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Simplifying childhood may protect against Mental Health issues

When my Dad was growing up he had one jumper each winter. One. Total.

He remembers how vigilantly he cared for his jumper. If the elbows got holes in them my Grandma patched them back together. If he lost his jumper he’d recount his steps to find it again. He guarded it like the precious gift it was.

He had everything he needed and not a lot more. The only rule was to be home by dinner time. My Grandma rarely knew exactly where her kids were.

They were off building forts, making bows and arrows, collecting bruises and bloody knees and having the time of their lives. They were immersed in childhood.

But the world has moved on since then. We’ve become more sophisticated. And entered a unique period in which, rather than struggling to provide enough parents are unable to resist providing too much. In doing so, we’re unknowingly creating an environment in which mental health issues flourish.

When I read Kim John Payne’s book, Simplicity Parenting one message leapt off the page. Normal personality quirks combined with the stress of “too much” can propel children into the realm of disorder. A child who is systematic may be pushed into obsessive behaviours. A dreamy child may lose the ability to focus.

Payne conducted a study in which he simplified the lives of children with attention deficit disorder. Within four short months 68% went from being clinically dysfunctional to clinically functional. The children also displayed a 37% increase in academic and cognitive aptitude, an effect not seen with commonly prescribed drugs like Ritalin.

As a new parent I find this both empowering and terrifying. We officially have a massive opportunity and responsibility to provide an environment in which our children can thrive physically, emotionally and mentally.

So, what are we getting wrong and how can we fix it?

Read the full article from raisedgood.com by clicking this link

For Jane

We had a fantastic night at the ‘Stars Of the Shire Dance for Cancer’. The Seven Sassy Sisters won people’s choice and we were the team to raise the most funds, over $6000 for Cancer Council Northern Rivers NSW. CBRSS was proudly showcased by the efforts of the Class 4 mums. It was such a fun night with so many coming to support us. Thank you for your support.

Love Laurie, Jen, Sarah, Kimberly, Skai, Suzie and our teacher Kyla xx

Five stars for our Master Chef

Byron Council surprised Craig with a  Food and Hygiene safety visit to our Season’s Cafe (School Canteen) last week. Congratulations and thanks to Craig and his team who have again received a five star ‘Excellent’ award. Craig has received five stars now for the four years he has run the school canteen. Well done Craig!

1 week to go until Plastic Free July 2019

Join millions of people reducing their plastic waste.
Plastic Free July is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution – so we can have cleaner streets, oceans, and beautiful communities. Will you be part of Plastic Free July by choosing to refuse single-use plastics?

Take our Pesky Plastic Quiz. It’s a great way of finding out what single-use plastics you’re currently using, and what you can cut out during the challenge. Even if you’ve done it before, it helps us track household trends and can be a great way to take stock of your improvements and find new ways to cut single-use plastics out of your life!

We’re incredibly excited to announce the launch of our brand-new website. A lot of time and work has gone into this new update, all with the purpose of making sure you have the best resources and help available throughout the Plastic Free July challenge – for 2019 and beyond.

Check out the fresh new look here!

You’ll find:

Class 6 Look to the Stars!

Class 6 have had their gaze up in the night sky over the past couple of weeks as part of our Astronomy main lesson. To further our celestial explorations, we went on an excursion to Brisbane to visit the Planetarium where we very much enjoyed the dome show. We then visited the museum to see the exhibition ‘NASA: A Human Adventure’. It was fascinating to learn so much about humanity’s journey further into space, and to see some objects that had actually been to space and back. Class 6 spent most of last week sharing their fabulous and well-researched Astronomy projects with the class. This happened to coincide with the 50th year anniversary since Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first human beings to set foot on the moon on 20 June in 1969.
And to top it off, Class 6 did a marvellous job presenting some of the southern hemisphere Winter sky constellations at our Winter Festival on Friday.
‘One small step for man. One giant leap for mankind!’

High School House Cross Country Event

The House Cross Country event was held on Thursday 3rd April and saw a good level of participation from students throughout the high school and the Class 5 and 6 primary students. Students were transported from school to “Brunswick Heads Surf Club” car park and after a spectacular start, they ran, walked and crawled to the finish line at Torakina Beach.

Each student scored points for their house depending on their finishing position overall as well as within their age and gender group. At the end of the day the house scores were very close and a special congratulations to all house captains who encouraged their team members to participate and perform at their best.

The final scores

1st Place Olympia 1684 pts
2nd Place Sparta 1679 pts
3rd Place Athens 1420 pts
4th Place Crete 1406 pts

Some excellent individual performances need to be mentioned. First overall was Thibault Walker year 11, 2nd Tom Pierce year 11, 3rd Sachin Smith year 9. First for the girls was Brianna Hart year 8, 2nd Manon Pouget Year 8, 3rd- Hannah Murray year 9. The three students in each age group were invited to compete at the north coast independent school championships.
The primary class 5 and 6 classes ran a smaller circuit earlier in the morning and showed some excellent form from all participants finishing the course very quickly. The top 5 from each age group and gender were invited to represent the school at the North coast Independent Schools Competition.

