Byron Writers Festival

Students in Y8 – 11 attended the Writer’s Festival last week. It was an inspiring day in which we heard writers such as Tara June Winch, Clementine Ford, John Marsden, A.C Grayling, Isobelle Carmody and Eddie Woo speak about their new books and life experiences. They discussed issues of race, gender, ethics, culture and politics. Here are some comments from students who attended.

I found the best part of the Writer’s Festival was hearing the writer’s process described. Hearing the challenges they have faced during the time they have been composing and how they journey to achieve their end result.

Thomas Y11

It was a great eye-opening experience, listening to a few writers talking about domestic violence and other gender issues. It opened my eyes to some of the bigger issues happening outside the bubble of my Byron Shire experiences.

Amber Y11

I had the wonderful opportunity of going to the Writer’s Festival over two days. I found each writer extremely inspiring and it was nice to see the bigger picture beyond school. One of my favourites was Marcus Zusak – he is one of my favourite authors ever and he combined humour so seamlessly he was incredible to listen to. I can’t wait for next year!!

Romy Y11