From the Principal

Hello from Gunbalanya School in Arnhem Land! I am with the Year 11 students on their Kakadu camp and we are all having the most amazing learning experiences.

Our camps program provides our students (and teachers) the opportunity to step into situations quite different to our little Byron Bay bubble. In doing so, we not only learn about others, but we learn about ourselves in a new way.

We look forward to sharing more on our return


Friendly reminder re School Fees

Term 3 school fees were due last Friday 23rd of August 2019. Thank you to all who have already paid.

If you haven’t paid for Term 3 yet and you are not on an approved payment plan please address this promptly.

Please remember to include your parent code when paying fees so we can identify you.

Julia & Strawberry

CBRSS Community Survey

You may be aware that we recently held a “World Cafe” event for parents so that we could enter into conversation with our school community and start the process of working together to make our wonderful school even better. We received some wonderful feedback and hope to soon start some working groups to implement some of the suggestions.

I am aware that not every family was able to attend the World Cafe evening (it was a cold winter’s night after all) and so would like to offer those who weren’t able to attend the opportunity to provide feedback via a survey. We are asking for your constructive feedback as to what is working well and what we could do to make our school even better.

I would be most appreciative if you could take the time to complete the survey which can be found at this link

You don’t need to comment in every section, but your feedback would be greatly appreciated. This survey is not designed as an avenue to air complaints, rather it is an opportunity for you to offer suggestions which would help us on our path of school improvement. Responsibility for this rests with all of us.

CBRSS Music Teachers available

Guitar teacher Tim has availability for guitar and bass students on Monday and Friday morning. Great opportunity!
Drum tuition with Chris availability Thurs and Friday mornings, and after school Mon, Tues, Fri.

Repair Care and Maintenance (RCM) Tasks

You can also do tasks at any time by prior arrangement with Gavin.

Some tasks that need doing at the moment include:

  1. Create a macro enabled security sign in spreadsheet for Gavin.
  2. Remove Vegetation under Barbados Cherry Tree at Cl 4.
  3. Clear Vegetation from around electrical transformer at Admin.
  4. Empty out clean & organise HS Drama Shed.
  5. Install Possum Nesting Boxes in trees.
  6. Pressure Clean Wheelie Bins.

There are many other tasks, so ring Gavin to arrange a time & task that suits you.

Ring Gavin on: 0427 847 400.

Paid work available for Spring Fair

Paid Work as Traffic Controllers for Spring Fair
We have a few positions available:

  • 7am – 3pm.
  • 8am – 2pm.
  • 9am – 2pm with a couple of extra hours on this shift for emptying wheelie bins.

$30 per hours but must have ABN & be able to invoice our P&F Association.
Ring Gavin on: 0427 847 400.



The countdown for the Spring Fair is on! There are just 4 weeks to go and we are busy bees preparing a wonderful day for our school community. Whether it’s your first year at CBRSS, or your tenth, we hope you will come along and enjoy the festivities as the whole school comes together for this beautiful occasion. Eat, play and be merry as we shed more light on the plight of the bee – one of our planet’s most important creatures – in the 21st century.

Spring Fair news to share with you:

  • Please help us to make this day extra special and get involved in your Class activity. If you haven’t already received a link for your Class roster, please speak with your class co-ordinator and get buzzing. It certainly takes a village to create a magical Spring Fair.
  • Our giant sized raffle is brimming with awesome prizes – in fact there are 11 huge prize packs worth over $15,000!! You have so many chances to win! You can purchase tickets online or please feel free to grab paper tickets from the office.
  • Don’t forget the Class who sells the most raffle tickets will be rewarded with a delicious pizza and salad lunch – prepared by the fabulous Craig and sous chefs.
  • Thank you for your generous contributions of egg cartons, banksia pods etc. We have enough pods but do please keep the egg cartons coming.

More news and exciting announcements are coming soon! There are LOTS of new activities almost ready to unfold…..