Boys top 5,- 1st Kaden Ellyard class 6, 2nd Kade Atkinson, class 6, 3rd Hugh Bishop class 5, 4th Kobi May class 5, 5th Mayshar Lerner class 5.
Girls top 5,- 1st Aoife Gordos class 5, 2nd Jasmine Ruthven class 5, 3rd Edie Mayson class 6, 4th Matilda Hagen class 5, 5th Bayla Kenway class 5.

Thank you to all staff who assisted on the day and to all students who participated with a sense of fun and achievement.

Steve Richards (Ric)

The North Coast Sports Association Inter School Cross Country Event

This event was held on Friday 17th May at Lennox Head and involves all the Independent private schools from Tweed Heads to Coffs Harbour. Cool weather with a little bit of drizzle set the scene for a magnificent day where over 30 students from our school competed against some of the biggest schools and best runners in the Northern Rivers Region. Our primary school came 5th place overall. This is made even more impressive as we do not send our year 4s and 3s to this event so our team is considerably smaller than the other schools. The high school was low on numbers this year and our results were not as high as we have done in the past.
Four of our students earned an invitation to represent the NCIS at the CIS state championships at Eastern Creek in Sydney on the 17th June and many others were placed in the top 15 in their division. All ran with pride and exuberance. Both Lizzie Gavaghan and I were proud and impressed with the student’s performances and behaviour on the day. We both agreed that we would be happy to accompany this group of students to any function. Well done! The following students all received exceptional results in their divisions.

Kaden Ellyard 6th, Hugh Bishop 5th, Jasmine Ruthven 4th, Asher Clarke 9th and Hannah Murray 8th. Have all been invited to represent NCIS at the CIS championships in Sydney on the 17th June. We wish these students well at this event.

Steve Richards (Ric)

HS Athletics Carnival 2019

On Thursday 30th May, the High School students spent a sunny winters day at Ewingsdale sports ground participating in the Inter-House Athletics Carnival. A total of ten Track and Field events were on offer for students to test their physical skills in running, jumping and throwing. The carnival is not yet complete as the students are currently competing in the high jump event during lunchtimes and in their PE lessons over the coming weeks, so the final results will not be known for a couple of weeks.
Currently the results have Crete on 770pts, Sparta 766pts, Athens 756pts and Olympia 666pts. There are only 15 points separating three houses and the results of the high jump could easily alter the current positions of the houses.

As usual, there were some outstanding individual performers with 14 school records being broken. However, what was more impressive was the extent of participation of students enjoying the thrill and challenge of doing their best or pushing themselves to achieve a few extra points for their house. Team spirit was strong and defined by the excellent performances and leadership of all the house captains.
New record holders, Jamaii Nelson yr 8 100m, 200m, Isaac Poulson yr 10 100m, 200m, Taj Birrell yr 11 100m, 200m, Shot Put, Josie Huntsman yr 11 100m, 400m, Taylor Tyrrell yr 7 800m, Manon Pouget yr 8 Javelin, Krystal Pierce yr 10 Long Jump, Buzz Walker yr 10 Long Jump, and Crete junior girls relay team.

Students who performed well in their events by coming first or second will be invited to represent the school at the North Coast Sports Association Regional Carnival to be held in Coffs Harbour, next term. These students may be challenged by other Cape Byron students who feel they deserve a place in the team. Challenges may be made up until the week before the Interschool Carnival. So I hope all athletes spend some of their holiday time in training on their special event. There will be training on Tuesdays and Thursday from 3.00pm to 4.00pm next term leading up to the Inter-school Carnival for those students able and willing to attend.

Rudolf Steiner knew how important it was to have students participate in physical activities. It has been proven time and time again how physical movement is directly related to assisting the development of pathways in the brain and therefore assists learning in many academic pursuits. It is also well known that exercise relieves stress and improves self-esteem. It allows social development and encourages students to express themselves in an acceptable and healthy way. Carnivals such as this provide opportunities for students to hone social skills of co-operation, teamwork and to develop a sense of empathy and trust. Skills that are not easily taught in the classroom but are regarded by Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School, its staff, and its community as important life skills required for any human being to achieve their potential.
A big thank you to all parents who support these events and encourage not only their own children to participate, but also for your encouragement of all students in being involved. You have made a difference to allow these students to realise their potential and be the best they can be.

Steve Richards (Ric)

Northern New South Wales School Netball Cup

On 19th June 4 teams from the high school went to the NSW all Schools netball championship held at Mullumbimby Netball courts. There were over 55 teams involved in the day with 12 courts fully occupied for most of the day from 9:30am. All our teams played very well and learnt much through the day. Our 7 and 8 boys came 2nd overall and earned a place in the regional competition in Casino to be held on the 14th August. Our yr 7and 8 girls came 5th out of 8 schools, the year 7/ 8 boys team came 3rd in their division, the 9 and 10 girls came 5th in their division.
Many thanks to Lizzie, Ric, Sydoni, Aaron Brett- Williams and Ella Whitaker who helped coach and umpire on the day.

