The significance of Love

Spiritual Science (Anthroposophy) alone, with its teachings of Karma and reincarnation, can make us into great egoists unless the impulse of love, the Christ Impulse, is added; only so can we acquire the power to overcome the egoism that may be generated by Spiritual Science. The balance is established by an understanding of the Christ Impulse. Spiritual Science is given to the world today because it is a necessity for humanity; but in it lies the great danger that — if it is cultivated without the Christ Impulse, without the Impulse of love — men will only increase their egoism, will actually breed egoism that lasts even beyond death. – Rudolf Steiner

From the Co-Heads of School

We give thanks for the blessing of Winter.
Season to cherish the heart
To make warmth and quiet for the heart
To make soups and broths for the heart
To cook for the heart and read for the heart
To curl up softly and nestle with the heart
To sleep deeply and gently at one with the heart
To dream with the heart
To spend time with the heart
A long, long time of peace with the heart
We give thanks for the blessing of winter
Season to cherish the heart

By Michael Leunig

Some of the treasured qualities that are embedded, having been woven into the foundational fabric of our wonderful Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School many years ago, can often be observed day to day, but not necessarily recognised, as part of our school’s special, enriching uniqueness. 

Courage, Creativity, Inspired Thinking, Innovation, Flexibility, Resilience, Integrity, Optimism, Passion, Responsibility and Trust, are just a few of our treasured qualities.

Over the many years as the school has journeyed through thick and thin, through times of challenge and triumph; it is these treasured qualities that have, and continue to carry, our wonderful Teaching and Support Staff in navigating the course of the school, all the while supported by the wisdom of our founding elders, whose vision has blossomed into our present beautiful school, journeying steadily towards the future…

And so, as we reflect on our closing Term 2, in a general mood of uncertainty in the wider world, it seems that now more than ever, we need to look to our school’s treasured qualities as shining beacons we can trust and depend on to guide us…

And as always, our CBRSS community has so much to feel grateful for….

  • Our Friday Markets recommencing and allowing for catchup time, connection (and fundraising for classes).
  • The sharing of Winter warmth and light, allowing for each of our 370 K-12 students to have a parent join them during our week of Winter Festivities.
  • Our Class 4 & 5 String Orchestras who performed beautifully for their appreciative parent audiences.
  • The sharing of our Class 9 & 10 Elective Showcase with a highly impressed parent audience, who savoured an amazing evening of music, drama, design & technology and visual arts exhibitions, and nibbles. 
  • Welcoming our Class 11 students back from their Kakadu Camp in the Northern Territory last week…
  • And this week, with a huge sense of relief, we welcomed our Class 12 back from their Kakadu Camp, having successfully worked their way around the recent Darwin Lockdown complications, to make it safely back to NSW! (This was a catch up camp for Class 12, as they missed out on their Kakadu Camp last year.)

For many, we know that holiday plans have already been altered and disappointments are in the air. On the bright side, this is a wonderful opportunity to practice the art of ‘reframing’. In reframing a situation, you can help your family focus on the positive rather than negative details of a disappointment; knowing that the way we as adults choose to see a situation, has a profound effect on how we and our children experience it and on family wellbeing.

And most wonderfully, now is the time for a little ‘cosiness of the soul’; a lovely few weeks of Hygge! These chilly Winter days ‘in’ are perfect for family time with lots of cozying around, being present together in the moment and practicing ‘we-fullness’ – so restorative for heart and soul. 

We hope the term break holds your family safe and sound and allows for some lovely days of rest and rejuvenation close to home.

With warm wishes

Paddy & Teera

Little Farming Gnome

By Teera Palmer 2020
A story written and shared with CBRSS Staff at the close of 2020 – a very big year! Sharing now with the community since 2021 feels like another big year.

Long Long ago,
In a land before time…
There lay some seeds in the deep rich red soil.
The seeds were safe and warm, encased in their hard shells.
And there they stayed and they sat…and they stayed…
And the sun shone, and the winds blew, and the rains rained, over days and years, and…
One day, a little farming gnome who had special magic powers came upon all these seeds and he could see the seeds just sticking out from the soil…here, there, and everywhere…
‘Ahh’ said the farming gnome…
‘I will use my magic to make the perfect growing conditions for these little seeds and with my protection, they will grow so big and so strong… they will make such a fine crop and so much nutrition for all of the gnomes in all the land.’

