A Big Thank You from Gavin


 We appreciate the good work done by the 30 + parents at our recent Repair Care & Maintenance Day. You made a wonderful difference to the place. The gardens are humming, the buildings are sighing and the furniture is lapping it up. We would be hard pressed to provide such a rich and wonderful learning environment for our students without this added input from you parents.

Next RCM is Sat 28th May. Put it in your calendar and come along and join in this vibrant day in the life of our school. With more people attending & cooperation skills multiplying we will be able to take on many more ambitious projects to improve our school-earning environment.

We would love to here of ideas for projects you’d like to see happen and help in organising.

Seven lengths of Bamboo 7-8 meters long.
Tapering to about 20mm so we can slide flags onto.
Can count for your RCM hours.
If you can help, please ring Gavin 0427 847 400 or email:  site@http://capebyronsteiner.nsw.edu.au

Gavin Colley
Site Manager

RCM 5 March Gavin

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