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From the Principal

Greetings to Parents and Friends In the air, all around just now, there is such a wonderful feeling of increasing warmth and excited quickening, to which the birds and the cicadas are also noisily contributing. As always, at this very fulsome time of year, it feels like the collective challenge for us all, is to […]

Year 12 Graduation

The Principal’s Year 12 Graduation Speech 2020 It is a great pleasure to be here with you all on this special day and to honour you, our wonderful Graduating Class of 2020. I also feel particularly proud having known and observed many of you, as you have journeyed, grown and changed through the years from […]

CBRSS Reconciliation Action Plan

We have made significant progress in our CBRSS Reconciliation Action Plan and have now had our RAP published with the official Reconciliation Action Plan website called Narragunnawali. Narragunnawali (pronounced narra-gunna-wally) is a word from the language of the Ngunnawal people, Traditional Owners of the land on which Reconciliation Australia’s Canberra office is located, meaning alive, […]

Library News

Donated to the CBRSS Library by our Byron Bay Writers Festival Storyboard friends, is the just released book A User’s Guide to a Pandemic This is a unique collection of writing by young people in Australia sharing their experiences of living through the current surreal times of COVID19. The works take many different approaches to […]

CBRSS Chess Club

Many students are excited about the revival of the CBRSS CHESS CLUB this term. In the short term, the plan is for students to play friendly games at school, work out teams and develop skills. Long-term plans will include tournaments with students at other local and regional schools. We would gladly accept donations of chess […]

Sunflower Kindy News

Spring is in the air Tr la la tra la la Butterflies are fluttering Little birds are singing…… In Sunflower Kindy we have been witness to the magical cycle of life. The children have patiently watched with wonder, anticipation and awe as our monarch caterpillars nibbled their way through the milk thistle leaves, spun their […]

Class Three Camp

Class Three spent most of last week having an enormously fun time at Midjinbil Hill near Uki. The class spent two nights and three days learning about our surrounding environment, going on a night walk, making rafts and billy tea and exploring the creek and rocks of the Wollumbin caldera. The staff were very impressed […]

CBRSS Short Film Festival

At the end of the last term, CBRSS held their first Short Film Festival. Year 11, Year 12, Year 9 & Year 10 were lucky to view the Yr 11 films made in the Photography, Video and Digital Imaging Course. Congratulations to our equal 1st Prize Short Film Winners!!!!!! Ethan ‘In the light of the […]

High School House Leaders for 2021

We have announced our new House Leaders for the 2021 year! At the end of Term 3, Year 11 students are invited to apply to take on a leadership role. The application involves a written letter responding to selection criteria which includes showing evidence of and enthusiasm for being strong role models for younger students, […]


Three of our six Year 12 distance education students have recently received achievement awards from Southern Cross School for Distance Education for their outstanding performance in their chosen distance education subjects: Pearl Truswell is studying Italian Beginners Thibault Walker is studying French Beginners Lily Pouget is studying French Continuers What an achievement! You can be […]

HSC Visual Art

CONGRATULATIONS to Anais Stewert-Long for her Portrait Drawing ‘Motherhood’ and Taj Birrell’s short film ‘Estrange’ for being accepted into the prestigious Art Express Exhibition. Art Express features a selection of outstanding student artworks across NSW. A special mention to Bimini Plesser for her art work ‘ ATELOPHOBIA; the fear of imperfection’ being nominated for Art […]

Celebrating Advent

Advent starts this year on Sunday the 29th of November and is celebrated for the four Sundays leading up to Christmas, Advent season ends on Christmas Eve. Advent is frequently celebrated by people of every religious background, every faith, every spiritual path as part of the festivals of the cycle of the year. In the […]

Evolving Humanity

Fundamentally, the whole meaning and spirit of evolution rests on the fact, that we pass from taking, to giving. – Rudolf Steiner

From the Principal

Spring Greetings to all!! “Spring’s greatest joy beyond a doubt is when it brings the children out.” Edgar Guest. Such a wonderfully simple, joyous, colourful, lively, playful, collaborative, beautiful, celebratory Spring Festival we enjoyed with Class 1 to Year 12 on Monday! There were so many special and lovely elements and moments which made the […]

Can you help?

Hello all,  I am a year 11 student who has had the opportunity to be an ambassador for a small non for profit organisation ‘Period Pack’ which was founded by Lily Harrison a CBRSS student who graduated in 2019. This organisation aims to provide women and people who menstruate in need in the Northern Rivers […]

Please Support our Year 11 Fundraiser

Year 11 Steiner students feel extremely grateful to have not been deeply affected by COVID-19. Nevertheless, our previous fundraising events, such as showcases, have been cancelled as a result of the physical distancing restrictions. Due to this, our class has had to create alternative fundraising events in order to support our year 12 formal. Hence […]

Kindy Sunflower News

Sunflower Kindergarten has been enjoying the warmth, wonder and energy that Spring has brought…exploring our environment, learning new skills, practicing old ones and just enjoying the sun-shiny days! Emily

Wellbeing news in the High School

We have been really fortunate this year to have Mark Smith from Safer Communities facilitating teen Mental health First Aid training for years 7, 8, 9 and 10 in terms 2 and 3. Our current year 11’s (soon moving into HSC in term 4) did the training last year. Students received a first aid booklet […]

Indigenous Literacy Day

This week, Guardian classes had the opportunity to participate in the live stream Premier Indigenous Literacy Day via YouTube. It was welcomed by students and it gave them some insight into the privileges we have living here in Byron Bay and attending CBRSS. ‘The Indigenous Literacy Foundations programs focus on instilling a love of reading from […]