

Repair Care & Maintenance Morning
Wednesday 28th March 9 -11am.
We will be working in the top playground and around Admin & Silky Oak Cottage.
Another opportunity to contribute to the vibrant community life of our school.
There will be a variety of tasks for all.
It will be my second morning back after my recent Hip Replacement.
See you there.

Site Manager
Gavin Colley


Repair Care & Maintenance Day

Hello and a big thank you to the 20 plus people who came and gave the entrance to our school a wonderful face lift. The energy was upbeat with lots of talking and working with and getting to know new people.
If we can get 30 plus people to these events it does wonders for building the social body of the school and facilitates your children’s education being just that bit more nourishing.
See you at the next one. Stay tuned for the exciting activities we will be undertaking.
I got so involved in the day that I didn’t take photos till it was over.


Repair Care & Maintenance Day

Saturday 12th August 9am – 12.30pm
Followed by lunch at Canteen supplied by school.

We will be working on beautification of the school entrance.
There will be walls to paint.
Gardens to renovate.
Cleaning of various areas.
And lots more. Something for everyone.
Come along have fun and build the school social body.