Can you help?

Hello all,  I am a year 11 student who has had the opportunity to be an ambassador for a small non for profit organisation ‘Period Pack’ which was founded by Lily Harrison a CBRSS student who graduated in 2019. This organisation aims to provide women and people who menstruate in need in the Northern Rivers with menstruation products and maternity packs to make life a little easier each month. Whilst in Australia menstrual products are still not free we can all do something to bridge the gap between period poverty. If you would like to contribute to making someone’s month easier there is a donation box at the administration desk at school. Every dollar counts so if you can donate it is very much appreciated. If you would like to contribute but are unable to donate at school please email me to work something out. Email:
Here is a link to Period Pack’s website for more information:
Many Thanks
Meira Violet.