From the Principal

Greetings to all

Thank you to all members of our CBRSS community who continue to follow health advice regarding COVID-19, in keeping unwell children at home and respecting changed protocols. This continues to be a challenging time for all of us, as we find things changing day to day and as we face the uncertainty of what lies ahead should the situation in NSW deteriorate.

You may have heard that last week the Chief Health Officer of New South Wales issued a NSW Public Health Order. One directive which has impacted our school greatly is that group singing and chanting activities and use of wind instruments such as recorders in group music is to cease in schools.
CBRSS Updated Response is effective as of Wednesday 19th August.

This situation has required us to make sudden changes to school management, events, classes, routines and teaching modes in a swiftly, responsive way.
Once again, it is with inspiring flexibility, that our wonderful Teachers and Support Staff continue to re-think and adjust plans to enable events and activities to still take place for our students at school. At our Book Week Parade this week, teachers hastily devised a plan that did not include singing our much loved Book Week song, while still allowing students and teachers to enjoy all the usual dress up fun together.

We greatly appreciated parents supporting their children with costume preparations and we also greatly missed sharing our many Book Week characters with our usual parent audience. Of course, this circumstance feels very disappointing for many, but it is helpful to remember that there are also valuable lessons to be learned at this time in working with the constant changes; so as far as possible at school, we are encouraging a cheerful, resilient attitude and approach with our students and staff in meeting such challenges.

Please see the details of the NSW Public Health Order and some additional changes to our school practices outlined in the next article.

Our Support Staff and Teachers are striving daily to continue keeping the health and safety of our school community at the forefront of our practices at Cape Byron Steiner School.

At this time, more than ever, it is so important that we are mindful of making sure our interactions with others are kind, considerate and caring; in this way, we all ensure that our students, parents and staff will feel well supported through the remainder of the term and year ahead.

With thanks and best wishes to all

Minimising the risk of COVID-19 transmission in schools and their communities.

NSW Public Health Order issued by the Chief Health Officer requires all schools to:

  • exclude students with even mild symptoms of COVID-19 and encourage immediate testing for any symptomatic child(ren)
  • prohibit return to school for anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 until a negative COVID test result has been reported
  • ensure that adults, including parents, maintain physical distancing at all times
  • promote good hand hygiene at all times

The Chief Health Officer also stated that certain practices in NSW schools must cease altogether.  These include:

  • school-related group singing or chanting activities and use of wind instruments in groups
  • school-related social activities (e.g. school formals, dinners or dances; graduation ceremonies; or parent engagement functions)
  • school-related overnight events (e.g. retreats, camps)
  • excursions

Changes when Students become unwell at CBRSS

If a student becomes unwell and is displaying symptoms consistent with COVID -19, we will ask for them to be collected and taken home. In order for students to return to school, a COVID negative test result or a medical certificate from a GP will be required, advising that they are safe, well and able to return to school.

These measures will assist in reducing the risk of community transmission, and will support our school to continue to deliver onsite learning.

Thank you for your support and cooperation in this.

Responding to COVID-19 Confirmed Cases or Suspected Cases

There is a clear plan in place for the School to respond to any confirmed cases of COVID-19 in our community. We work closely with NSW Health and AISNSW and will communicate with parents if a situation arises.

Important Reminders  

  • WATER BOTTLES – It is imperative that ALL students K-12 bring a water bottle to school each day.  There is a strict closure of all drinking fountains and bubblers continuing.  Please ensure your child brings a full water bottle to school each day.
  • PARENTS ON SITE – Parents are NOT permitted to be on site unless in an emergency or with the permission of the Principal. An emergency constitutes collecting a child from the Sick Bay or if it has been pre-arranged and approved.

Primary School Bookweek

Sunflower Kindy News

Sunflower Kindy were treated to a bush tucker walk and talk, by our very knowledgeable friend Gavin.

The children ( and teachers) were treated to a walk and treasure hunt around our beautiful school, discovering all the hidden edible treasures within the grounds.

We got to harvest and sample our own bush tucker along the way!

This was such an enriching and educational experience for our youngest students, and we extend our love and gratitude to our friend Gavin for the sharing of his time and knowledge.

Our Gratitude also to all the plants that shared their food with us, and to our first people for handing down this knowledge over time.

We ended our walk with a blessing for the plants, which the children sang to the trees. Maybe you were lucky to hear us throughout the school?

Blessings on the blossoms
Blessings on the fruits
Blessings on the leaves and stems
And blessings on the roots

Class 2 News

Class 2 have had a mildly challenging time over the last two weeks with my absence. I know they have missed me but Lisa and Kristine have guided them into their next main lesson and they have begun learning their times tables! I was sad to miss book week but Lisa has shared these lovely photos of them all. Here also are some photos of their work in the classroom. I can’t wait to join the class again next week and continue our exploration of counting, multiplication and times tables.


