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From the Co-Heads of School

We give thanks for the blessing of Winter. Season to cherish the heart To make warmth and quiet for the heart To make soups and broths for the heart To cook for the heart and read for the heart To curl up softly and nestle with the heart To sleep deeply and gently at one […]

Little Farming Gnome

By Teera Palmer 2020 A story written and shared with CBRSS Staff at the close of 2020 – a very big year! Sharing now with the community since 2021 feels like another big year. Long Long ago, In a land before time… There lay some seeds in the deep rich red soil. The seeds were […]

Farewell Strawberry

We farewell Strawberry after many years of involvement at our school as a parent and staff member. She’s fulfilled many roles from fundraising to venturing out on camp, from teaching in the Primary to paying the bills. Whatever the task at hand, she brought her sense of adventure and fun-loving ways. In recent times, she’s […]

Mosaic Magic

The beautiful sunflower mosaics on the library walls were made by the current Class 8 students back in 2019 when they were in Class 6 with Teera and have been waiting patiently for their chance to blossom. During the middle of term two, Tanja and her fantastic parent helpers spent a wonderful four days bringing […]

Art Exhibition

Art Teachers Denis Hopking and Eleni Mann are presenting their new artwork in an exhibition called JOURNEYS IN FORM SPACE TONE AND COLOUR at the Kyogle Regional Gallery during these holidays from 7 July to 1 August. Denis is showing sculptural vessels and ceramics. Eleni is exhibiting a Rose series using pastels and portraits in […]

Subject Selection for Class 12 2023

In the high school right now, Class 10 students are busy giving thought to and selecting their subjects for senior study next year in Class 11. A highlight of this process is the Student Forum, where current Class 11 and 12 students share their perspective on their studies of each subject – Drama, Legal Studies, […]

Class 11 Camp – Kakadu

Towards the end of Term 2, Class 11 enjoyed an amazing camp in the ancient land and cultural riches of Kakadu National Park. Every day was a highlight and we felt grateful for so many things: the vastness of the sky and the beauty of the flat, ochre landscape, the spectacular swimming holes, waterfalls and […]

Class 12 News

Charlotte and Inde recently represented the school at the Secondary Schools Leadership Program at Parliament of NSW and Government House. They gained a greater understanding of our system of government and parliamentary proceedings through discussions with people within the Senate. They also had the opportunity to meet the Governor, Her Excellency The Honourable Margaret Beazley […]

Young people, Sexting, and the laws you need to know

When we were teenagers, sharing a nude or semi-nude image of ourselves wasn’t even a thing, so it’s no wonder it is incredibly worrying and stressful for many parents. Research conducted by the Australian Government in 2018 found that 33% of teens aged 12-19 were engaging in some form of sexting activity either with a […]

Art Gallery of NSW exhibition of work by Swedish artist, spiritualist and medium Hilma af Klint a ‘wake up call’

Spending time with the paintings of Hilma af Klint feels a little like having the furniture in your psyche gently rearranged. Her visual language – marked by botanical illustrations, refractions of light and colour, spiralling snail shells and swans, coded letters and colours – tilts at the complexities of the human experience and our place […]

Class 12 Fundraiser

Dear CBRSS Community, As most of you will know it is common practice for Class 12 to have an end of year celebration when graduating. Raising money for graduation has been commonplace for all the past classes. We have created an online stall to sell donated products to fundraise for our graduation (see the link […]

From the Co-Heads of School

Winter night, stars shining bright And on a Winter’s morning, frost on the ground Stars all around, heaven’s glow foretelling… No dark we fear, the light is here, Sun in our hearts aglow, No dark we fear, the light is here and ever it is so… And so it is with days shortening and the […]

Project Archive – CBRSS Photo Archive

We are thrilled to announce that our much anticipated CBRSS Photo Archive is ready to access, for parents who have the Parent App. Project Archive will enable staff to share photos and videos going forward, and parents to view a gallery of photos and videos from our archive through the Parent App. Each gallery is […]

Friendly reminder re School Fees due

Term 2 school fees were due Friday the 14th of May 2021. Thank you to all who have already paid. If you haven’t paid for Term 2 yet and you are not on an approved payment plan please address this promptly. Please remember to include your parent code when paying fees so we can identify […]

Catching the bus on Friday when the Market is on

Hi Parents, we hope you have been able to stop by for the Friday Markets now that we are able to hold these again. Could we please ask that if your child/ren are catching the bus home on a Friday, remind them that it is important to make sure they are watching and waiting in […]