Year 12 Science Excursion

Year 12 Students headed down to the University of New England for two days of lectures and practical workshops for a full University emersion experience. Students stayed on campus in the halls of residence. Students had access to the most amazing equipment and University level lectures. To give you an example: In one of the biology workshops, students used electrophoresis to DNA fingerprint four suspects at a murder scene. In another session, students investigate the cause for infection by collecting a sample of pus and investigating its response to catalase and gram stain. Armed with the knowledge of the bacteria properties they were able to select the most effective remedy by observing bacterial inhibition zones. In chemistry, students competed in the National titration competition and use an absorption spectrometer to analyse ppm of lead in paint.

It was a long drive but a great experience both socially and academically.

James Hagger

Year 12 Society and Culture visit to Sydney

This week the Society and Culture class visited Sydney for 2 days to tour the Lakemba Mosque and participate in the HSC Society and Culture study day. We spent 3 1/2 hours at the mosque with our guide Tata, learning all about the origins of Islam, devotional practices including the 5 daily prayers (Salat) and observing the belief system in practice. We were fortunate to visit during Ramadan, a time of fasting, forgiveness and introspection. Whilst at the mosque we were welcomed warmly by the community and invited to observe midday prayers and 2 funerals. We were all very moved by the call to prayer, followed by readings in Arabic from the Q’oran, the congregation moving in unison to bend and stand.
The following day the class attended the Society and Culture study day. These days are excellent opportunities for HSC students to prepare for their upcoming exams, with lectures full of advice, examples and tips for success. As it was reconciliation week the organisers included a dance performance by local indigenous group Albert David and Ensemble. Kasey-Joe and Yani joined in when asked for audience volunteers and were most impressive!

Rachel Knight

Celebrating Year 9 Community Spirit!

Well done to the wonderful Year 9 students who showed up on a wet day in Lennox Head to support the NCIS Cross Country Carnival as part of their Community Service year. We ran a very popular popcorn stall, helped organise runners and man the track with first aid, and we had a lot of laughs too. Well done on supporting your community!

Also, a reminder that Year 9 will be running various food stalls in the high school, on Mondays and Fridays, to raise money to support their chosen causes: Koala rescue, Wombat care, The Guide Dog Association and Take 3 for the Sea. Don’t forget your money!

Alix and Peter

Teen Mental Health First Aid – Year 10

Mark Smith, local teacher and excellent facilitator with Mental Health First Aid Australia recently spent three mornings with our year 10 students. He shared information and discussed a variety of mental health issues and first aid. Mark guided students about when and how to encourage their friends to seek adult help. Thanks to Mental Health First Aid Australia and to the Rotary Club of Byron Bay who supports this initiative in local schools. Students each received a manual for young people to help their friends.

Annie Barrett, Wellbeing worker

CBRSS at Bluesfest 2019

This was the 10th year Cape Byron Steiner students have performed at the Byron Bluesfest, this year, like the past few years, with Kadina High and Byron High.

We met at the Artists entrance and spent time in the Greenroom and dressing rooms before the show, seeing the names of all the other artists playing on the neighbouring dressing rooms was exciting.

The kids met the famous transport legend, whose name is Teapot, loaded the gear in and we headed up to the Juke Joint stage.
The sound crew were wonderful, especially friendly considering it was on the morning of day 5. It is an invaluable experience to be treated as Artists on that large stage. The students love the quality of the experience and the sound every year.

The students rehearsed hard last term and brought some seriously magic sounds to the Juke Joint stage on the final day of Bluesfest.
The crowd that gathered was much larger than Mums, Dads, Aunties, Uncles, and siblings could ever be. Many general punters coming in through the gates were drawn over to listen and stayed.
They were amazing.
Congratulations on playing such an incredible set and for setting a very high standard in professionalism and interaction with all the Bluesfest staff we interacted with.
You are all outstanding ambassadors for our school.
Huge thank you to Bluesfest, along with Loani and Matt for your support last term and on the day.


Year 11 Photography Outcomes

MODEL: Aaron

CONCEPT and PHOTOGRAPHY by Phoebe Campbell
MODELS: Amber and Romy

MODEL Sophie Stevens

MODELS: Ella and Tilka

MODELS: Romy, Oden and Amber

NCIS (North Coast Independent Schools) Inter School Swimming Carnival

An excellent and well run swimming event was held in the new venue at the Alstonville Aquatic Centre. I am very pleased to announce that Cape Byron Steiner School came 5th from the field of 11 Independent High Schools that competed on the day. The top four positions were tightly contested between the four big sporting schools, The Armidale School, Bishop Druitt College, Emmanuel College and Lindisfarne College.
Not only did we come 5th overall, but Abbie Walden came 2nd overall in her age division. Congratulations to all students who competed as all students were able to contribute the overall team score and a special thanks to Lizzie and Ric who had to spend a large portion of the day as time-keepers.

