Arlo and Aquila’s fishing adventure

From Arlo, Class 10:
It was “Well Being Wednesday” in the High School and Aquila and I had planned to go fishing out in the Bay. We woke up at 6.00am and I ran down to Main Beach where we met and jumped in his Tinny. We motored around chasing schools of Tuna swimming in the Bay. We managed to hook up to a few and they gave us a great fight on our fishing rods. We were pulling hard to get these powerful fish into the boat. All up, after a few hours of chasing these fish down we got two Tuna, one Kingfish and a Snapper. We were super stoked to get those catches as we had a few more on the line, yet, unfortunately, they were taken by sharks just before getting them into the boat. All the fish we managed to catch in these few hours that morning, all before our online school call for Morning Circle! We then went home to surprise our families with fresh fish to eat and enjoy for the next few weeks. That night I made Tuna Ceviche, inspired by Food elective teacher Paddy Nash.

Ingredients for Tuna Ceviche

– Freshly caught long tail tuna, diced into half inch cubes
– Avocado
– red onion
– radish
– garlic
– coriander
– chili
– chives
– mint
– lime juice
– Put all ingredients in a bowl and squeeze lime juice on top, let this sit and marinate while the citrus of the lime will leave the fish cured to perfection. (“This dish is an easy way to impress friends and family,” quote Paddy Nash:)