Class Three Play

Class Three performed Noah and the Flood, an Old Testament story that we have studied this year.

As a part of our experience, the children made posters to display around the school. This was done in small groups and were composed by the children themselves.

High School Athletics 2020

High School Dress Up days

Year 11 students are busy finding fun and creative ways to fundraise and support important causes. Thursday 20 August Dress was ‘dress as the Opposite Gender Day‘ and our students and High School teachers looked great as they paid a gold coin for the privilege to dress up. Next week it’s ‘Wear it Purple Day‘ on Friday 28 August to celebrate and foster a safe, inclusive and empowering environment for rainbow young people.

A quixotic lot!

Congratulations Anouk!

Congratulations to Anouk Smith for being selected as a finalist in the prestigious Lester Portrait Art Competition. The Lester Prize Youth Award encourages the creative talents of young, aspiring and emerging artists. For more details please visit the website:

The Power of Evening Routines

How a predictable structure can help families gain quality time and reduce end-of-day frenzy.

By Heather Miller – Harvard Graduate School of Education

The word “structure” can evoke less than positive associations. It suggests constraints, which are never a good thing, right?

Wrong. It turns out that everyone benefits from a certain amount of daily structure, so long as that structure is pleasant, productive, and meaningful. Whether it’s the most inventive minds in history, or those people who live in good health past 100, a daily routine or set of micro-routines is correlated with productivity, health, and longevity.

As beneficial as routines are for artists and centenarians, they are even more essential for children. “One thing we know is that children do best when they know what is coming next, “ says Brenda Carrasquillo, principal of Icahn Charter School 2 in the Bronx, New York, a National Blue Ribbon School. A positive, predictable home routine helps children feel safe and secure. And doing the same things the same way at pretty much the same time each day facilitates the acquisition of skills and knowledge bit by bit, day after day. This is as relevant for learning one’s ABCs as it is for learning how to tie shoe laces or learning how to participate in mealtime conversation.

Not surprisingly, children from unstructured homes often struggle in school. After all, schools are worlds of routine. If you follow a routine at home, your executive function is better developed than it might be if your home life is unpredictable. Having learned one set of routines at home, it’s much easier to learn another set of routines at school. And as all routines require impulse control and focus, the very practice of executing routines strengthens our capacity for learning.

Read more

In the digital age, when the constant stream of devices so frequently interrupts the flow of home life and face-to-face interaction, routines at home are more important than ever — especially ones that involve turning off those devices entirely for limited amounts of time. A nightly two-hour, screen-free routine can help us actively parent and provide a meaningful, positive home structure that not only benefits a child’s development but enhances the well-being of the entire family.

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Only man is permitted to live without rhythm in order that he can become free. However, he must of his own accord bring rhythm again into the chaos. – Rudolf Steiner

From the Principal

Students and Staff have had a lovely few weeks together since returning from the break and the school is now feeling well and truly settled into Term 3. With the many brisk and chilly mornings we’ve had, it is wonderful to now start feeling the Spring warmth pushing through when the sun is high in the sky. I hope you are finding some time on these beautiful days, to sit peacefully, soak up the warmth and re-energise. 

I’m sure you will have noticed all the beautiful yellow Wattles in bloom at the moment? As just one species of a large group of flora in Australia, the Golden Wattle has come to be known as a symbol of unity. Wattle is able to withstand Australia’s droughts, winds and bushfires and wattle also often grows and regenerates land that has been disturbed. In contemplating the resilience of Wattle growing on this Australian land, one can visualise that resilience and spirit in the people of this land….May the Golden Wattles inspire you to reflect optimistically on this aspect of our Australian land, its people and our school community at this time.

On the 30th July we were very pleased to launch the Community Giving Fund. The fund is a wonderful new initiative, established as a simple way for those that are able, to make financial contributions in support of school families who are finding it difficult to meet their fee commitments. To launch the Fund, the school has made a significant contribution and has already financially supported many families.

To make your contribution, please follow this link to: The Community Giving Fund 

Every act of generosity and simple kindness, big or small, has a powerful effect and goes a long way to supporting each other.

Our thanks to Jon in our ICT department for the platform setup and to Eleni for the artwork.

We are also very excited to have now launched our Virtual School Tour!  This enables us to offer prospective parents and students a look at our campus, grounds and to glimpse inside classrooms and buildings. There is much to see including videos and we will continue to add new video and images to the Tour over time.

A huge thank you to Yvette, Mat and Jon, who put so much time, effort and heart into making this project happen.  

