Acknowledging Student Absence

As you will know, all schools are legally required to record any student absences.  Schools are also required to formally confirm with a parent that the parent acknowledges the absence. This is so that we can ensure that all students are safe. We have now simplified this process through the Parent App.  We would like to request that all parents check if they have any unexplained student absences and acknowledge the record by asking you to Follow these steps

Friendly reminder re School Fees

Term 1 School Fees are due by Friday the 25th of February 2022. This is also the last day to claim your discount if you are paying annually.

Thank you to all who have already paid!

If you haven’t paid for Term 1 yet and you are not on an approved payment plan please address this by then. Please remember to include your parent code when paying fees so we can identify you.

Easypay is our new payment system through the Parent Lounge where installments can be scheduled. Thank you to those who have already set up their schedules, if you haven’t already done this, but intend to, please do so by the 25th of February 2022.

If Easypay doesn’t suit your circumstances please contact us to make an alternative payment arrangement by the 25th of February.

Phone: 02 6639 9303 or Email

Julia and Debbie

Unidentified deposit received

A payment was received on the 8th of February 2022 in the School Bank Account with an unidentifiable comment.

If you made this payment please contact our Finance Office

Ph: 02 6639 9303 or email:

Please remember to include your parent code when paying fees so we can identify you.

Ewingsdale Community request

The Ewingsdale Community has asked all those using McGettigan’s lane to remember to please adhere to the speed limits and keep a careful watch when driving. Speeding poses a real threat to our wildlife, cyclists, walkers and children. Much appreciation.

Canteen Assistant Required

Start January 2022
5-day fortnight 8.30 – 2.30

  • Kitchen Experience
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Good communication skills
  • High standard of hygiene
  • Enjoy working with children

As a Canteen Assistant you will be responsible for the preparation, cooking and presentation of foods prepared. You will be responsible for looking after the areas you work within, making sure they are clean, tidy and well maintained at all times.

Current NSW Working with Children Certificate
Covid Vaccination Certificate

Please send your resume to:


School Travel for 2022

A Verse for Our Time from Rudolf Steiner

Lost Property

We have a number of found valuable items such as rings, keys, and pendants sitting in Reception that have yet to find their home. If you have lost any treasures please contact reception and provide a description of what you’ve lost so, if we have it, you can be reunited.

Farewell Strawberry

We farewell Strawberry after many years of involvement at our school as a parent and staff member. She’s fulfilled many roles from fundraising to venturing out on camp, from teaching in the Primary to paying the bills. Whatever the task at hand, she brought her sense of adventure and fun-loving ways. In recent times, she’s been a great support to the Finance Team & we’ll miss her can-do attitude and sense of humour. We wish her well in all that she embraces in the future.

Mosaic Magic

The beautiful sunflower mosaics on the library walls were made by the current Class 8 students back in 2019 when they were in Class 6 with Teera and have been waiting patiently for their chance to blossom. During the middle of term two, Tanja and her fantastic parent helpers spent a wonderful four days bringing the mosaic to life. A huge thank-you to Gavin for ground support, to Charlotte for her patience while we blocked the main access to the library, and the passing teachers, parents and students for their ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’. The library walls will be re-painted during the winter holidays to complete the project in time for spring and our return to school.


A huge thank you to Tanja for her generous creativity in leading this project

Project Archive – CBRSS Photo Archive

We are thrilled to announce that our much anticipated CBRSS Photo Archive is ready to access, for parents who have the Parent App. Project Archive will enable staff to share photos and videos going forward, and parents to view a gallery of photos and videos from our archive through the Parent App. Each gallery is specific to a Class group, so in most instances the content will only be of students from that year group. Exceptions to this may be if we include photos of other school events, such as a Festival. As each Class progresses through the year, we will update a shared folder with content that can then be accessed by parents of each individual Class.

To Access Please log in to the Parent App – open Parent Lounge – Events and Payments – and read the Terms & Conditions in your Class Photo Archive. 

By opening the link to the Photo Gallery you are agreeing to not further share any of the included photos/videos via social media or any other means.

Parent Communication 

Please note some important changes that are now in place:

  • Parent absentee reporting is very quick and easy through the Parent App. Notify the school for future absences, or prior to 9 AM whenever possible. SMS will be sent to parents of students who have not attended roll call, requesting parents to notify the school via the Parent App.
  • Push notifications to the Parent App will be used in place of SMS for school reminders and brief one way communications (please enable notifications in the Parent App / Settings / Notifications).
  • Daily Notices/Calendar Events are easily accessed through the Parent App. Including notices for the day or upcoming events.
  • SMS will only be used to notify parents of student absence and for Emergency/Immediate communication.

For help with the Parent app click this link

Friendly reminder re School Fees due

Term 2 school fees were due Friday the 14th of May 2021. Thank you to all who have already paid.

If you haven’t paid for Term 2 yet and you are not on an approved payment plan please address this promptly.