Have a wonderful week,

Warmest wishes,

Carolyn Farrow


Spring Fair Communications Co-ordinator


Thanks to everyone who is spreading the word about our Spring Fair Raffle. A few reminders:

  • Paper tickets are available at the front office. If you can’t drop in to the office, please call Margaret and some tickets will be sent to your child in their classroom.
  • Online tickets can be bought here:
  • Class incentive. This year, the class which sells the most tickets will win a pizza lunch party at school (with salad, cake and hot chocolate, and GF, DF and vegan catered for). Whenever someone buys a ticket, whether online or cash sale, they have the chance to indicate which class they are buying tickets in support of.
  • Help maximise our fundraising. Let’s really make the most of the community’s generosity and raise lots of funds for new play and exercise equipment and for school camp gear. If you haven’t had a chance to spread the word yet, please let friends and family know about the great prizes. Send them a link to the raffle website, or email them the list of prizes (sent as a pdf in a recent email).
  • Finally: If someone in SA or WA or ACT wants to buy a ticket, they must use an address in another state. The raffle will be drawn at 2pm at Spring Fair on 21 September. Terms and conditions on the online page explain which items can be posted to a winner who lives outside the area (most items except bulky ones like Byron Bay Hanging Chair).
  • Silent Auction. Info will be coming out soon about the Silent Auction, where lots of fabulous items are up for grabs (eg. a family pass to a day at Woodford, body board, passes to The Falls Festival….)

PRIZE #3 in the Raffle is more than $1700 of homewares generously donated by local businesses and includes a rattan hanging chair, cactus silk cushions, a kilim cushion, handmade ceramics, a small kilim rug, soy candle, indoor plant and pot, plus vouchers, plus more. For more details go to the raffle website.

Adult Eurythmy classes at CBRSS

All movements in Eurythmy are rhythmic or life-filled. The power of the specific Eurythmy movements work through the life body, or etheric body, to strengthen and harmonise where there may be illness or imbalance. To read more about the positive benefits of Eurythmy please click here

‘A School’s Journey’, a history of Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School

From the first dreams and visions of the original pioneers through the love and devotion of so many people, Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School is now 30 years old. With enthusiasm, hard work and enormous trust from the first families, the School grew from small beginnings in the tin shed at Bangalow into a vibrant and strong school in Byron Bay.

The School acknowledges with gratitude all who have contributed to this extraordinary journey. Annie Barrett

Books are available to buy at Reception for $15.00

Check out Mercurius for beautiful gifts

Are you looking for quality art and craft supplies or a Steiner inspired gift or toy?

A beautiful array of quality art and craft supplies, as well as Steiner based toys and lovely gifts, are available online at Mercurius

Enter the promotional code: FRIENDCBRSS and 15% of the sale will also go towards P&F fundraising!


Nurturing the Senses | Fostering Creativity | Nourishing Imagination

Our vision is to support healthy development for children and all ages through education, art and play. We partner with socially and environmentally conscious businesses to offer products of aesthetic beauty, outstanding craftsmanship, quality and durability.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice: Mind over Machinery


The term “media” has an interesting and surprisingly short biography. As recently as the 1970s the Oxford English Dictionary listed only three meanings for this term––the oldest going back no further than the 1840s––and none of them had anything to do with newspapers, magazines, radio, film, or television, though the phrase “mass media” has circulated in popular American parlance since the 1920s.

Instead, “media” is listed in the OED as a biological term denoting the middle membrane of an artery, while in phonetics it refers to a soft mute sound, such as in the consonants “b”, “g”, or “d”. The third definition is simply as the plural of the noun “medium”. On this view, iron bars or pools of water or even table tappers could be described as being “media” for sounds, waves, or disembodied spirits.

Today “media” is such common (and sometimes abused) currency that we all know––or think we know––what we mean by it. Let’s explore different aspects of what by now we call “the media”, especially in their relationship to technology as vehicles or platforms for education. . . .

When Is Technology a Tool? When a Crutch? The Role of Technology in Education

Read the Full article at Waldorf Today

Bookweek 2019

Class 2 News

Class Two has just finished learning about people, who through their compassion and kindness during their lifetime, are now considered saints. There were big acts; such as giving away all their worldly goods to serve the sick and poor, and little acts; such as allowing a blackbird to build a nest in your hand. So often in the stories the animals came close, to serve (like the two otters who warmed St Columba’s cold feet), or to be close. The children responded beautifully to these examples of humaness and the call we all have within us.

