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Celebrating Waldorf 100

The first Waldorf School (Steiner School) was founded in September 1919.

To commemorate 100 years of Waldorf education Steiner/Waldorf schools worldwide have been participating in an international postcard exchange.
Every school was sent blank, pre-addressed postcards and they have been slowly but surely making their way around the world since April 2017.
Each postcard depicts artistic work or a story from a young person, telling or showing something about its place of origin. A display of postcards in the library has attracted the interest of many students and they have enjoyed looking at the postcards we have received and remembering the ones that they sent!
We have postcards from over 36 countries including Japan, Russia, Finland, Germany, Croatia, Italy, Greece, Thailand, the Phillipines, USA, Scotland, South Korea, Canada, Brasil, Mexico and Spain…..

Class 4 students looking at some of the postcards which are still on display in our Library if you would like to see for yourself.


The Kindergarten children have just finished creating felted soap and wooden soap holders as gifts. The children have worked for many weeks on rasping, sanding and waxing their pieces of wood. The wood was sourced from the Melaleuca Trees near the Vegetable Garden. The trees were originally planted over ten years ago by students who are no longer at our school. After completing their gifts, the children visited the Melaleuca Trees to gather the paperbark to wrap their gifts. Whilst on our excursion to the trees, Gavin visited and shared his memories of the trees being planted.

We have had several parents visiting on Friday mornings to garden. The children were very keen and enthusiastic to help weed, dig and lay large rocks to shape the garden. Bricks were wheelbarrowed over to the garden and the children helped to bed them into a spiral design in preparation of a sensory garden. Mulch has been added and strawberries planted. The gardening project will continue over the next few Fridays.

Class 3 News

Earlier this term, Class 3 went on camp to Lamington National Park. The children enjoyed sitting around the campfire, bushwalking, seeing two thousand year-old Antarctic Beech trees, flying through the air on a forest flying fox, spotlight walking in the night to find nocturnal animals, walking blindfolded through the forest, seeing spectacular views and being in nature with friends for three days. What a wonderful adventure we had together!

Class 3 Teacher

CBRSS Ocean Shores Art Expo Student Prize Winners!

Congratulations to our creative visual art and photography students, who took out major prizes in the Ocean Shores Art Expo student exhibition on the last weekend of August. What a fabulous exhibition it was!

This year’s theme was ‘celebrating a moment.’

Here are some of the prize winners:

‘Out and about with the Electives’

The Media Elective experimented with a green screen studio shoot today. Lots of fun was had by all! The students were invited to imagine being flying super hero’s, a family driving, dancing, playing with a spinning hat, some imagined they were sleeping in clouds!

The green screen enables a photographer or filmmaker to add a specific location or ‘background.’ The students intend to add an image of clouds on the image below and on the right. The clouds will cover where you can see all the green fabric.

It’s very fun, and a great way to make creative pictures!

Year 9 & 10 Media Elective Teacher

Who knows…

We will always find that those who truly know are the most humble and that nothing is more alien to them than any lust for power. – Rudolf Steiner

From the Principal

Hello from Gunbalanya School in Arnhem Land! I am with the Year 11 students on their Kakadu camp and we are all having the most amazing learning experiences.

Our camps program provides our students (and teachers) the opportunity to step into situations quite different to our little Byron Bay bubble. In doing so, we not only learn about others, but we learn about ourselves in a new way.

We look forward to sharing more on our return


Friendly reminder re School Fees

Term 3 school fees were due last Friday 23rd of August 2019. Thank you to all who have already paid.

If you haven’t paid for Term 3 yet and you are not on an approved payment plan please address this promptly.

Please remember to include your parent code when paying fees so we can identify you.

Julia & Strawberry

CBRSS Community Survey

You may be aware that we recently held a “World Cafe” event for parents so that we could enter into conversation with our school community and start the process of working together to make our wonderful school even better. We received some wonderful feedback and hope to soon start some working groups to implement some of the suggestions.

I am aware that not every family was able to attend the World Cafe evening (it was a cold winter’s night after all) and so would like to offer those who weren’t able to attend the opportunity to provide feedback via a survey. We are asking for your constructive feedback as to what is working well and what we could do to make our school even better.

I would be most appreciative if you could take the time to complete the survey which can be found at this link https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/F7BMNHC

You don’t need to comment in every section, but your feedback would be greatly appreciated. This survey is not designed as an avenue to air complaints, rather it is an opportunity for you to offer suggestions which would help us on our path of school improvement. Responsibility for this rests with all of us.