Please remember to include your parent code when paying fees so we can identify you.

Email Phone 02 6639 9303

Julia & Janice

Catching the bus on Friday when the Market is on

Hi Parents, we hope you have been able to stop by for the Friday Markets now that we are able to hold these again. Could we please ask that if your child/ren are catching the bus home on a Friday, remind them that it is important to make sure they are watching and waiting in the bus line when it arrives? We are unfortunately finding that students are missing their bus or the bus is being held up due to students buying items at the markets.

Thank you for your help.

Students departing early from school

Please be mindful that if you are collecting your child early for any reason, you must come to Reception to report yourself as being present on-site and to wait for your student so you can then sign them out. Reception will do this for you once the parent and student are seen together.

It is very important that we know which students are on-site to ensure we are able to keep all students safe.

Please inform us by email asap, prior to a planned early departure from school, that you intend to collect your student early, this will enable us to inform their teacher and minimise the disruption to the rest of the class.

If they are Primary students we can then ask their teacher to remember to have them sent up to Reception for collection.

If they are High School students ideally the student can take responsibility for themselves by remembering the appointment and coming to Reception to meet you and to sign out.

It is immensely helpful if we are not expected to spend time collecting your student from their lesson and walking them up to Reception.

Your support in following this procedure is appreciated.



Perhaps your student has lost something?

Until the end of term 1 is your opportunity to ask students to check the lost property box near Reception. During the holiday, items left behind will be sorted and donated to an Op Shop. It’s not just clothes, there are water bottles, lunch boxes and bags, a tennis racket etc.
In future please identify items, including musical instruments, by writing names on them.

Happy finding things!


Cash found on Site

In early March some cash was found onsite, if you believe it is yours please contact Reception.

From the Finance Team

From Reception

Hope you are enjoying the new school app – here below is a gentle reminder about it and about procedures:-

The app

If you forget your password, or have difficulties with login please contact

We ask that you log-in to the School app and check your address and contact information are current, you can also add or change any emergency contacts and medical details. Please note we must have an emergency contact for your child other than parents that would be able to pick up your child from school if we were unable to contact you. Please add your child/s swimming ability in the medical conditions section.


If your child will be away, please report the absence via the School App. (Details here) If we do not receive notification prior, you will receive a message that your child was absent from Roll Call. Please then explain this absence via the School App.

Please be advised that if you are collecting your child early for any reason, you must come to Reception to report yourself in and to sign your student out. If you can let us know by email that you intend collecting your student early, as soon as you are sure of it yourself, that would help us greatly in organising with their teacher to have them sent to Reception for collection.

While it is courteous to let the class teacher/Guardians know your child will be absent, please do not assume that telling them is the same as having informed the school. Teachers will assume you have already logged absentee information via our App.

For absences’ longer than three days, please fill in the Application for Extended Leave – Travel and email your application to the Co-Heads of School’s Assistant, Penny –

Similarly, for any questions regarding required leave, please contact Penny as above for further assistance.

If you have not provided the school via the school app with notification of absence by 9.30 am you will be advised of their absence by text after Class Roll Call has been entered. It is school policy to keep all records up to date, so please respond via our School App as to the reason the student is away. If children arrive late (after 9 am) they must sign in at reception before attending class. This applies to students leaving early too.


Parent Mobile App

We are pleased to have had a very good response to our new Parent Mobile App. This will streamline communication between the school and parent community. If you have not yet installed our mobile app please download on the App Store or get it on Google Play  by searching “Cape Byron”. For any assistance please visit our help page or contact our ICT department.

Parent Communications

We would like to remind you of some of the important changes we are implementing:

  • Absentee Reporting is now made very quick and easy through the mobile app. Notify the school for future absences or prior to Morning Circle whenever possible. SMS will be sent to parents of students who have not attended morning circle requesting to notify the school via the app.
  • Daily Notices/Calendar Events are now easily accessed through the mobile app. See important notices for the day or upcoming events.
  • Push notifications to the mobile app will be used in place of SMS in most cases for organisational reminders and brief one way communications. (please enable)
  • SMS will be used to notify parents of student absence and in urgent situations.

Merry Christmas

May you all enjoy rest and recuperation these holidays, we look forward to seeing you in 2021, with love from the CBRSS Staff.

Friendly reminder re School Fees

Missing emails?

Some parents have reported that they are not receiving all email communications from the school. If you have confirmed that we have the correct email address on file, and that emails are being sent to you (we can check a log of outgoing emails) the issue could be with your email filters. An email client can incorrectly mark legitimate email as spam and either block the email or hide it from your inbox. The best solution is to Whitelist any email coming from If you need some directions, this webpage has some good tips, just select the software that you use and follow the steps. If you still dont receive emails, contact the school and ask to speak to our ICT department.

Lost Property

The Lost Property Box has been very hungry lately! Please come and check his tummy to see if he has eaten any of your things!!!