Please follow the link to have a look!  School Tour

Changes To Spring Fair 2020

The joy of the coming of Spring is always a special celebration for our school. However, this year due to restrictions, we are not able to invite our school and wider community to our usual Spring Fair day. Instead, we are adapting to this situation and making preparations for a lovely Spring Festival in which K-12 students and staff will celebrate together. 

Though parents will not be able to participate in this event onsite; we will do our best to include you from afar, by video recording and photographing some of the special moments and offerings on the day to share with you, such as the Maypole Dance.

Our Spring Festival will take place during the school day on Monday the 21st September.  

Please note that the Pupil Free SetUp Day planned for Friday 18th September is cancelled. Students will now be attending on Friday 18th September as a normal school day.

More information about the Spring Festival and how parents may assist their children to prepare will be sent out as we get closer to the day. 

Wishing  you all the best


Community Giving Fund

One of the great things about our school community is the care we have for each other. Covid-19 has inspired us to have a fresh look at how we support our school community. Hence, we have established the Community Giving Fund as a way for you to offer support to the community and thereby provide support for families who are doing it tough and struggling to meet their fee commitments.

The fund provides an opportunity for you to join us and contribute to helping families financially. Every act of generosity and simple kindness, big or small, has a powerful effect and goes a long way to supporting each other.

To launch the new Fund, the school has made a significant contribution and has already financially supported many families.

We are excited to be sharing this inspired new initiative with you and we thank you for your continued support of our amazing school.

Please Click Here and Join Us in Supporting the Community Giving Fund

NAIDOC Week celebrations

Last week the High school and Class 6 students met with Tjupurra and had a great session that combined Indigenous culture with music and some high tech science. Coming from a diverse background that includes Aboriginal, Philippine, Malaysian and Irish ancestry, Tjupurra had the students captivated with stories of his cultural background, and his amazing one man band performance on the didgeribone – a cross between a didgeridoo and a trombone. There was also an incredible science show where he created a circuit of special effects that turned students into instruments who were being played as drums! Tjupurra is an amazing educator who kept all the students entertained and is someone we would welcome back to our school. Thank you Tjupurra.


Class 6 news

In Class Six Art lessons, the students have been learning how to use the contrast of light and dark to create form and depth without the use of colour.


Year 9/10 Art Elective

The year 9/10 Art Elective class have started the term by exploring the works of Georgia O’Keeffe and have already started to produce some exceptional artworks using charcoal and soft pastels.

Claire Sleeman

High School End of Term 2 Activities

At the end of last term, the activities organised by my fellow year 12 PDHPE students provided a well needed breather from our studies, a chance to connect with the younger students and an opportunity to enjoy the company of my friends before the holidays. The atmosphere while doing the activities was lighthearted and enjoyable. I left the last day of term feeling excited and ready for the holidays!

Lily – Year 12 

How to help your kids stop fighting at times of high stress

Sibling rivalry is universal. But we probably haven’t faced a time in living memory where it has had such opportunity to come to the fore.

Let’s be honest: lots of grown-ups have been experiencing more heated moments, more frustration and struggles to communicate in respectful and caring ways. If grown-ups are struggling, we need to cut our kids some slack.

Remember, they are trying to negotiate all this without a fully formed prefrontal cortex — a mature brain.

And consider that every human is genetically programmed to protect the limited resources that will help them survive. For your children, that includes not just food, shelter and water. They also depend on and compete for your time, love and attention.

And despite being born into the same family, siblings are unique human beings. Your kids have differences of temperament, development, neurodiversity and maturity on all levels.

When we squeeze all these differences into little people, tweens or teens, of course there will be some challenging moments.

Kids’ capacity to manage their energy and self-regulate emotions and moods is still developing. Have you noticed that sometimes siblings can play really well together for anywhere from 20 minutes to a couple of hours, and then all hell breaks loose?

Research shows some children run out of energy quicker than others, and feeling depleted energetically can cause a rise in cortisol, the stress hormone.

Given everyone is struggling with higher levels of stress right now, it would make sense that many homes are struggling with more sibling rivalry.

Do you have brothers or sisters? Did you ever feel that fighting with them was a bit like squeezing a pimple? You know you shouldn’t, but you just can’t help yourself.

Read the full article from the ABC here

Maggie Dent is a parenting author, former teacher and counsellor. She is host of the ABC’s Parental As Anything podcast.

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Our vision is to support healthy development for children and all ages through education, art and play. We partner with socially and environmentally conscious businesses to offer products of aesthetic beauty, outstanding craftsmanship, quality and durability.

The wisdom of love

To disseminate love over the earth in the greatest measure possible, to promote love on the earth — that and that alone is wisdom. – Rudolf Steiner