Spring Fair update

Things are really buzzing along for our bee themed Spring Fair ‘Sparks of Wonder’. The decorations are coming along swimmingly: You may start to see bees popping up around the place, stalls are coming together, and we’re about to embark on craft workshops for primary classes.

Class 3 are working hard and there are lots of ways you can support us with Spring Fair preparation:
• Please make space to attend craft workshops for your class (Kindy – C4). It’s a requirement that at least 6 parents from each class join us for these trainings so that each craft can be carried out with maximum confidence, safety and joy! As a reminder workshop dates are:
Kindy – August 22nd 9am-12pm
Class 1 – August 15th 9am – 12pm
Class 2 – August 8th 9am – 12pm
Class 4 – August 29th 9am – 10am

• Please bring your egg cartons and nature contributions (Bangalow Palm Seeds and banksia pods) and leave them in the designated boxes at Class 3 (or on the table if the box if full/absent).

• Please support our beautiful school by selling Raffle Tickets. The prizes we have on offer this year are UNBELIEVABLE! There are eleven major prize packs to be won! Tickets are online or feel free to contact Reception for paper tickets. https://www.rafflelink.com.au/springfair2019

Thank you so much, your interest and support means the world to us.

Warmest wishes,
Carolyn Farrow
Spring Fair Communications Co-ordinator

Spring Fair Raffle: would you or your kids like paper raffle tickets to sell?

Thanks to everyone for spreading the word about the Spring Fair Raffle. We’ve sold more than $3500 worth of tickets, which is a great result six weeks out from the Fair. Funds raised will be spent on play and exercise equipment, and school camp gear, for primary and high school.

Let us know if you or your kids would like to sell paper raffle tickets as a cash sale.

In addition to online raffle ticket sales, we have been making cash sales at the Friday school market, the bush dance, and local farmers markets. A few parents have indicated that they miss the chance to sell paper tickets, so please either drop into Reception to pick up some tickets, or email Margaret to let her know you’d like some. Because it’s a cash sales form for the online raffle, the ’tickets’ will look a little different.

Prize # 2 – Sweet Dreams. Win more than $1900 worth of luxurious sleep items. Prize includes a Belgian linen King quilt cover, cotton sheet sets (King and single), a silk velvet and linen throw, latex pillows, a voucher for $500 worth of linen or towards a mattress or bed from Koala, and $200 worth of vouchers for French linen, plus a bottle of pure lavender oil, calming tea and a couple of good books for the bedside table. For details, please see the raffle webpage.
Please continue to help us to spread the word to friends and family about the raffle. You can email them this link https://www.rafflelink.com.au/springfair2019 or share from the school’s Facebook page.

Let’s raise as much as we can for our kids’ play and exercise equipment and school camp gear.

Warm wishes from the Class 3 Raffle team.

Spring Fair Songwriting Comp Now Open

CBRSS Welcomes all High School Students in the Northern Rivers Region to enter our Spring Fair Songwriting Comp.

Click Here to Enter Now…

Paid work available for Spring Fair

Paid Work as Traffic Controllers for Spring Fair
We have a few positions available:

  • 7am – 3pm.
  • 8am – 2pm.
  • 9am – 2pm with a couple of extra hours on this shift for emptying wheelie bins.

$30 per hours but must have ABN & be able to invoice our P&F Association.
Ring Gavin on: 0427 847 400.

CBRSS Bushdance 2019

At the Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School in the Hall!

Spring Fair Raffle

Many thanks to everyone who has spread the word about our Spring Fair Raffle. We’ve raised $2000 so far, which is a great start. Every ticket sold means more funds to spend on play and exercise equipment for our kids, and on gear for our school camps. Instead of asking you to sell paper tickets, we are asking every school family to send the following link to family and friends. https://www.rafflelink.com.au/springfair2019 If you are heading away for the holidays, please take the chance to sell tickets to family and friends.

There are no paper tickets this year. Except for paper ticket sales at the Friday market, local farmers’ markets and at this evening’s Bush Dance.

We’ve had lots of great feedback on the prizes in the raffle. Please check out the prize packages if you haven’t already. For example, The Byron Bliss Out package includes a family ocean adventure guided by a marine biologist (see the photo). Plus oodles of pampering goodies, a private yoga class and meal and magazine vouchers.

And especially popular among the students is the Family Fun package, whose winner will walk away a stack of vouchers: for a family surf lesson, roller skating, ten-pin bowling, horse-riding, a private skateboard lesson, Bush School, flying trapeze lesson, water slide, a visit to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, plus vouchers for the camping store, sushi and gelato.

Let’s make the most of the wonderful generosity of all the donors and sell lots of tickets.

K-2 Winter Festival

The Kindergarten, Class 1 and 2 Winter Festival was a delightful experience. Despite the wet weather we managed to create an atmosphere of reverence, community and seasonal celebration. Through bringing the children into connection with the earth’s seasons, they develop a deep love and respect for nature. This connection goes into the depth of their being, penetrating far beyond the intellect.
The simple act of sharing food and a story (and a laugh) together brings us together as a community. Doing this during the bitter chill of winter reminds us that no matter how cold our inner life may feel, the joy of humanity can bring warmth to our souls.


