CBRSS High School Chess Club


High School House Swimming Report 2021

Crete – 702 pts
Sparta – 606 pts
Athens – 526 pts
Olympia – 513 pts

What a wonderful way to start off the year with the House Swimming Carnival!

Being new to the school, I was in awe of the way students and staff embraced the day. The spells of rain did not deter us, as there was a great demonstration of spirit and participation throughout.

Most pleasing of all, was to see all students in the pool playing volleyball, as one High School. Not to mention the entertaining ‘War Cries’, which each house exhibited and added to the passion for the day.

Congratulations to all students who competed and a special thanks to students who could not swim but assisted throughout the day as time-keepers, scorers and runners. Also, to the house captains, officials and the staff who assisted on the day. Thank you.

We wish all selected swimmers the very best at the NCIS Swimming Carnival this Thursday.

Tim Waller

CBRSS High School Chess Club News

After the initial buzz last year, the CBRSS Chess Club has now settled into a quiet routine of meeting every Tuesday and Friday during lunch with a small core of enthusiastic players playing a game or two while enjoying the companionship and honing their skills. Frequently, other students drop by to watch or enjoy a game themselves with a friend or anyone. It’s a good place to connect with others in this unique way of largely non-verbal interactions over a game of chess.

With the help of a generous community donation, the school has been able to fulfil an old dream of purchasing a giant chess game for our students to play during their breaks. – Many thanks!

We now award House Points for every game played during Chess Club and many points have already been earned. In Term 3 we are planning to run an in-school Tournament with the intention of creating local inter-school chess events soon after.

Warm regards


Innovators at CBRSS

Students from Years 8-12 were lucky enough this week to get two very special guest speakers to talk to students about design and innovation. Our first speaker on Wednesday was Nathan Pollock, the founder of Katapult Designs. Katapult Design is a leading global product design and development consultancy with studios in Byron Bay, Sydney and Melbourne, Australia and a dynamic team of highly experienced, passionate industrial designers, product engineers and creative thinkers. Nathan has volunteered time each year to come back and talk to our Tobias students and young inventors about the design process. Some of the projects he is currently working on are the interior design of the new supersonic Jet funded by Richard Branson, The flight board (a stand up paddleboard that is powered by an electric motor), a sensory system for fighter jets along with many more. He was well received by students and the stories he brings are inspirational for students learning more about project development and problem solving using the design process.

Our second guest speaker was Ric Ricardson who is one of Australia’s most successful inventors. He is most known for his epic court battle with Tech giant Microsoft, in which he was compensated approximately half a billion dollars after it was deemed they stole intellectual property from his anti piracy invention from the 90’s. He brings his ideas with charismatic humour and engages students through the process of identifying problems and inventing solutions. Some of the senior students delivered their Major Design Project ideas to Ric and he was so impressed with some of their ideas that he has offered to help write provisional patents to protect their intellectual property. Jess’s legal studies class was equally impressed with his knowledge of the law and how a patent works and why it is so powerful in protecting peoples ideas.

With thanks to Nathan and Ric!

Peter Palmer

Design and Technology Teacher

FlickerFest Update

We were very proud of our Year 12 Filmmaking students whose shorts were showcased recently in Mullumbimby.

We would like to congratulate Ethan Lamb- Kelly, who won the SAE Institute Australia Award for ‘Best Emerging Talent’ for his short film, ‘In The Light Of Day.’

Katie Alleva
Photography, Video and Digital Imaging Teacher

To the HSC Music class of 2020

What an amazing class! I would firstly like to acknowledge Tom, Loani and all other music teachers and tutors both in school and out who have made a contribution to your musicianship. I am humbled to have had the opportunity to work with you throughout your HSC.
I am so impressed with the way that you all managed to interpret your performance pieces within the restrictions that we all had to deal with around COVID and all of the distancing protocols.
The quality of performances was outstanding and I would like to say congratulations to all of you for your hard work and commitment to making this HSC one that we will never forget.
A special mention goes to Phoebe Neumann for her nomination for Encore.
I wish you the best possible journey ahead whatever that may be and remember to always learn, listen and love the music.
Mat Gulliford
If you missed any of last years HSC Performances, they are available to view here

Year 9 Camp

Distance Education at CBRSS

Year 11 Fundraiser Raffle

CONGRATULATIONS to the following winners of the year 11 fundraising raffle.
1st Prize: Belle Eder
2nd Prize: Karl Waden
3rd Prize Leela Forde
4th Prize: Julia Fox
5th Prize: Penny van den Hoek
Winners will be contacted directly. Prizes will be at Reception ready for you to pick up.
Thank you to everyone who supported us, and thank you to our prize donors: Seed and Sprout, Kinfolk and Co., Santos, Byron Kayak, The Loft, Temple of The Sun, Rowie, Linen House and Church Farm, we couldn’t have done it without you.
Wishing everyone a fabulous Christmas from the Graduating Class of 2021.

