Welcome back to School

Dear Parents and Community Members,

Now that our new school year is underway and we have all begun to settle in, Teera and I as your new Co-Heads of School welcome and wish you all a Happy 2021.

Like all the staff, we were incredibly excited to welcome our students back.  It has been so energising to see the enthusiasm with which they are settling back into our rhythms. Listening to the holiday stories, hearing the sounds of singing and play, and of music and happy chatter has been wonderful.

Some of the many special moments of this first fortnight have included our Class 1 Rainbow Bridge Crossing, our new Kindergarten children beginning and morning teas with the parents of Kindergarten and Class 1.

We also loved the sheer joy and enthusiasm shared by students and teachers at our High School Swimming Carnival, and also hearing the news of last year’s Class 12’s and their amazing achievements has been a highlight – we feel incredibly proud of them!

But for me, the biggest highlight has been getting to know the students, the staff and the community.

I have long known that Steiner Education provides a particularly rich environment for whole-person flourishing.  In fact, throughout my career I have been inspired by Steiner’s beliefs that

“Our highest endeavour must be to develop free human beings who are able of themselves, to impart purpose and direction to their lives.” and that “The need for imagination, a sense of truth, and a feeling of responsibility … are the very nerve of education.”

It is so wonderful getting to know this, my new school, and to see Steiner’s aspirations being lived out in this beautiful community.

Joining this school is a real honour, and I look forward to meeting all of you and making CBRSS my new ‘home.’ My thanks to everyone who has welcomed me so warmly.

Paddy Innes-Hill
Co-Head of School

Parent Mobile App

We are pleased to have had a very good response to our new Parent Mobile App. This will streamline communication between the school and parent community. If you have not yet installed our mobile app please download on the App Store or get it on Google Play  by searching “Cape Byron”. For any assistance please visit our help page or contact our ICT department.

Parent Communications

We would like to remind you of some of the important changes we are implementing:

  • Absentee Reporting is now made very quick and easy through the mobile app. Notify the school for future absences or prior to Morning Circle whenever possible. SMS will be sent to parents of students who have not attended morning circle requesting to notify the school via the app.
  • Daily Notices/Calendar Events are now easily accessed through the mobile app. See important notices for the day or upcoming events.
  • Push notifications to the mobile app will be used in place of SMS in most cases for organisational reminders and brief one way communications. (please enable)
  • SMS will be used to notify parents of student absence and in urgent situations.

CBRSS HSC results 2020

Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School Class of 2020 has achieved outstanding results across all courses especially in Visual Arts, Drama, English Advanced, Extension 1 and 2, Legal Studies, Society and Culture, Music, Mathematics and languages.

Despite the obvious challenges of the year, this talented, dedicated and resilient cohort of 28 students showed unwavering commitment and passion for their subjects, underpinned by a strong, shared support for each other.

Some outstanding achievements include: the single highest ever ATAR achieved by a Cape Byron Student, an exam mark of 50/50 for English Extension 2 Major Work, 80% of English Extension 1 and 2 students receiving results above 90, 50% of Drama, Legal Studies and Society & Culture students in the top band, two Visual Arts major works being selected for display in ARTEXPRESS,  4 OnSTAGE nominations for Solo Performances in Drama as well as 30% of students receiving a Band 6 result.

Overall, there were 41 Band 6s (scores over 90) and 56 Band 5s (scores between 80 and 89), a jump from our already impressive 2019 results of 30 Band 6 achievements and 49 Band 5s.

Students have received guaranteed entry into highly competitive courses at UNSW, Victoria College of the Arts and UNE, and with so many students achieving high ATARs, many universities are contacting students today with immediate offers ahead of first-round offers in January.

The School is proud of the efforts and achievements of all students and their passionate teachers.

CBRSS Students selected for FlickerFest 2021

For tickets/more information go to https://flickerfest.com.au/tour/mullum-byron/

Event info is at: www.iQ.org.au 

We wish Rose and Ethan all the best!