From the Principal

Greetings to Parents and Friends

In the air, all around just now, there is such a wonderful feeling of increasing warmth and excited quickening, to which the birds and the cicadas are also noisily contributing.

As always, at this very fulsome time of year, it feels like the collective challenge for us all, is to strive for calm, centredness, and a sense of balance, as we reflect on and celebrate the culmination of a year of growth, work, effort, activity and the general navigation of our life path.

This Term (4), continues to feel particularly full for staff and students, given it is short and being only 9 weeks. With the easing of some Covid restrictions, we have been allowed and hence, have needed to crowd most of our camps, excursions, plays and other events, which are usually spaced throughout the year, into this brief time.

As a staff, in true resilient style, we have risen to the challenge and facilitated 7 Class Camps this term, in addition to many excursions, Primary swimming, several Class Plays, Class Parent Meetings which included Melanie Deefholts presenting valuable Parent Education sessions and much more.

As always, we have also proudly and affectionately farewelled our amazing Year 12 graduating students (see photos following in this Bulletin) and the Primary school will soon farewell the Class 6 Students, as they move towards ‘crossing the bridge’ to High School next year.

Our Kindergarten children are also busily working to finish their craft bags which will travel with them when they cross the ‘Rainbow Bridge’ to Class 1 next year and they will together enjoy a Festival of Christmas celebrating the Gifts of Love and Peace, on the last day of term: Friday 11 December 2020.

We are thankful that we have been able to invite parents to join us in person for some of our special Class events this term, and in these times, we also hugely appreciate that we continue to feel the support of all of our wonderful parents from afar.

Best wishes and strength to all


Missing emails?

Some parents have reported that they are not receiving all email communications from the school. If you have confirmed that we have the correct email address on file, and that emails are being sent to you (we can check a log of outgoing emails) the issue could be with your email filters. An email client can incorrectly mark legitimate email as spam and either block the email or hide it from your inbox. The best solution is to Whitelist any email coming from If you need some directions, this webpage has some good tips, just select the software that you use and follow the steps. If you still dont receive emails, contact the school and ask to speak to our ICT department.

Lost Property

The Lost Property Box has been very hungry lately! Please come and check his tummy to see if he has eaten any of your things!!!

Year 12 Graduation

The Principal’s Year 12 Graduation Speech 2020

It is a great pleasure to be here with you all on this special day and to honour you, our wonderful Graduating Class of 2020. I also feel particularly proud having known and observed many of you, as you have journeyed, grown and changed through the years from Kindergarten to Year 12.

A key aspect of our job as Steiner Educators is to find ways to​ remove hindrances​ for our students, so that they can grow, learn, dream and reach for their stars.
It is this that teachers strive for, in providing creative and enabling educational environments, so that all of our students may flourish, grow confidence and skill in themselves as learners, and ultimately mature into fine young people. And as you sit before us today, we can see that you have indeed become a graduating class of very fine young people and the kind of class that every teacher dreams of growing.

And now that you are old enough to understand I thought I would share with you, a mini explanation of the uniqueness and some of the reasons we do what we do here at Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School and maybe a little bit of what lies behind all the colours of the rainbow at ‘Steiner’

In a nutshell, Steiner Teachers understand that children learn differently at different ages and stages.

Picture this….You are 5 years old in Kindergarten….
You learn best through play….think sandpit, dress-ups, block construction, tree climbing and you learn with your whole body through imitation. Your Kindergarten teachers understand this and offer nourishment to this powerful imitative impulse within you, in an atmosphere of calm and predictable rhythm; Monday drawing, Tuesday painting, Wednesday cooking, Thursday handwork, Friday outside day, your Kindergarten teachers tell you stories, sing songs, bake bread, show you how to sew, twist, and felt wool and you learn how to interact, take turns, wait and help….eventually in harmony with others.

Picture this….you are 6 years old when you enter Class 1 and you journey through the years so that you are 12 years old in Class 6. From the ages of 6 to 12 you learn best by forming a strong feeling and imaginative connection to the lesson content presented by your teachers. Your Primary teachers understand this and offer a learning environment filled with an artistic and warm classroom approach (think colours of the rainbow); they tell you stories, sing, play music, engage you in drawing, writing and modelling, and rhythm and repetition in all subjects. Your teachers observe that such warmth in your learning environment provides you with a foundation for clear thought and moral strength later on and in these years, you thrive surrounded by the calm authority of your teachers, who strive to be reliable and nurturing.