CBRSS Music Teachers available

Guitar teacher Tim tims@capebyronsteiner.nsw.edu.au has availability for guitar and bass students on Monday and Friday morning. Great opportunity!
Drum tuition with Chris chrism@capebyronsteiner.nsw.edu.au availability Thurs and Friday mornings, and after school Mon, Tues, Fri.

Repair Care and Maintenance (RCM) Tasks

You can also do tasks at any time by prior arrangement with Gavin.

Some tasks that need doing at the moment include:

  1. Create a macro enabled security sign in spreadsheet for Gavin.
  2. Remove Vegetation under Barbados Cherry Tree at Cl 4.
  3. Clear Vegetation from around electrical transformer at Admin.
  4. Empty out clean & organise HS Drama Shed.
  5. Install Possum Nesting Boxes in trees.
  6. Pressure Clean Wheelie Bins.

There are many other tasks, so ring Gavin to arrange a time & task that suits you.

Ring Gavin on: 0427 847 400.

Paid work available for Spring Fair

Paid Work as Traffic Controllers for Spring Fair
We have a few positions available:

  • 7am – 3pm.
  • 8am – 2pm.
  • 9am – 2pm with a couple of extra hours on this shift for emptying wheelie bins.

$30 per hours but must have ABN & be able to invoice our P&F Association.
Ring Gavin on: 0427 847 400.



The countdown for the Spring Fair is on! There are just 4 weeks to go and we are busy bees preparing a wonderful day for our school community. Whether it’s your first year at CBRSS, or your tenth, we hope you will come along and enjoy the festivities as the whole school comes together for this beautiful occasion. Eat, play and be merry as we shed more light on the plight of the bee – one of our planet’s most important creatures – in the 21st century.

Spring Fair news to share with you:

  • Please help us to make this day extra special and get involved in your Class activity. If you haven’t already received a link for your Class roster, please speak with your class co-ordinator and get buzzing. It certainly takes a village to create a magical Spring Fair.
  • Our giant sized raffle is brimming with awesome prizes – in fact there are 11 huge prize packs worth over $15,000!! You have so many chances to win! You can purchase tickets online https://www.rafflelink.com.au/springfair2019 or please feel free to grab paper tickets from the office.
  • Don’t forget the Class who sells the most raffle tickets will be rewarded with a delicious pizza and salad lunch – prepared by the fabulous Craig and sous chefs.
  • Thank you for your generous contributions of egg cartons, banksia pods etc. We have enough pods but do please keep the egg cartons coming.

More news and exciting announcements are coming soon! There are LOTS of new activities almost ready to unfold…..

Have a wonderful week,

Warmest wishes,

Carolyn Farrow


Spring Fair Communications Co-ordinator


Thanks to everyone who is spreading the word about our Spring Fair Raffle. A few reminders:

  • Paper tickets are available at the front office. If you can’t drop in to the office, please call Margaret and some tickets will be sent to your child in their classroom.
  • Online tickets can be bought here: https://www.rafflelink.com.au/springfair2019
  • Class incentive. This year, the class which sells the most tickets will win a pizza lunch party at school (with salad, cake and hot chocolate, and GF, DF and vegan catered for). Whenever someone buys a ticket, whether online or cash sale, they have the chance to indicate which class they are buying tickets in support of.
  • Help maximise our fundraising. Let’s really make the most of the community’s generosity and raise lots of funds for new play and exercise equipment and for school camp gear. If you haven’t had a chance to spread the word yet, please let friends and family know about the great prizes. Send them a link to the raffle website, or email them the list of prizes (sent as a pdf in a recent email).
  • Finally: If someone in SA or WA or ACT wants to buy a ticket, they must use an address in another state. The raffle will be drawn at 2pm at Spring Fair on 21 September. Terms and conditions on the online page explain which items can be posted to a winner who lives outside the area (most items except bulky ones like Byron Bay Hanging Chair).
  • Silent Auction. Info will be coming out soon about the Silent Auction, where lots of fabulous items are up for grabs (eg. a family pass to a day at Woodford, body board, passes to The Falls Festival….)

PRIZE #3 in the Raffle is more than $1700 of homewares generously donated by local businesses and includes a rattan hanging chair, cactus silk cushions, a kilim cushion, handmade ceramics, a small kilim rug, soy candle, indoor plant and pot, plus vouchers, plus more. For more details go to the raffle website. https://www.rafflelink.com.au/springfair2019