CBRSS Bushdance 2019

At the Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School in the Hall!

Spring Fair Raffle

Our annual Spring Fair raffle is now underway! This year it will be an online raffle, with some truly fantastic prizes.

First prize is three-night getaway to Elements of Byron resort, for four people (or five including a young child) in a 2-bedroom villa, plus meals at Barrio and Three Blue Ducks restaurants.

Click through to our raffle website to see more of the great prizes so generously donated. (Think gorgeous homewares packages and family adventures and bliss-out treatments).

Buying tickets: is easy. All you need to do is visit our raffle website and pay with credit card.

Selling tickets: There are no paper tickets this year. Instead of asking you to sell a book of tickets, we ask you to send the link to friends and family and invite them to buy tickets. You can:
• email them the link to our raffle website www.rafflelink.com.au/springfair2019
• text the link that the school has texted you today,
• visit our school Facebook page and share the raffle post,
• visit the raffle website and share from there.

You might like to sit with your kids and make a list of the family members and friends you could invite to buy tickets. We’re asking you to forward this link to at least twenty people. Let’s make the most of the generosity of our donors. Money raised this year will go to exercise and play equipment, and resources for school camps.

Cash sales If a friend or family member would rather not buy with credit card, you can take cash from them and pay with your credit card. Just make sure to write their name and email address into the online form so they receive the emailed receipt. We will also be making cash sales at the Friday school market and at all the area’s farmers’ markets.

Incentive prizes for selling tickets The primary school class and the high school class that sell the most tickets will enjoy a free picnic pizza lunch at school with salad, hot chocolate and cake! (With vegetarian, GF and DF options.)

When anyone buys a raffle ticket, they have the chance to indicate on the website which class they are buying the ticket in support of. This is how we count how many sales each class has made. So make sure to tell family and friends which class to nominate when they buy their tickets. When you share the link, you could add, “Tick my year level (Class ….or Year… ) when you buy your tickets”.

Thank you for your support.

Sarah and Lesa for the Class 3 Raffle team.

CBRSS Winter Festival – Save the Date

Classes 3-12 Friday 21st of June – Bangalow for approximately a 5pm start.

Classes K – 2 Thursday 27th of June at CBRSS: 9am Kindy Spiral, 10am Class 1 Spiral, 11.30am Class 2 Spiral in the Movement Room. 5pm for singing, fire and a lantern walk

For more detailed information keep an eye on your email.

These events are for the CBRSS community only.

CBRSS Bushdance 2019

At the Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School in the Hall!

Spring Fair Announcement

CBRSS at Bluesfest 2019

This was the 10th year Cape Byron Steiner students have performed at the Byron Bluesfest, this year, like the past few years, with Kadina High and Byron High.

We met at the Artists entrance and spent time in the Greenroom and dressing rooms before the show, seeing the names of all the other artists playing on the neighbouring dressing rooms was exciting.

The kids met the famous transport legend, whose name is Teapot, loaded the gear in and we headed up to the Juke Joint stage.
The sound crew were wonderful, especially friendly considering it was on the morning of day 5. It is an invaluable experience to be treated as Artists on that large stage. The students love the quality of the experience and the sound every year.

The students rehearsed hard last term and brought some seriously magic sounds to the Juke Joint stage on the final day of Bluesfest.
The crowd that gathered was much larger than Mums, Dads, Aunties, Uncles, and siblings could ever be. Many general punters coming in through the gates were drawn over to listen and stayed.
They were amazing.
Congratulations on playing such an incredible set and for setting a very high standard in professionalism and interaction with all the Bluesfest staff we interacted with.
You are all outstanding ambassadors for our school.
Huge thank you to Bluesfest, along with Loani and Matt for your support last term and on the day.


Autumn Festival 2019

Save the date!

Christmas Market 2018

Tobias project 2018

Congratulations to Year 8 on their wonderful projects and on the completion of their Tobias year! The students presented their projects last Thursday night to a rapt audience, setting up displays and delivering speeches that gave insight into their process and self-growth over the course of the year. One theme to emerge regarded social and environmental sustainability, expressed via projects such as upcycled furniture, documentaries on humanitarian causes, photography and cinematography that captured the beauty of the ocean, organic skincare, a petrochemical-free traditional surfboard, sustainable house design and power generated via kinetic energy. All projects were outstanding, but more than the projects, the students shone. Well done to Year 8!

Year 12 Formal 2018

Thank you to the Year 12 Guardians Gael and Andy for all their loving care.

