An A-Z Collection of Behaviour Tales- Susan Perrow

An A-Z Collection of Behaviour Tales:
From Angry Ant to Zestless Zebra

Published by Hawthorn Press, U.K. 2017

This illustrated collection of behaviour tales offers story medicine as a creative strategy for parenting,

teaching and counselling. Following the alphabet from A to Z, each behaviour is identified in the story

title: angry, anxious, bullying, demanding, fussy … greedy … jealous … loud … obnoxious … quibbling …

uncooperative … and more. Covering a range of universal challenges, the stories, some humorous,

some more serious, are suitable for three to nine years – and the child in every adult.

All 42 stories begin with an undesirable or out-of-balance situation and, through the use of metaphor

and an imaginative story journey, lead to a more desirable resolution. In this way, story medicine also

has the potential for nurturing positive values.

Stories may not be magic pills that have powers to fix or heal all difficulties, but they can be a wonderful

and more pleasant alternative to nagging and lecturing. And sometimes ‘magic’ does happen and a story

does make a difference!

Copies can be sourced online or through Susan Perrow’s website