Celebration of our Year 11 school leavers to further study

On Tuesday we said farewell to four of our senior students who have chosen to leave school at the end of year 11.
Maia Borrack and McKenzie Morton have been part of our school community since kindy. Marcello Santucci has been with the class since year 4 and Jules Tait joined the class in year 9. It is sad to see them leave and we wish them the best of luck in their new endeavours.

CBRSS Short Film Festival

At the end of the last term, CBRSS held their first Short Film Festival. Year 11, Year 12, Year 9 & Year 10 were lucky to view the Yr 11 films made in the Photography, Video and Digital Imaging Course.

Congratulations to our equal 1st Prize Short Film Winners!!!!!!

Ethan ‘In the light of the day’
Rose ‘Get out of my Head’

Followed closely behind by:

Billie Swain’s ‘Making a coffee’ & Marcello’s ‘BLINK’

We recognise the high standard of short filmmaking from this group and look forward to seeing what they produce during Year 12.

Katie Alleva

High School House Leaders for 2021

We have announced our new House Leaders for the 2021 year! At the end of Term 3, Year 11 students are invited to apply to take on a leadership role. The application involves a written letter responding to selection criteria which includes showing evidence of and enthusiasm for being strong role models for younger students, leading House Meetings and Carnivals and other roles. The applications are read by the Guardians, the Senior School and High School Co-ordinator and the Deputy and Principal.

We are very excited to announce the following leaders:

Crete – Rose Eadie, Anouk Smith, Marcus Gibbs, Della Hamilton Knight

Olympia – Muriwai Waata, Naraian Solomon, Izac Wiseman, Buzz Walker

Sparta – Meira Gorcey, Isaac Poulson, Oceana Williams – Brauer, Joshua Sykes, Sam Trowbridge

Athens – Lani Kwiatkista, Charlotte Vockler, Elan Derofe-Gallant, Itamar Stein Weinberg


Three of our six Year 12 distance education students have recently received achievement awards from Southern Cross School for Distance Education for their outstanding performance in their chosen distance education subjects:

  • Pearl Truswell is studying Italian Beginners
  • Thibault Walker is studying French Beginners
  • Lily Pouget is studying French Continuers

What an achievement! You can be proud of yourselves. We wish you all the best for your upcoming HSC exams.

Manuela Matheson

Distance Education Supervisor

HSC Visual Art

CONGRATULATIONS to Anais Stewert-Long for her Portrait Drawing ‘Motherhood’ and Taj Birrell’s short film ‘Estrange’ for being accepted into the prestigious Art Express Exhibition. Art Express features a selection of outstanding student artworks across NSW. A special mention to Bimini Plesser for her art work ‘ ATELOPHOBIA; the fear of imperfection’ being nominated for Art Express. Well done all.

Claire Sleeman

Motherhood by Anais

Screenshot from the film ‘Estranged’ by Taj


Please Support our Year 11 Fundraiser

Year 11 Steiner students feel extremely grateful to have not been deeply affected by COVID-19. Nevertheless, our previous fundraising events, such as showcases, have been cancelled as a result of the physical distancing restrictions. Due to this, our class has had to create alternative fundraising events in order to support our year 12 formal. Hence our idea to host an online silent auction of our peers’ artworks. Art students have worked tirelessly to produce artworks to auction via this website. We would be beyond grateful if bids were placed on these beautiful pieces, in order to help raise money for our formal. Thank you.

Click on the link to view the artwork: https://joshuas20211.wixsite.com/steiner-art-auction

Wellbeing news in the High School

We have been really fortunate this year to have Mark Smith from Safer Communities facilitating teen Mental health First Aid training for years 7, 8, 9 and 10 in terms 2 and 3. Our current year 11’s (soon moving into HSC in term 4) did the training last year. Students received a first aid booklet plus a certificate on completion of their 3 sessions. Students learnt about mental health problems, how to support their friends and importantly how to help friends connect with adult support. It is fabulous to have our high school students now trained in Mental Health First Aid.

Annie Barrett Wellbeing Worker

Indigenous Literacy Day

This week, Guardian classes had the opportunity to participate in the live stream Premier Indigenous Literacy Day via YouTube. It was welcomed by students and it gave them some insight into the privileges we have living here in Byron Bay and attending CBRSS.
The Indigenous Literacy Foundations programs focus on instilling a love of reading from an early age. Being able to read opens so many doors. But in very remote Indigenous communities, books are all too scarce and literacy levels are so much lower than anywhere else in Australia. Our purpose is to make a difference to the lives of Indigenous families by not only gifting thousands of new culturally appropriate books – with a focus on early literacy and first language – but also by running programs to inspire the communities to tell and publish their own stories.’
Traditionally we have done a book-swap with a gold coin donation, however, due to COVID, this was not possible this year. Instead, we tuned into the premier and listened to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stories of how the generous donations of organisations and individuals have given their children a sense of connection and engagement from books that are written in their own language. An inspiring 40 minutes if you get a chance to have a look. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtrOi2Y-B8A&ab_channel=IndigenousLiteracyFoundation
If you would like to read more about it or donate please click on the link. https://www.indigenousliteracyfoundation.org.au/
Peter Palmer

YEAR 8 Art with Vatika and Ryan

Year 8 have been making mixed-media sculptures of animals. They were very enthusiastic and rose to the challenge of creating with a variety of materials. The results are magical!
They were photographed in nature by Ryan.