Picture this….you are 13 in Year 7 and you journey through the High School years. Now as an adolescent you begin to build a future intellectual life learning best through questioning, testing and later analysing and comparing. Your High School teachers understand this and they design activities that require you to engage in self reflection and critical observation rather than simple immersion and activity and in senior years, your teachers set increasingly complex work that builds your capacity towards an adult skill set. However, your High School teachers know you still learn best in an atmosphere of respect, trust and continuity, surrounded by adults who can provide fine role models of creative problem-solving and respectful interaction.

Picture this…….you finally arrive at the finish line of Year 12 and here you are! Your effort, enthusiasm, focus, determination and persistence have served you well.

Know that you have achieved great things and that the fruits of your work have filled us with joy, awe, wonder and great excitement for what will come towards you, and from you, into the future.

May you relish and savour the wonderful feeling of satisfaction that such completion and accomplishment can bring and may you also now find the balance and the space in between and seek some well deserved rest and relaxation when you can.

We hope we have given you the time, space, creativity, skill and inspiration, to always be able to learn whatever you wish to learn, to know yourselves well, to have a developing deep sense of your destiny and of your many possible life-pathways, and ultimately, to come to know your own true purpose and place in the world, with a sense of comfort and confidence, for now and forever.

May your presence, ideas and contributions make the world a better place and may you build a ladder to the stars and climb on every rung!


Class 1- 6 Farewell Year 12

Class 1- 6 students offered beautiful verses, poems and songs to honour the Year 12 Graduating Class and to remind them of their Primary School Journey.

P&F Christmas Raffle Fabulous Prize Packages

P&F Christmas Raffle is now underway! This year it will be an online raffle, with some truly fantastic prizes. Or if you prefer to use cash please print out this attachment.

Thank you for supporting our school’s only P&F fundraiser for 2020. The more tickets sold, the more money we’ll raise to support our School community and our students.

Please help Class 3 and P&F continue to support the heart and soul of our School community through:

  • Supporting students through funding of resources that enhance their educational experience and personal development
  • Overseeing social and fundraising events
  • Hosting workshops and information for parents

With thanks,

Class 3 Raffle Coordinators

From The CBRSS Parents and Friends Association (P and F)

On Monday, October 26 the P and F had the privilege of hosting a very special guest speaker, Lisa Devine, via zoom from Sydney. Lisa’s one hour presentation entitled, ‘From Resignation to Regeneration – Fostering enthusiasm for life as a healing force in an anxious world’ was recorded for those who were unable to attend and we would recommend it to parents with children of all ages. It is an uplifting conversation reflecting on our current times and it contains beautiful gems of anthroposophical wisdom. Lisa refers to Steiner Schools being an oasis for social transformation and a place where students can ‘breathe out’.

We recommend that all CBRSS parents take some time to listen to this presentation as Lisa is highly regarded in the Steiner community and has gentle suggestions for ways we can navigate through these challenging times. Available exclusively through the CBRSS parent App, please look for this recording under links, it is called Lisa Devine talk.

CBRSS Chess Club

Many students are excited about the revival of the CBRSS CHESS CLUB this term. In the short term, the plan is for students to play friendly games at school, work out teams and develop skills. Long-term plans will include tournaments with students at other local and regional schools.

We would gladly accept donations of chess boards and/or sets should you wish to support this endeavour.

Please contact Manuela for more information.

Sunflower Kindy News

Spring is in the air
Tr la la tra la la
Butterflies are fluttering
Little birds are singing……

In Sunflower Kindy we have been witness to the magical cycle of life.
The children have patiently watched with wonder, anticipation and awe as our monarch caterpillars nibbled their way through the milk thistle leaves, spun their cocoons, and finally hatched into beautiful butterflies!


Class Three Camp

Class Three spent most of last week having an enormously fun time at Midjinbil Hill near Uki. The class spent two nights and three days learning about our surrounding environment, going on a night walk, making rafts and billy tea and exploring the creek and rocks of the Wollumbin caldera. The staff were very impressed with the engagement, knowledge and resilience of the children, I saw a lot of friendship, kindness, joy and working together, something so common in Steiner classrooms. But most of all, it was all about getting muddy!

