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From the Principal

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to Term 3, and what a busy start to the term it has been.

Last week the school underwent our registration inspection with the NSW Education Standards Authority. The inspector commended our school on the extremely high quality of our curriculum, programs, policies and procedures and recommended the full 5 year registration for the school. I would like to congratulate all of our staff for the incredible work that they do for our school – we know we do good work, but it’s nice to have it acknowledged!

This week’s Principal entry in the bulletin will be a little shorter than usual as I am currently on Year 10 camp in Melbourne (where it is 8 degrees, the wind is howling and the sleet is needling our skin). I try to get to at least one camp a year as it is a wonderful opportunity for me to spend time with our amazing students. I am so proud of the way they conduct themselves and of the genuine interest they show in every activity on offer. On this camp we visited the Salvation Army to learn about the issues surrounding homelessness. A group of our students took it upon themselves to prepare for this visit by raising some money, making some cloth bags and filling them with supplies for homeless people. As I write this, those students are back down at the Salvation Army offices, handing over their donations. As I said, I am so proud of our students!

Thank you to those parents who were able to attend the World Cafe meeting last week – we gathered some wonderful feedback and had some great conversations. I will be sending out a little survey next week so that those of you who were unable to come are also able to provide some feedback. We will be getting some little working groups together in the coming weeks to plan some action on some of the suggestions.

It will be a full and productive term, so please watch the bulletins or check the chalkboard on our website for information about what is on.


Giving Permission for Camps and Excursions

We have a very comprehensive process for planning and running camps and excursions in the school. Each step is carefully planned to ensure we meet all requirements and so that all camps and excursions are appropriately resourced and planned to be safe and engaging for our students. We put a lot of work into making sure that this is so.

The only way to give permission for a camp or excursion, is through the parent portal. We have been working with this system for a couple of years now and it allows us to carefully track who will be attending and to ensure we have the appropriate permissions. It also allows us to ensure we have the first aid supplies appropriate for the particular students attending packed in our first aid kits. The first aid kits must be packed and ready the day before an excursion.

Please note that for the above reasons, permission to attend MUST be given no later than 3pm three school days prior to a camp or 3 pm the day before an excursion. Any student for whom permission has not been given by the deadline will not be able to attend the camp or excursion.

To help you out, we always send reminders prior to the deadline, but the responsibility for giving permission on time does rest with parents and guardians. Also, please make sure you update all medical details when giving permission so that we can be properly informed to look after your child’s needs.

Safety Issues around our School

Dear parents,

Recently we have witnessed a number of near-misses and have also received a number of complaints from our neighbours about the way people are driving/travelling to and from school.

Quite a number of cars are speeding and our staff have witnessed a number of people driving whilst talking on handheld phones. Another issue is people pulling out of the car park onto the road without looking for cars travelling through. There have been quite a number of near misses recently in this respect.

I can only plead with you: please, please slow down, pay attention and be really careful. Please do not speed on the hill (going in either direction) and watch out for other cars.

We want everyone to remain safe and that little bit of extra attention could make all of the difference.



If you are planning a move please let us know.

Please be mindful that if your child is leaving the school we require 1 full term’s notice. We understand that this may not always be possible but sincerely appreciate your assistance with future planning when it is possible. This notice period is important for multiple reasons, including saving you money but most importantly it enables us to provide plenty of notice to new families/students and ensure a smooth transition into the school, it is very challenging for the new student, their family, the class they are entering and for all staff when the process is rushed. It can also be distressing for the community when there is not adequate time to farewell a family/student.

If your child is leaving at the end of the year please wherever possible provide notice by the end of Term 3. (Note: School Holidays do not count in the notice period, as staff are on leave during this time.) 