Class Two Teacher

Class 5 News

In our current main lesson we are learning about the inland exploration of Australia, the history and geography of our land. Working in small groups, the children are researching a particular explorer and their expeditions. Each group is preparing a lesson to teach the rest of the class, and is working from a list of supplies to calculate how much food and water they are consuming and how the weight of it can be shared evenly in the packsaddles of their horses or camels.

This theme will continue in our upcoming camp at Gibraltar Ranges National Park where we will experience the landscape in a very practical way – walking, camping and exploring the landscape.


Class 5 Teacher

Classes 4-6 ‘Have a Go’ Athletics Day

Celebrating Wear it Purple Day

The HighSchool students all wore purple to show their support for the LGBTIQ+ community.
Wear it Purple strives to foster supportive, safe, empowering and inclusive environments for rainbow young people.

Year 10 Camp

On the 6th of August, our trip began with a 3am wake up call. We arrived in Melbourne mid morning and were shocked at the temperature drop. We checked into our hostel and running on adrenaline we proceeded to walk around the CBD hitting all the landmarks and features that the city has to offer. Throughout the week we visited three universities; VCA, RMIT and Melbourne Uni and learnt about what we could study and where it could take us. We participated in the brand new Road To Zero exhibit at the Museum and got to try out the virtual reality and technology that they offered. We were able to see the famous and stunning Terracotta Warriors and some more amazing exhibits at the National Gallery. At night we explored The Queen Victoria Market and walked the streets of Melbourne in search of a new cuisine to try.
We visited the Parliament House and learnt about the laws and how they got there and then, in a sharp contrast we met up with the Salvation Army. It was from gold ceilings to dirty streets and as we laid eyes on the driveways and air vents that were popular places for people to sleep we all felt so lucky and grateful for our warm beds and a roof over our heads. In the weeks before our trip, we had got together and organised to make period packs filled with sanitary products to donate to the people of Melbourne. We asked our class to donate what they could and then we put them together and were able to hand 12 packs over to a volunteer.
On our last day, we swam at the Melbourne Pools and then proceeded to get ready for our night out; we had the amazing opportunity to watch a performance of Shakespeare In Love. The performance was magical with incredible costumes and an engaging plot which left us leaning forward in our seats. We left the theatre smiling and the next day after a rushed morning of packing and some last minute shopping we travelled to the airport and arrived in a shockingly warm NSW.
Despite the cold, the dramas and the sickness we all had a great time and made memories that will last forever.

Mia Green
Year 10

Year 11 Biology Excursion

The Year 11 Biology students enjoyed a beautiful winters day at Flat Rock, where they were measuring the biodiversity of marine organisms and the abiotic factors that may affect their distribution and abundance.

Perception of Self

You must learn to perceive as your self that which lies outside you. Looking only within oneself leads to a hardening in oneself, to a higher egotism. – Rudolf Steiner

From the Principal

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to Term 3, and what a busy start to the term it has been.

Last week the school underwent our registration inspection with the NSW Education Standards Authority. The inspector commended our school on the extremely high quality of our curriculum, programs, policies and procedures and recommended the full 5 year registration for the school. I would like to congratulate all of our staff for the incredible work that they do for our school – we know we do good work, but it’s nice to have it acknowledged!

This week’s Principal entry in the bulletin will be a little shorter than usual as I am currently on Year 10 camp in Melbourne (where it is 8 degrees, the wind is howling and the sleet is needling our skin). I try to get to at least one camp a year as it is a wonderful opportunity for me to spend time with our amazing students. I am so proud of the way they conduct themselves and of the genuine interest they show in every activity on offer. On this camp we visited the Salvation Army to learn about the issues surrounding homelessness. A group of our students took it upon themselves to prepare for this visit by raising some money, making some cloth bags and filling them with supplies for homeless people. As I write this, those students are back down at the Salvation Army offices, handing over their donations. As I said, I am so proud of our students!