Class Three Teacher

CBRSS Short Film Festival

At the end of the last term, CBRSS held their first Short Film Festival. Year 11, Year 12, Year 9 & Year 10 were lucky to view the Yr 11 films made in the Photography, Video and Digital Imaging Course.

Congratulations to our equal 1st Prize Short Film Winners!!!!!!

Ethan ‘In the light of the day’
Rose ‘Get out of my Head’

Followed closely behind by:

Billie Swain’s ‘Making a coffee’ & Marcello’s ‘BLINK’

We recognise the high standard of short filmmaking from this group and look forward to seeing what they produce during Year 12.

Katie Alleva

High School House Leaders for 2021

We have announced our new House Leaders for the 2021 year! At the end of Term 3, Year 11 students are invited to apply to take on a leadership role. The application involves a written letter responding to selection criteria which includes showing evidence of and enthusiasm for being strong role models for younger students, leading House Meetings and Carnivals and other roles. The applications are read by the Guardians, the Senior School and High School Co-ordinator and the Deputy and Principal.

We are very excited to announce the following leaders:

Crete – Rose Eadie, Anouk Smith, Marcus Gibbs, Della Hamilton Knight

Olympia – Muriwai Waata, Naraian Solomon, Izac Wiseman, Buzz Walker

Sparta – Meira Gorcey, Isaac Poulson, Oceana Williams – Brauer, Joshua Sykes, Sam Trowbridge

Athens – Lani Kwiatkista, Charlotte Vockler, Elan Derofe-Gallant, Itamar Stein Weinberg


Three of our six Year 12 distance education students have recently received achievement awards from Southern Cross School for Distance Education for their outstanding performance in their chosen distance education subjects:

  • Pearl Truswell is studying Italian Beginners
  • Thibault Walker is studying French Beginners
  • Lily Pouget is studying French Continuers

What an achievement! You can be proud of yourselves. We wish you all the best for your upcoming HSC exams.

Manuela Matheson

Distance Education Supervisor

HSC Visual Art

CONGRATULATIONS to Anais Stewert-Long for her Portrait Drawing ‘Motherhood’ and Taj Birrell’s short film ‘Estrange’ for being accepted into the prestigious Art Express Exhibition. Art Express features a selection of outstanding student artworks across NSW. A special mention to Bimini Plesser for her art work ‘ ATELOPHOBIA; the fear of imperfection’ being nominated for Art Express. Well done all.

Claire Sleeman

Motherhood by Anais

Screenshot from the film ‘Estranged’ by Taj


Evolving Humanity

Fundamentally, the whole meaning and spirit of evolution rests on the fact, that we pass from taking, to giving. – Rudolf Steiner

From the Principal

Spring Greetings to all!!

Spring’s greatest joy beyond a doubt is when it brings the children out.” Edgar Guest.

Such a wonderfully simple, joyous, colourful, lively, playful, collaborative, beautiful, celebratory Spring Festival we enjoyed with Class 1 to Year 12 on Monday! There were so many special and lovely elements and moments which made the day a fun, sweet and uplifting experience. Congratulations to all our wonderful staff and students for their contributions to making the day feel so fulfilling. Please enjoy looking at a taster video and photos of the day in the bulletin below.
A more comprehensive Spring Festival video is currently being prepared and a link to view it will be sent out to Parents next week during term break.

At this time of year in each class from Kindergarten to High School, a vibrant kind of ‘Spring quickening’ is felt for teachers and students, a sense that the end of a year and the transition to a new year, is fast approaching. In particular, the end of Term 3 is a very special time for our Year 12 Students who will complete the final classes of their school journey this week. We are so proud of this lovely class of fine individuals, of their wonderful accomplishments and of their inspiring resourcefulness in navigating a challenging year with such positivity and we wish them all the best for their upcoming HSC Exams.

To our wonderful K-12 Parents, I extend appreciative thanks for your calm and cooperative support as we have worked together to keep our school healthy, happy and operating onsite in changing and complex times.
It is now time for our school community to prepare for the approaching time of well-earned rest…and to collectively breathe out…
May your holidays be happy, safe and filled with lovely, long unscheduled days of relaxation and rejuvenation enjoyed with family and friends.

Best relaxing wishes


2021 School Fees

School Fees for 2021 will be finalised shortly and published on the school website next week.

Spring Festival 2020

The Signs of Spring

At least someone knows how to be quiet for the year 11 and 12 exams!