Christmas Market News

There are just 2 weeks until this wonderful celebration on the afternoon of Friday 7 December. If books are on your gift giving list this festive season please purchase them from Byron Bay’s The Book Room stall at the market, where 35% of what you spend will buy more beautiful books for our school library. You may pre-order books NOW by emailing sarah@sarah-armstrong.com and collect them on market day!
Class 1 will be serving us delicious wood-fired pizza, lovingly created from scratch by that class’s parents, which include an expert baker. With gluten-free and vegan options there is something for everyone. We’ll also have a sausage sizzle, with preservative-free sausages, sauerkraut and home-made tomato sauce (gluten-free bread option). There will also be fruit, fresh coconuts, delicious tarts and cakes, a chai tent and more. Be sure to bring a picnic blanket for an easy festive dinner on the Green.
Don’t forget the Student Concert begins at 1.30pm in the amphitheatre. When the concert finishes (at 2.15pm), parents will have half an hour of child-free shopping, before our children join us at 2.45pm. Please also consider bringing a gift for our Giving Tree; this year the gifts will go to children living in local refuges. Please attach a note of what the gift is so it can be matched with the very right child, and if you buy a gift for the Giving Tree at the Market, we will wrap it for you.
You’ll have the chance to tick off your Christmas shopping list, print and/or purchase your own wrapping paper and make decorations. Expect some bubble magic from school parent Shep Huntley AKA Dr Hubble, and a relaxed coming together of our school community. It’s time to celebrate Summer, Christmas, Hanukkah and another wonderful school year.
Student concert 1.30 – 2.15
Child-free shopping at market 2.15 – 2.45
Market goes until 6 pm.

Class 2 parents are creating beautiful wrapping paper to purchase at the market, or you can make your own.

Celebrating Advent

Advent starts this year on Sunday 2nd December and is celebrated for the four Sundays leading up to Christmas until Sunday 23rd December. Advent is frequently celebrated by people of every religious background, every faith, every spiritual path as part of the festivals of the cycle of the year.

In the Southern hemisphere, Christmas falls near the Summer Solstice when the light is at its strongest and we celebrate the triumph of light at its greatest point in the yearly cycle. As the year draws to an end we increasingly spend time outside enjoying “the sun in the heavens”. With the long warm days, intense light and balmy nights we are drawn out into the elements rather than into “the sun in our hearts”.

It can be challenging to develop a sense of inwardness, patience and contemplation when the Spirit of the Earth is on its outward breath. To balance this we can consciously choose to “receive the light” and celebrate what is both universally human and universally spiritual. Celebrating Advent can provide an opportunity for some quiet ‘breathing in’ during this outwardly busy time of year and help your children to practice preparation, reverence and patience through the ritual of counting the weeks and days to the special celebratory event. The lighting of candles each week also reflects our own ‘Divine Light’ and helps to bring us a little inward contemplation.

Traditionally Steiner schools and families celebrate Advent by looking each week at the natural kingdoms on Earth: minerals the first week, plants the second week, animals the third week and humans the fourth week (see verses below).

Here are some ideas that you might like to include in your own advent celebrations:


An Advent verse
‘The gift of the light we thankfully take, But not shall it be alone for our sake, The more we give light, the one to the other, It shines and it spreads, growing still further; Until every spark by friends set aflame, Until every heart, the joy to proclaim; In the depths of our souls, A shining sun glows.’

Advent Wreath  – on a special table made with greenery and seasonal flowers, four advent candles to light each consecutive Sunday of Advent.

Advent Garden – assembled and added to each Sunday of Advent with the four kingdoms celebrated each week try adding tiny crushed shells (collected from the beach) in a spiral pattern for the spiral on which Mary and Joseph figures walk.

Advent Crib – a nativity scene of the four kingdoms, adding a different one each of the Sundays- Crystal Kingdom, plant kingdom, animal and human kingdoms.

Advent calendars are available from Rudolf Steiner Bookstore by following this link

Verses for the 4 weeks of Advent

Week 1: Crystal Kingdom
The crystal kingdom comes first and is honoured by decorating the wreath or garden with crystals, seashells, stones or little bones you may find.

Week 2: Plant Kingdom
In the second week the plant kingdom is honoured by adding little dried flowers, seeds and pine cones and greenery.


Week 3: Animal Kingdom
The animal kingdom, in the third week, is honoured by adding little wooden animals or beeswax creatures the children make.

Week 4: Humankind
The fourth week sees us honouring humankind by adding a little felted or beeswax child and figures.


Additional Reading:
Our library also has some handouts on making an advent wreath, nature table etc.
Possible stories include The Star Money from the Brothers Grimm, (and if you have the book “Rose Windows”, there is a lovely idea for a window transparency in there); craft ideas in The Children’s Year and Families, Festivals and Food. Other stories include the ones from “The Light In the Lantern: Stories for Advent” from Wynstones Press; Advent Sunday Stories, Collette Leenman; Mary’s Little Donkey, Gunhild Sehlin; Advent and Christmas Stories, Estelle Bryer and Janni Nicol.

Mullum Music Fest 2018

It was great to see so many of the CBRSS community members both past and present performing at the recent Mullum Music Festival.