Abbie Walden 32 points 2nd overall in her age group
Hannah Murray 69 points
Krystal Pierce 66 Points
Zen Larkins 65 points
Brianna Hart 63 Points
Della Knight 58 Points
Kashi Hagedoorn-Weekes 53 Points
Sam Trowbridge 52 Points
Tobsha Haig 37 Points
Reuben Poole 37 Points
Sammy Walsh 37 Points
Dakota Dennis 34 Points
Yuna Grapentin 28 Points
Melea Knight 26 Points
Easton Adamo 14 Points
Hapi McMullen 13 Points
Kiana King 7 Points
Maia Borrack 5 Points
Amadeus O’Connor 4 Points
Tiger-Lily Hemensley Kolcze 4 Points
Koa Connable 2 Points

Steve Richards (Ric)

CBRSS showing promise for the future in NCIS Basketball!

15 students from our High School made the epic trip to Coffs Harbour on Wednesday 19th March to compete in the NCIS Basketball Carnival. This year we only entered two teams. An under 16’s boys and an under 16’s girls team. Both teams made it to the semi-finals where our boys lost a close and exciting game with Emmanuel College 26-29. Some excellent plays led by Maiso, and Jamaii that were well backed up with excellent ball skills from Sammy, Kyan, Obi and Lenny demonstrated a team that was not going to be easily beaten.

The Girls team pushed easily through to the semi-finals to match up with a strong and well disciplined team from Bishop Druitt. The girls played well, maintaining pressure on the defending champions throughout the game except for a short loss of attention where the Bishop Druitt team grabbed a quick and substantial lead that our girls could not gather back. Still a great result, “2019 Runners Up”. Well done and congratulations to Isabella Hagen, Brianna Hart, Eva Shaw, Hannah Murray, Lizzie Kirkpatrick, Savannah Morris, Arlia Keller and Laila Campbell. Five of these girls have another year in this division so it will be exciting to watch how they perform next year.

The teams would like to thank Lizzie Gavaghan and Ric for their energy and time looking after the students over the day. An enjoyable day was had by all and we are looking forward to the next opportunity to see these students represent the school in this sport.

Steve Richards (Ric)

Year 10 Visual Arts Main Lesson

Y10 VA ML is exploring meanings and practical undertakings of what postmodern art is using appropriation, parody, pastiche, irony and abstraction. “If people visited art galleries as much as they frequented cinemas they would understand and appreciate art far more”… Artists explored this week: Jackson Pollock, Damion Hirst, Wassaly Kandinsky, 17/18th Century engravings with collage.
Teacher: Denis Hopking

Year 11 Photography Incursion

MASTER CLASS with Michelle Eabry

Connecting the classroom with the outside world.’

Michelle Eabry has an extensive career in professional photography settings. Eabry studied at the International Centre of Photography in New York. and worked for ‘Magnum’ photographer Bruce Davidson in New York, for five years. Currently, she works on freelance projects.

We were absolutely delighted that Michelle was willing to share her knowledge, experience and skills with our Year 11 Photography students.

The students spent the day engaging in a range of studio settings, and learned about lighting techniques, including ambient light, and flash photography and familiarising themselves with the equipment needed and made a start on ‘Lightroom’ post-production techniques.

Year 9/10 Media Elective

The MEDIA Elective have been experiencing a studio photography set up.
The students came alive with great creativity this week as they worked with mirrors, props and lighting to take portraits of each other.

The class was engaged and truly inspired!

Katie Alleva

Year 11 Photography

The Year 11 Photography Class have been exploring how to stage photoshoots using our new gear, which includes four new studio lights and backdrops. They were asked to consider how props, makeup, light and composition can be utilised in the creation of making an image with meaning.

The students directed and designed the photoshoot themselves and worked collaboratively to achieve these excellent results.

By: Anais Stewart-Long, Ella Whitaker, Amber Keller, Phoebe Neumann, Sophie Stevens & Imogen Hendrichs

Katie Alleva – Photography Teacher

Year 11 Visual Art

This week the students learned about colour mixing with acrylic paint, mark making with different paint brushes, and impasto techniques. The students were very enthusiastic and excited to be painting with a multitude of colour!

Katie Alleva

NCIS Swimming

Congratulations to Abbie Walden in Year 12 for coming Second overall in her age group at the recent NCIS (North Coast Independent Schools) Swimming Carnival.

HS Swimming Carnival 2019