In regards to withdrawal of students please note the following:

  • As per the School’s Enrolment & Fee Policies: The school commits substantial resources to the education of each child and the whole school community development. Therefore when a child leaves, there is a significant impact on the school both financially and communally. For a student to be withdrawn from school once he/she has commenced at CBRSS i.e. for parents to end the enrolment contract, the School requires one term’s notice. Parents and guardians must inform and submit a Student Withdrawal Form one term in advance if they intend to withdraw their child from the school and end the enrolment contract. If no such notification is received a Withdrawal Fee of one term’s fees from the date of notification will be charged. If a student withdraws part way through a term, having given one term’s notice, tuition fees and consolidated charges will be charged on a pro-rata weekly basis; for the purpose of this clause, a part week is considered a full week.
  • Once notice has been received the Enrolments Officer will proceed immediately with filling the place. Please do not give notice unless/until you are certain that your child will be leaving. If you decide that you would like your child to return to CBRSS they will need to join the waiting list and wait for an opportunity, we are unable to provide any guarantees about when/if they will be able to return.
  • Once notice is received, administrative processes will occur that prevent confidentiality so please only give notice once you are prepared for the information to be public, please ensure you have advised your child prior to submitting the form.

You can find our Student withdrawal form on our website under the forms and downloads tab or by following this link. please return it to Enrolments.

If you require assistance with completing this form or need to discuss your options please contact Yvette via email: enrolments@capebyronsteiner.nsw.edu.au or by phone 02 66399302.

Important information re After School Messages- PLEASE READ

The Admin team would appreciate your support by making sure that any messages that need to be passed on to your child at the end of the day are always in before 2 pm.

Reception is a very busy place and to keep things running smoothly a staff member must leave the office to deliver these messages promptly at 2 pm, departing again to deliver more messages after 2 pm places undue strain on the Reception staff during a particularly busy time of the day.

After School Messages are for emergencies only i.e. when plans have changed during the day. Please do not use this service as a way of passing on info to your child that should have been told to them before school or to re-iterate messages that your child has already received e.g. reminding them of something you have already told them. If you have a Primary School student who may have trouble remembering what instructions you give them at the start of each day, please make an arrangement with them that there is a note in their bag that they can refer to eg even a picture note; if it’s ‘catch the bus’ have a bus picture in their bag etc.

To leave an After School message please call 6639 9300 then select 2, provide child’s name and class/year, the message and the name of the person leaving the message.

Staff cannot guarantee that messages received after 2 pm will be received. It is important that you note the time of day when leaving a message and remember if it is after 2 pm it may not reach its target. 

Please help our school improve Mental Health Ed.

Dear Parents, Teachers and Community,

Our school could be the recipient of a significant program that will support Mental Health Education for all students in Years 7 and 10 in 2020. Teen Mental Health First Aid is an evidence-based program developed in Australia to teach teenagers how to recognise a Mental Illness or crisis situation in a friend, and to assist their friend to get support from an adult.

Around one in seven teenagers in Australia experience a Mental Illness in any given year. Many do not seek out help because of poor understanding about Mental Illness and where to get help. There is a lot of stigma, and this is another barrier to help seeking.

The NSW My Community Grants program provides opportunity for any person over the age of 16 to vote to decide allocation of funds to projects in our community. Voting is now open until 15th August 2019.

To learn more and to vote click on this link: https://mycommunityproject.service.nsw.gov.au/project?projectId=cjy157utq1fw60799jn4yl6p2
You need to be a resident in the Ballina State Government Area, be over 16 and have your Medicare Card handy to vote.

If every teacher and parent in our school supports this project then there is a good chance of success. Voting just takes a few minutes, we hope you can support this project.

Spring Fair update

Things are really buzzing along for our bee themed Spring Fair ‘Sparks of Wonder’. The decorations are coming along swimmingly: You may start to see bees popping up around the place, stalls are coming together, and we’re about to embark on craft workshops for primary classes.