And so soon, very soon, the seeds began their growing journey and soon very soon…out popped so, so, many little green shoots. And they wriggled and they struggled and strived to move through the soil and reach towards the sun…
And so the little farming gnome set to work and of course he used his magic to make all of the best growing conditions…only the best…and always comfortable and cosy.

So in that growing year, whenever the storms with lightning and dangerous winds came thundering in the sky…the farming gnome made a protective shield of clear quartz crystal over all of the little green shoots to protect them….he was a very protective little farming gnome.
So no thunder, no strong winds, no dangers ever came upon the crop.
No grasshoppers to nibble the shoots, no hail, no flooding rains, no challenges…

And the little farming gnome made everything just-so… So nice and comfy…
And he used his magic to make just the right amount of sun when he wanted sun…but never so hot that the green shoots could wilt…And just the right amount of gentle misty rain when the plants were thirsty…but never too much…
And everything was perfect, and even and measured.

The plants were growing so high towards the sky and the little farming gnome was feeling so very pleased with all his care and good work.
The day came when the little farming gnome knew it was time to harvest the grain from all these healthy, green, tall plants that he had protected so well…so that he could share the food with all his friends…
But, as he cut the first tall plant he was surprised and disappointed. There was no grain inside. Quickly he cut more and more, and found that each plant had none…
‘Oh me, oh my, how is it that my careful, protective magic failed….why is there no grain from this crop’?

Just then, a swirling wind blew by the little farming gnome….and over, and under, and all around…
‘Ahhh I can tell you why’ said the wind….‘It is strange, but it is true…
It is because there was no challenge, no storms, no wind, no heavy rains, and because there was no conflict, no struggle, no challenge…that the grains did not grow full and strong and ripen.’
‘Being the wind…I know that storms are needed, thunder, lightning, dry and heat are needed….They shake up the soul and wake up the grain, so it strives to grow strong and full and ripe.’
The little farming gnome was listening closely to the wind.

And then the sun chimed in too….
‘Ah yes,’ agreed the Sun…
’And night is needed…and so is day…and days of happiness…and days of sadness…and this is the great wisdom of life…of understanding…and slowly, slowly little farming gnome…if you can see my sunrise…and sunset…and feel glad for both…you will come to know the rhythm of life…the rhythm of duality…the rhythm of polarity…and all that is between. You will no longer cast your magic to make everything just-so….and, you will have found life’s secret, and the way to grow healthy crops.’
‘Come now, follow me’….said the Sun…
’Follow the nature of all things…follow the Moon…follow the stars…befriend the stormy skies, and the wind, and the rain too…for my warming rays will always come again upon you…
Know this….trust this ….and you will feel the grace.’

And from that day on, the little farming gnome used no more of his protection, nor his just-so, magic…
Instead…he looked to the majesty of the skies each day and he worked with all that the seasons brought…
And everyday…his heart was filled with gladness for all that was…

Kindergarten Winter Festival

The Kindergarten families enjoyed songs, story and some stone soup around the fire before a lantern walk beneath the twinkling stars.

Winter Festival 2021

Farewell Strawberry

We farewell Strawberry after many years of involvement at our school as a parent and staff member. She’s fulfilled many roles from fundraising to venturing out on camp, from teaching in the Primary to paying the bills. Whatever the task at hand, she brought her sense of adventure and fun-loving ways. In recent times, she’s been a great support to the Finance Team & we’ll miss her can-do attitude and sense of humour. We wish her well in all that she embraces in the future.

Mosaic Magic

The beautiful sunflower mosaics on the library walls were made by the current Class 8 students back in 2019 when they were in Class 6 with Teera and have been waiting patiently for their chance to blossom. During the middle of term two, Tanja and her fantastic parent helpers spent a wonderful four days bringing the mosaic to life. A huge thank-you to Gavin for ground support, to Charlotte for her patience while we blocked the main access to the library, and the passing teachers, parents and students for their ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’. The library walls will be re-painted during the winter holidays to complete the project in time for spring and our return to school.


