Reflections on Spring

Humanity needs the support of external Nature, of the external Resurrection in Nature. Humanity needs to see how the plants spring out of the Earth, how the Sun increases in strength, how light and warmth increase in strength once more. Humanity needs the Resurrection in Nature in order to celebrate the thought of the Resurrection. – Rudolf Steiner

The significance of Love

Spiritual Science (Anthroposophy) alone, with its teachings of Karma and reincarnation, can make us into great egoists unless the impulse of love, the Christ Impulse, is added; only so can we acquire the power to overcome the egoism that may be generated by Spiritual Science. The balance is established by an understanding of the Christ Impulse. Spiritual Science is given to the world today because it is a necessity for humanity; but in it lies the great danger that — if it is cultivated without the Christ Impulse, without the Impulse of love — men will only increase their egoism, will actually breed egoism that lasts even beyond death. – Rudolf Steiner


In winter the whole surface of the Earth is reinvigorated. – Rudolf Steiner

Importance of Reverence

Reverence must take hold of every soul that is to make progress in its development. – Rudolf Steiner

World Karma

All desire to withdraw, to protect oneself from the influences of unavoidable world-karma, emanates from weakness. But it is Anthroposophy alone that can make the human heart and will vigorous enough to develop the force which arms and strengthens us in face of these influences. Any kind of advice to withdraw from modern life, or to engage in a sort of hothouse cultivation of the spiritual life, should never find favour in the sphere of our movement. – Rudolf Steiner

Easter Festival

Sacrifice and becoming (germination of the new) — these two are intimately linked together in the Easter festival. – Rudolf Steiner

What should I do?

Many people ask “What shall I do? It is so obvious what one should do! One should open one’s eyes! One’s spiritual eyes to be sure. – Rudolf Steiner

The Christmas Festival

Festivals are the commemoration of great Ideals, and Christmas is the birth feast of the very greatest Ideal before mankind, of that Ideal which man must strain every nerve to attain if he is to fulfil his mission. The birth festival of all that man can feel, perceive and will — such is Christmas when it is truly understood. – Rudolf Steiner

Evolving Humanity

Fundamentally, the whole meaning and spirit of evolution rests on the fact, that we pass from taking, to giving. – Rudolf Steiner


The external physical light of the Sun, the physical forces of the Heavens, come down to the Earth in the spring. – Rudolf Steiner

Deeds of Love

Our value for the world must be seen to lie wholly in deeds of love – Rudolf Steiner


Only man is permitted to live without rhythm in order that he can become free. However, he must of his own accord bring rhythm again into the chaos. – Rudolf Steiner

The wisdom of love

To disseminate love over the earth in the greatest measure possible, to promote love on the earth — that and that alone is wisdom. – Rudolf Steiner


The soul is drawn by the strength of its reverence towards the eternal, with which it longs to unite itself.  – Rudolf Steiner


Below the Earth’s surface, in winter, there is a tremendous reinforcement of the Earth’s capacity to produce life. – Rudolf Steiner


If man’s future evolution is to avoid being swept into total degeneracy, a true spiritual culture will have to enter ever more strongly into external life. – Rudolf Steiner

Autumn – The Michael Festival

At this autumn festival of Michael there should grow in you everything that goes against love of ease, against anxiety, and makes for the unfolding of inner initiative and free, strong, courageous will. The Festival of strong will — that is how we should conceive of the Michael Festival. – Rudolf Steiner

Reflecting on the path to Higher Knowledge

We must never forget that higher knowledge has to do with revering truth and insight and not with revering people. – Rudolf Steiner

Reflection on economic life

This limitation of interest to solely what people receive through their labour, instead of what they produce, is what poisons our entire economic life.

– Rudolf Steiner

Facing the future

We must progress, from a material attitude which has entered and taken hold of all minds and hearts, towards a spiritual attitude. For, that renewal, which is necessary to counterbalance today’s prosaic ways of life, can only be born out of the spirit. – Rudolf Steiner

The Christmas Festival

If we rightly understand this festival we must say: That which we believe to be born anew symbolically every Christmas Night, is the human soul in its original nature, the childhood-spirit of man as it was at the beginning of earth-evolution; then it descended as a revelation from the heavenly heights. And when the human heart can become conscious of this reality, the soul is filled with the unshakable peace that can bear us to our lofty goals, if we are of goodwill. Mighty indeed is the word that can resound to us on Christmas Night, do we but understand its import. – Rudolf Steiner


The Christmas Festival is the Festival of the Holy Night, celebrated in the Mysteries by those who were ready for the awakening of the higher Self within them, or, as we should say in our time, those who have brought the Christ to birth within them. – Rudolf Steiner


The path to the peaks of knowledge and the path to the heights of compassion are one and the same. Only knowledge and understanding -not preaching- will lead to empathy. – Rudolf Steiner

Why reverence is important

A soul educated by reverence will convert its dark cravings and aversions into a feeling for the beautiful and a feeling for the good. A soul that has cleansed its obscure instincts and will-impulses through devotion will gradually build up from them what we call moral ideals. Reverence is something that we plant in the soul as a seed; and the seed will bear fruit. – Rudolf Steiner


In the spring, physical and spiritual, heavenly and earthly, work together – Rudolf Steiner