Thank you to those parents who were able to attend the World Cafe meeting last week – we gathered some wonderful feedback and had some great conversations. I will be sending out a little survey next week so that those of you who were unable to come are also able to provide some feedback. We will be getting some little working groups together in the coming weeks to plan some action on some of the suggestions.

It will be a full and productive term, so please watch the bulletins or check the chalkboard on our website for information about what is on.


Giving Permission for Camps and Excursions

We have a very comprehensive process for planning and running camps and excursions in the school. Each step is carefully planned to ensure we meet all requirements and so that all camps and excursions are appropriately resourced and planned to be safe and engaging for our students. We put a lot of work into making sure that this is so.

The only way to give permission for a camp or excursion, is through the parent portal. We have been working with this system for a couple of years now and it allows us to carefully track who will be attending and to ensure we have the appropriate permissions. It also allows us to ensure we have the first aid supplies appropriate for the particular students attending packed in our first aid kits. The first aid kits must be packed and ready the day before an excursion.

Please note that for the above reasons, permission to attend MUST be given no later than 3pm three school days prior to a camp or 3 pm the day before an excursion. Any student for whom permission has not been given by the deadline will not be able to attend the camp or excursion.

To help you out, we always send reminders prior to the deadline, but the responsibility for giving permission on time does rest with parents and guardians. Also, please make sure you update all medical details when giving permission so that we can be properly informed to look after your child’s needs.

Safety Issues around our School

Dear parents,

Recently we have witnessed a number of near-misses and have also received a number of complaints from our neighbours about the way people are driving/travelling to and from school.

Quite a number of cars are speeding and our staff have witnessed a number of people driving whilst talking on handheld phones. Another issue is people pulling out of the car park onto the road without looking for cars travelling through. There have been quite a number of near misses recently in this respect.

I can only plead with you: please, please slow down, pay attention and be really careful. Please do not speed on the hill (going in either direction) and watch out for other cars.

We want everyone to remain safe and that little bit of extra attention could make all of the difference.



If you are planning a move please let us know.

Please be mindful that if your child is leaving the school we require 1 full term’s notice. We understand that this may not always be possible but sincerely appreciate your assistance with future planning when it is possible. This notice period is important for multiple reasons, including saving you money but most importantly it enables us to provide plenty of notice to new families/students and ensure a smooth transition into the school, it is very challenging for the new student, their family, the class they are entering and for all staff when the process is rushed. It can also be distressing for the community when there is not adequate time to farewell a family/student.

If your child is leaving at the end of the year please wherever possible provide notice by the end of Term 3. (Note: School Holidays do not count in the notice period, as staff are on leave during this time.) 


In regards to withdrawal of students please note the following:

  • As per the School’s Enrolment & Fee Policies: The school commits substantial resources to the education of each child and the whole school community development. Therefore when a child leaves, there is a significant impact on the school both financially and communally. For a student to be withdrawn from school once he/she has commenced at CBRSS i.e. for parents to end the enrolment contract, the School requires one term’s notice. Parents and guardians must inform and submit a Student Withdrawal Form one term in advance if they intend to withdraw their child from the school and end the enrolment contract. If no such notification is received a Withdrawal Fee of one term’s fees from the date of notification will be charged. If a student withdraws part way through a term, having given one term’s notice, tuition fees and consolidated charges will be charged on a pro-rata weekly basis; for the purpose of this clause, a part week is considered a full week.
  • Once notice has been received the Enrolments Officer will proceed immediately with filling the place. Please do not give notice unless/until you are certain that your child will be leaving. If you decide that you would like your child to return to CBRSS they will need to join the waiting list and wait for an opportunity, we are unable to provide any guarantees about when/if they will be able to return.
  • Once notice is received, administrative processes will occur that prevent confidentiality so please only give notice once you are prepared for the information to be public, please ensure you have advised your child prior to submitting the form.

You can find our Student withdrawal form on our website under the forms and downloads tab or by following this link. please return it to Enrolments.

If you require assistance with completing this form or need to discuss your options please contact Yvette via email: or by phone 02 66399302.