A huge thank you to Tanja for her generous creativity in leading this project

Art Exhibition

Art Teachers Denis Hopking and Eleni Mann are presenting their new artwork in an exhibition called JOURNEYS IN FORM SPACE TONE AND COLOUR at the Kyogle Regional Gallery during these holidays from 7 July to 1 August. Denis is showing sculptural vessels and ceramics. Eleni is exhibiting a Rose series using pastels and portraits in charcoal. Gallery open Wed to Sat 10 to 4 pm and Sunday 10 to 2 pm. Come for a drive to Kyogle the Gateway to the Rainforest and also visit this lovely gallery.

Have a Go Athletics Day – Classes 3 to 6

Classes 9 & 10 VA Elective – Sculpture and Ceramics

Portraits in clay were sculpted by the students in the sculpture elective in Term 1 by students of Classes 9 and 10. Working from a 2D picture into a 3D form is challenging and the face is only one of 5 hands that make up the total space of the head – so a lot of hair to cover the skull and only a relatively small area to create the features of the face. Gesture and mood was emphasised. Ceramics in Term 2 was a mixture of handmade work and students learning to use the potters’ wheel. Centring the clay takes a student into the centre of themselves where there is the still centre of the turning world… only then can a bowl or cup or vase be magically thrown. Students loved this challenge. The work was decorated using underglaze colours and a clear glaze over the top.
Like the bodies and brains of these young 14, 15, and 16-year-olds, clay is a wonderfully malleable, forgiving material but it never forgets how it was treated, made and formed – such is the importance of a well rounded educational experience, especially with all these elective options that students can choose from.

Teacher Denis Hopking.

Classes 9 & 10 Elective Showcase Semester 1 2021

Subject Selection for Class 12 2023

In the high school right now, Class 10 students are busy giving thought to and selecting their subjects for senior study next year in Class 11. A highlight of this process is the Student Forum, where current Class 11 and 12 students share their perspective on their studies of each subject – Drama, Legal Studies, D&T, Physics, Visual Arts, and so on. The vibrancy and maturity of discussion always makes it a great afternoon. Thank you to everyone who was involved for another great year and for your time, insights and focus.

Class 11 Camp – Kakadu

Towards the end of Term 2, Class 11 enjoyed an amazing camp in the ancient land and cultural riches of Kakadu National Park. Every day was a highlight and we felt grateful for so many things: the vastness of the sky and the beauty of the flat, ochre landscape, the spectacular swimming holes, waterfalls and gorges, the enduring custodianship of the Bininj and Munguuy People and their generous sharing of cultural knowledge, the millennia-old rock art, the birdlife and crocodiles, the starry night sky, downtime at Jeff and Mel’s property in Katherine, and more. In amongst all this, as a group, we also felt keenly aware that we were fortunate enough to travel and move about, something not everyone in the world can do right now. It was a magical week away together filled with laughter and soul. Thanks to Ric, Paddy N, Paddy I-H, Kate and Joel for joining us.


Class 11 Guardian

Class 12 Camp – Kakadu

Class 12 News

Charlotte and Inde recently represented the school at the Secondary Schools Leadership Program at Parliament of NSW and Government House.
They gained a greater understanding of our system of government and parliamentary proceedings through discussions with people within the Senate. They also had the opportunity to meet the Governor, Her Excellency The Honourable Margaret Beazley and gain a better understanding of her role.

Class 12 Fundraiser

Dear CBRSS Community,
As most of you will know it is common practice for Class 12 to have an end of year celebration when graduating.
Raising money for graduation has been commonplace for all the past classes. We have created an online stall to sell donated products to fundraise for our graduation (see the link below). Seed and sprout have generously eco-friendly keep cups and lunch box bags.
Products can also be purchased at the Friday markets.
All the money raised will go towards flowers, candles, and a professional photographer. These are just a few things required to make it a night to remember.

Thank you!

Class of 2021

Please note: shipping is NOT available any orders can be picked up from the office or from our stall at the Friday markets.