Steven Richards (Ric)

Year 12 Photography news

Year 12 Photography students playing with the new Gimbles. We have added one Pro Ronon S (which is a super impressive piece of gear,) and a DJI Osmo pocket Gimble (perfect size for travel and everyday use), to our CBRSS equipment. Our Major Work students are so excited to be able to have access to this fabulous new gear!

Katie Alleva
Photography Teacher


I know about what I am as human only when I don’t live along stolidly, but when I allow myself to be lifted up to the heavens in summer, when I let myself sink down in winter into the Earth mysteries, into the secrets of the Earth. – Rudolf Steiner

From the Principal

Hello everyone,

Winter has arrived with a blast this week! I think we were all lulled into a false sense of security by the unseasonably warm May weather. It seems perhaps that many of us were caught unaware, I know I have certainly seen some shivering children in the playground wearing shorts or t-shirts (and a few shivering staff in light weight clothes). It is so hard to understand the weather at the moment that I would strongly recommend that people wear layers every day. Rudolf Steiner had quite a lot to say about the importance of warmth, particularly around the organs. I have discovered the best option for me is to wear a sleeveless vest (daggy, I know, but it keeps me warm).

I have had a few people approach me over the last week asking where they can purchase a copy of Annie Barrett’s new book, “A School’s Journey – Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School”. The book details the wonderful history of our school, from its first days at Bangalow and is available from Reception for $15 a copy.

We are now moving towards the very busy last part of term. Preparations are well underway for our Winter Festivals, please look out for more detailed information as we draw closer to the date. Our Year 7 students are currently out on camp (experiencing the winter chill of Western NSW) with Year 8 to follow soon. Our year 9 and 10 students are working towards the elective showcase night and Class 5 and 6 parents are busy preparing for the annual bush dance, which will be held on the last night of term.

Preparations are also well underway for our school to host the Steiner Education Australia National Teachers’ Conference in the first week of the term break. My involvement with Steiner Education Australia meant I was in the right place at the right time to offer our school as the site for this important and prestigious conference. Apart from having the honour of welcoming guests from across Australia and overseas to our wonderful school, we have the added benefit of having a major Steiner Teachers’ Conference on our own turf, enabling all of our teachers to attend. There are some excellent speakers at the conference, if you are interested in attending please see the Steiner Education Australia website for details (I believe the earlybird price closes this weekend).

I will be away from school for the next two weeks as I am having some minor surgery and unfortunately this means I will miss the Winter Festival (I won’t quite be back on my feet by then). I will be thinking of you all on the night. Teera will be Acting Principal in my absence and Penny, my PA, will manage my emails and calls. I look forward to returning, fit and well, in a couple of weeks.


Student Attendance

What Happens When Your Child Arrives Late to School?

* Your child misses the very important opportunity to settle into the day
* Your child misses connecting with the Class Teacher or Guardian and sharing the verse with the class
* Your child may miss important instructions or information for the day
* Your child’s late entry may disrupt other students
* Your child’s teacher has to re-settle the class and individually catch your child up on any information already shared
* Your child may feel that their whole day has got off to a bad start
* Our reception staff have to spend time manually updating databases and signing your child in.

Please help your child and help their teacher and class by ensuring they arrive on time to school each day. As traffic can be unpredictable, please leave enough time to get through the traffic and still arrive on time.

What Happens When You Take Your Child Away From School During Term Time?

* Your child misses essential learning content
* Your child misses out on developing and consolidating skills
* Your child misses out on important events in the social development of the class
* Your child feels the stress of having to catch up on missed work
* Your child’s teacher feels the stress of having to catch your child up on missed work
* Your child can feel that they are “behind the rest of the class”
* Your child drops out of any group work or class projects, not only missing the experience but also letting classmates down
* You do not fulfill your legal obligation to send your child to school.

We are getting an increasing amount of applications for large amounts of leave so that families can holiday outside term time. This is having a serious impact on learning and not only impacts on your child, but also impacts the teacher and the rest of the class. We are very clear in the enrolment process that we expect students to attend school during term time and ask parents not to schedule holidays during term time. Please support your child and the school by holding off on holidays and overseas trips until school holidays.

Coming Together – World Cafe Event – Save the Date

Thursday 1st August – 6.30 pm

You are invited to attend a special World Cafe event to share ideas, discuss challenges and celebrate all that is good about our wonderful school. We are asking at least one adult from each family to attend this special event. There will be opportunities to meet with school leadership, Board members, the P&F and key staff and stakeholders in the school (there will be yummy food provided too). Those of you who attended this event 3 years ago will remember that it was a wonderful evening which bore many fruits for our school. Please mark the date in your calendar now.

CBRSS Winter Festival – Save the Date

Classes 3-12 Friday 21st of June – Bangalow for approximately a 5pm start.

Classes K – 2 Thursday 27th of June at CBRSS: 9am Kindy Spiral, 10am Class 1 Spiral, 11.30am Class 2 Spiral in the Movement Room. 5pm for singing, fire and a lantern walk

For more detailed information keep an eye on your email.

These events are for the CBRSS community only.