Class 3 are working hard and there are lots of ways you can support us with Spring Fair preparation:
• Please make space to attend craft workshops for your class (Kindy – C4). It’s a requirement that at least 6 parents from each class join us for these trainings so that each craft can be carried out with maximum confidence, safety and joy! As a reminder workshop dates are:
Kindy – August 22nd 9am-12pm
Class 1 – August 15th 9am – 12pm
Class 2 – August 8th 9am – 12pm
Class 4 – August 29th 9am – 10am

• Please bring your egg cartons and nature contributions (Bangalow Palm Seeds and banksia pods) and leave them in the designated boxes at Class 3 (or on the table if the box if full/absent).

• Please support our beautiful school by selling Raffle Tickets. The prizes we have on offer this year are UNBELIEVABLE! There are eleven major prize packs to be won! Tickets are online or feel free to contact Reception for paper tickets. https://www.rafflelink.com.au/springfair2019

Thank you so much, your interest and support means the world to us.

Warmest wishes,
Carolyn Farrow
Spring Fair Communications Co-ordinator

Spring Fair Raffle: would you or your kids like paper raffle tickets to sell?

Thanks to everyone for spreading the word about the Spring Fair Raffle. We’ve sold more than $3500 worth of tickets, which is a great result six weeks out from the Fair. Funds raised will be spent on play and exercise equipment, and school camp gear, for primary and high school.

Let us know if you or your kids would like to sell paper raffle tickets as a cash sale.

In addition to online raffle ticket sales, we have been making cash sales at the Friday school market, the bush dance, and local farmers markets. A few parents have indicated that they miss the chance to sell paper tickets, so please either drop into Reception to pick up some tickets, or email Margaret to let her know you’d like some. Because it’s a cash sales form for the online raffle, the ’tickets’ will look a little different.

Prize # 2 – Sweet Dreams. Win more than $1900 worth of luxurious sleep items. Prize includes a Belgian linen King quilt cover, cotton sheet sets (King and single), a silk velvet and linen throw, latex pillows, a voucher for $500 worth of linen or towards a mattress or bed from Koala, and $200 worth of vouchers for French linen, plus a bottle of pure lavender oil, calming tea and a couple of good books for the bedside table. For details, please see the raffle webpage.
Please continue to help us to spread the word to friends and family about the raffle. You can email them this link https://www.rafflelink.com.au/springfair2019 or share from the school’s Facebook page.

Let’s raise as much as we can for our kids’ play and exercise equipment and school camp gear.

Warm wishes from the Class 3 Raffle team.

Spring Fair Songwriting Comp Now Open

CBRSS Welcomes all High School Students in the Northern Rivers Region to enter our Spring Fair Songwriting Comp.

Click Here to Enter Now…

Paid work available for Spring Fair

Paid Work as Traffic Controllers for Spring Fair
We have a few positions available:

  • 7am – 3pm.
  • 8am – 2pm.
  • 9am – 2pm with a couple of extra hours on this shift for emptying wheelie bins.

$30 per hours but must have ABN & be able to invoice our P&F Association.
Ring Gavin on: 0427 847 400.


Our next RCM day is on Saturday 24th August 9am – 12.30pm.
We will be concentrating on the Kindergarten Area but if we get enough people we will branch out into other areas.
Of course, if you have a burning task you want to do we will see if we can accommodate that.
There will be a variety of tasks to do from cleaning to oiling timber to gardening etc.
Love to see you there.
Site Manager – Gavin – 0427 847 400

A Room with a View

Our Alternative Housing Project!

CBRSS Presents Understanding Temperaments

Please note this event is for the School Community only

CBRSS P & F is proud to present

Please note this event is for the School Community only

Lou Harvey-Zahra will also be presenting workshops on Saturday 31st of August at Shearwater school for more information please visit our online community noticeboard.

Adult Eurythmy classes at CBRSS – Free trial next Wednesday don’t miss out!

All movements in Eurythmy are rhythmic or life-filled. The power of the specific Eurythmy movements work through the life body, or etheric body, to strengthen and harmonise where there may be illness or imbalance. To read more about the positive benefits of Eurythmy please click here

Free trial class on Wednesday 14th of August 2019, don’t miss your chance to experience the benefits for yourself.