Base Leadership Awards – Congratulations!

Congratulations Ethan for winning the Creative and Performing Arts Men’s Base Leadership Award 2020.
Congratulations to Billy Swain for being shortlisted for the Creative and Performing Arts Men’s Base Leadership Award 2020.
The goal of BASE is to identify and celebrate Year 11 and Year 12 students in their respective areas of excellence and to support them in their future endeavours.”
Unfortunately, they couldn’t go ahead with the Young Men’s Awards Breakfast but instead made a short film with the winners from each category. The young men spoke beautifully about leadership, mental health and being a good mate. You can watch it here https://youtu.be/CaMDosTXjJk

Please Support our Year 11 Fundraiser

Year 11 Steiner students feel extremely grateful to have not been deeply affected by COVID-19. Nevertheless, our previous fundraising events, such as showcases, have been cancelled as a result of the physical distancing restrictions. Due to this, our class has had to create alternative fundraising events in order to support our year 12 formal. Hence our idea to host an online silent auction of our peers’ artworks. Art students have worked tirelessly to produce artworks to auction via this website. We would be beyond grateful if bids were placed on these beautiful pieces, in order to help raise money for our formal. Thank you.

Click on the link to view the artwork: https://joshuas20211.wixsite.com/steiner-art-auction

Class 3 and Class 9 news

Class Nine and Class Three shared some time reading together and showing their Main Lesson books. Over the years the two classes have periodically met; something that is beneficial and enjoyable for both ages (and a true joy for Naina who has been class teacher for both.)

High School Athletics Carnival Day

On Friday the 14th of August, the High School students spent a sunny winters day at Ewingsdale sports ground participating in the Inter-House Athletics Carnival. A total of ten Track and Field events were on offer for students to test their physical skills in running, jumping and throwing. The carnival continued into a couple of weeks after the Ewingsdale event with students completing the high jump event during lunchtimes and in their PE lessons, so the final results were not be known until just last week.

The results were incredibly close and could have seen any house in the lead at the end of the carnival. The final results are;-

Crete               878pts,

Sparta              859pts,

Athens             837pts,

Olympia          831pts.

Without doubt, this has been the closest competition between all the houses ever!

As usual there was some outstanding individual performers with 19 school records being broken. However, what was more impressive was the extent of participation of students enjoying the thrill and challenge of doing their best or pushing themselves to achieve a few extra points for their house. Team spirit was strong and defined by the excellent performances and leadership of all the house captains and by the number of new records broken by the year 12’s

New record holders,-

Year 12 Taj Birrell yr 12 – 100m, 200m & Shot Put, Thibault Walker– Long Jump, Lucia Bora – Long Jump & High Jump, Pearl Truswell– Javelin,  Harper Kelso -400m, Josie Huntsman – 200m,

Year 11 Della Knight – Javelin, Issac Poulson – 200m

Year 10 Zac Walcott – Shot Put, Arlia Keller – High Jump & Discus, Sachin Smith – 400m

Year 9 Brianna Hart – 800m & Long Jump

Junior Boys Relay by Crete

Senior Boys Relay by Athens

Students who performed well in their events by coming first or second would normally be invited to represent the school at the North Coast Sports Association Regional Carnival. Unfortunately, due to the Corona Virus, these have been cancelled.

Rudolf Steiner knew how important it was to have students participate in physical activities.  It has been proven time and time again how physical movement is directly related to assisting the development of pathways in the brain and therefore assists learning in many academic pursuits. It is also well known that exercise relieves stress and improves self-esteem. It allows social development and encourages students to express themselves in an acceptable and healthy way. Carnivals such as this provide opportunities for students to hone social skills of co-operation, teamwork and to develop a sense of empathy and trust. Skills that are not easily taught in the classroom but are regarded by Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School, its staff, and its community as important life skills required for any human being to achieve their potential.

A big thank you to all staff and parents who support these events and encourage the students to participate. You have made a difference to allow these students to realise their potential and be the best they can be as human beings.

Steven (Ric) Richards

CBRSS High School students and Staff “Wear it Purple”

Wear it Purple strives to foster supportive, safe, empowering and inclusive environments for rainbow young people. wearitpurple.org

Year 9/10 Art Elective

Some Beautiful Pencil and Charcoal Animal Drawings created by the students in Year 9/10 Art Elective.


The Summer Day reimagined

In Year 11 English Standard, we have been studying poetry from a recent anthology compiled by Paul Kelly, including Mary Oliver’s well known poem The Summer Day that celebrates the wonder of life via close observation of the natural world. The students appropriated her work, replacing her imagery of the grasshopper with aspects of the natural world as they know it to be. If you have a moment to pour a cup of tea and read their work, I’m sure you will also find it uplifting and reaffirming of life. Beautiful work Year 11! – Cover art, “Towards Bangalow” by Dash Pegram-Jones.