From the Principal

Hello everyone,

As I write this the wind is howling and the rain is pouring down – it seems our wet season may finally have arrived. With the extended dry season there has been a real feeling of longing for the wet and then the cooler, less bright and sparkling atmosphere which heralds the turn towards autumn. In the last couple of weeks, as the humidity has built and the weather has become more unsettled, I have noticed this reflected in my own feelings and in the people around me. It is really worth noticing and acknowledging the effect of the cycle of the seasons on all of us – and in noticing, we become a little more patient and understanding (with ourselves and others).

This week saw the High School Swimming Carnival taking place at Mullumbimby. It was wonderful to see the high level of enthusiasm and participation on the day. It is a real theme of our High School that students are expected to participate in all events in the life of the School. This really helps to build a sense of belonging and community. I was particularly impressed to see the way our senior students were leading, encouraging and caring for the younger students.

This week I have really enjoyed watching our Primary students playing during break times. The creativity and vibrancy of play is wonderful to watch. In one corner of the garden, ‘horses’ are galloping around chasing each other and leaping through the air, in another corner there is some serious trade happening in the shop, where macadamia nuts can be purchased for the price of a piece of bark. Meanwhile on the monkey bars, children are swinging hand over hand as they attempt to cross a river full of crocodiles! This rich, imaginative play is absolutely essential to the developing child and will be the source of much growth and development through into adulthood.

Down in the Kindergartens, our newest students are settling in to their new routines really well. As this is our first year where there is no younger group of children, the classes seem to be settling relatively quickly. Emily and Jenny (supported by Elizabeth and Anat), do a wonderful job of helping the children settle into the gentle daily routine of Kindergarten.

Finally, this week I met with the small group of parents and friends who have put up their hands to help organise our Centennial Ball (which will happen in May). We are very excited about this really special social event in the life of the school. We are planning a wonderful evening of celebration and I encourage you to put the date in your diary now (you can find the details further down in this bulletin).


Important Information re Child Safety

At Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School, we work hard to ensure we provide a child-safe environment. Staff undergo regular training in relation to Child Protection, Reportable Conduct and Mandatory Reporting. All staff meet requirements in relation to having a valid Working With Children Check and we have a culture of collegiate and individual responsibility for child-safe behaviour. We have added a new parent information sheet to our school website, explaining the process for parents to report any concerns they may have around reportable conduct or staff misconduct. Ensuring our school remains a safe place for our students is a responsibility we all share!

You can access the Parent information sheets on our website here

Friendly reminder re School Fees due

Term 2 school fees are due today – Friday 24th of May 2019. Thank you to all who have already paid.

If you haven’t paid for Term 2 yet and you are not on an approved payment plan please address this promptly.

Please remember to include your parent code when paying fees so we can identify you.

Julia & Strawberry

Important Parent Evening at CBRSS – Save the Date!

On Thursday 14th of March 2019 from 6pm until 7.30pm, Kirra Pendergast from Safe on Social Media Pty Ltd. will be at CBRSS to talk to parents of students in Classes 4-12 about how to keep children safe on Social Media, this is a very important topic so we ask that at least 1 parent from every family with students of that age attend.

Safe on Social Media offers a unique solution that combines cyber safety with information security and risk management skills so that audiences at our presentations learn practical things that they can use in everyday life.

We have presented to more than 300,000 students, their parents, and teachers. By building a long-term relationship with schools (K-12), we can be called on for support when needed. Our face to face talks and professional development training is engaging, entertaining and practical. We offer the most comprehensive suite of consulting services available in the cyber safety sector to organisations across Australia and New Zealand.

We proudly deliver a non-biased, fact-based solution without the hysteria that often accompanies cyber safety talks.

For more information about Kirra and Safe on Social Media Pty Ltd. please visit their website.

Tricks to Tunes Books – Please return urgently

Please return any Tricks to Tunes books for Violin (Books 1 and 2) or Cello that your child is no longer using to the library urgently.
We need them for the strings programme which has just started in Class 3.
Thank you
Charlotte, on behalf of our wonderful strings teachers

Save the date!

CBRSS Centennial Ball – can you help us plan?

We have now set a date on which to hold our Centennial Ball, this will be Saturday 25th May 2019. Planning is now underway to have a wonderful Ball – celebrating 100 years of Steiner Education in Australia! If you would like to join our planning group, please email Penny We are currently at the exciting ideas and possibilities stage of planning and would love some additional input.


Due to the extended dry period with a much shorter wet period Mosquitos this year have been forced to condense their breeding season into a much smaller period.

Thus there will be many more of them working at a more furious pace to provide for their young ones.

We do all we can to limit breeding sites on our school site, but the larger environment provides ideal mosquito breeding habitat as it does along much of the east coast.
So it is advisable to take your own precautions by providing your child with suitable clothing & mosquito repellent of your choice to apply to your children.

Site Manager
Gavin Colley

Seeking expressions of interest for Friday Market Stalls at CBRSS

Expressions of interest are being sought for new market stalls at our mini-markets each Friday afternoon after school during Term time.
Available areas:

~ gluten free & vegan snacks
~ chai stall
~ class fundraising, e.g popcorn stall or whatever your class would like to do.

Forms can be collected from Reception.

Check out Mercurius for beautiful gifts

Are you looking for quality art and craft supplies or a Steiner inspired gift or toy?

A beautiful array of quality art and craft supplies, as well as Steiner based toys and lovely gifts, are available online at Mercurius

Enter the promotional code: FRIENDCBRSS and 15% of the sale will also go towards P&F fundraising!


Nurturing the Senses | Fostering Creativity | Nourishing Imagination

Our vision is to support healthy development for children and all ages through education, art and play. We partner with socially and environmentally conscious businesses to offer products of aesthetic beauty, outstanding craftsmanship, quality and durability.

New local slipper supplier approved for CBRSS

I was inspired as a local Steiner Mother, to offer an affordable and sustainable choice in slippers, so I created ‘Upcycled Slippers’. They are durable and have a unique design, which I hear the children love too!.. Plus pull tags for little fingers independence. I also offer a foot measuring service, another bonus of buying local! Come and peruse my Facebook page, you can order there, and see how I hand-make Slippers all the colours of the rainbow…

Introductory Offer: Adult Sizes at Children’s Prices!

If you’d like to chat feet, you can call me, Karena on 0431 458 953. Website Coming soon

Seeking donations of old magazines

Thank you for the mystery magazine delivery to the art room! We really appreciate it!

If anyone has any more appropriate magazines for artistic collage please drop off your boxes of magazines to the front of the art room. Thanks!

Adult Eurythmy Classes at CBRSS

CBRSS is excited to have Eurythmy again, don’t miss your chance to find out what it’s all about!

CBRSS Painting Workshop for Parents

CBRSS Workshop – Transforming Destiny