From the Principal

Hello everyone,

The term is humming along with our new students settling in well and everyone showing wonderful patience and flexibility in coping with having a large building site in our school grounds. As I have walked around the school, I have noticed such a settled and focused feeling in the classrooms with some wonderful teaching and learning happening.

I have really enjoyed being down in the bottom car park most mornings and afternoons this term. It has been lovely to greet students and families and have the opportunity to have a quick catch-up. Thank you for adapting so quickly to our new pick-up and drop-off system, so far the system is running quite smoothly with only a few hiccups.

This week I met with school leaders from the Steiner Schools across the Mid North and North Coasts (9 schools in all). We meet twice a year and share ideas and resources and talk about how we can develop and maintain close ties between the schools. I think it is valuable to remember that we are part of a larger movement of wonderful, vibrant and thriving Steiner schools from all over the world. As we move towards celebrating 100 years of Steiner education next year, it is good to work on building and strengthening the relationships between us.

Peace Nerrida

New Student

We warmly welcome Lilla Arnott and her family to Class 2.

Friendly reminder re School Fees due

Term 1 school fees and confirmation of a payment plan for 2018 are due today – Friday 23rd February 2018. Thank you to all who have already done this.

If you haven’t paid for Term 1 or confirmed your payment plan yet please address this promptly.

Please remember to include your parent code when paying fees so we can identify you.

Julia – Finance Manager

Unidentified money received

A payment was received on 19th of February from the Commonwealth bank with the only comment being Term 1 fees.

Please remember to include your parent code when paying fees so we can identify you.

If you made this payment please contact our Finance Manager Julia Ph: 02 6639 9304 or email:

Article about smartphone addiction

This link will take you to an article that is well worth reading about the perils of smartphone addiction, please take some time to read it.

Wanted: 35mm Film Cameras

Do you have an old camera that you no longer need? Our school media department needs donations of any working 35mm film cameras for our photography courses. Please drop in to the office.

WANTED – magazines.

The High School Visual Art Department is after some old magazines for collage activities. (We would love some old National Geographic magazines).

Please drop off any donations to the High School Visual Art Classroom.

High School House Swimming Report 2018

Sparta 994 pts
Crete 774 pts
Olympia 763 pts
Athens 675 pts

An enjoyable day! A few records broken and a vast demonstration of spirit and participation throughout the High School. Sparta came home strong showing participation is the key with 92% of students in Sparta participating in events and collecting points for their team. A very full programme was planned and we managed to complete the programme despite a little bit of a rush with the cheer displays at the end of the day. Athens was well seen and heard at the end of the day with their magnificent combination of song and dance. Crete looked threatening all day and Olympia kept up a quiet push and almost stole second place away from Crete. However, it was Sparta that spoke with action, deed and participation to collect the top position on the day.

Congratulations to all students who competed and a special thanks to students who could not swim but assisted throughout the day as time-keepers, scorers and runners. (These volunteers also scored points for their houses). More than two thirds of the high school participated in individual events and by the look of the empty stands during the ten minute participation swim and the aqua volleyball, very few students did not contribute in some way to their house points.

There are some outstanding individual performances that need to be mentioned.

New record holders-
Kashi Hagedoorn-Weekes yr 7
50m Freestyle 34.00 , 50m backstroke- 47.72, 50m Butterfly -41.8, 100m Free 83.00
Tom Pierce yr 10
50m backstroke – 42.88, 50m Butterfly 37.91
Celeste McPhee yr 9
50m Breaststroke – 48.76
Zen Larkins-Widdison yr 8
50m Breastroke – 47.17
Paddy Swain yr 11
100m Freestyle – 72.00

Congratulations to all those students who participated and helped your team score points. A special mention to the following high scorers in each year level. (Please note that 50 points is the maximum score any student can collect in individual events.)

Year 7 – Kashi Hagedoorn-Weekes-48pts, Noni Wright 44pts
Year 8 – Krystal Pierce – 50 points, Zen Larkin-Widdison – 50 points,
Year 9 – Della Knight 48 points, Dane Krackowski – 35 points,
Year 10 – Tom Pierce – 36 points, Lucia Bora 26 pts,
Year 11 – Fergus Biggin-Johnson 44pts, AbbieWalden 40pts
Year 12 – Sage Badman 40 points, Ella Hart & D’Arcy Woods 20 points.

A special thanks to the house captains and all the year 12’s for their hard work, encouragement and keeping the day fun. To the parents, officials and the staff who assisted on the day.

Steve Richards (Ric)

2017 HS drama students perform at “Onstage”

At the beginning of this term a group of our 2017 HSC students travelled to Sydney to perform their HSC drama piece, Invictus, as part of the ‘Onstage’ event; an event showcasing the best of the year’s NSW HSC drama pieces. Ben Daley, their drama teacher, travelled down to Sydney to watch the performance and provide support. Congratulations to Seth, Raphael, Sabrina and Tahlia. We are very proud of your wonderful effort.

P & F Fundraiser

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If there is something more powerful than destiny, this must be the human being who bears destiny unshaken.
– Rudolf Steiner

Cape Byron Steiner School calendar for 2018

A must for the fridge! Marked days for school terms and events, pupil free days and holidays.
A3 size & laminated with six months on each side
Mark with a permanent marker and wipe off with essential oils.
Available at Reception. $8 each or 2 for $12.

From the Principal

Hello everyone,

How wonderful it is to have everyone back at school to start the new Year. There has been such a lot of work happening around our school site over the holiday break, with an extension to the roof of the Class Three Building, a new office for the Director Primary K-6 (next to the Class Three Building), an all over deep clean of the school, servicing of many of our systems and work around our gardens (including the removal of a number of storm-damaged trees). Of course, the most noticeable change is the beginning of construction of our new Innovation Centre in the High School. It would be fair to say we have all had to be a bit flexible in the first two weeks of term to cope with two active building sites on the school property. Fortunately, Teera’s office should be completed in the next couple of days, so at least things should settle down a little in the Primary part of the school.

As you are all by now aware, one of the impacts of the big building project is that we have temporarily lost a large number of spaces in the car park and have thus had to introduce a ‘drop and ride’ system for those children who do not catch the bus. We have rostered additional staff on to manage this system, particularly in the afternoon. Thank you to those parents using the system for your patience as we gradually iron out the ‘kinks’ in the system.

I enjoyed meeting Kindergarten, Class One and new parents at two morning teas last week. It was great to meet and catch up with some new and familiar faces. The Kindergarten teachers tell me that their new classes are settling in well and Naina is working gently and steadily to bring her new class together. Settling into a new school or a new class can take some time so please do talk to your child’s teacher if your child is experiencing any challenges.

There have not been major changes to staffing this year, however we are very happy to welcome Stuart Baker as our new High School Camps Coordinator and Primary School Bothmer Gym teacher and Penny Van Den Hoek as my new PA. Please do say hello to them if you see them around the school, they are both valued and skilled additions to our staff.

Finally, this year I will be telephoning a number of school families each week to touch base and check in with how your experience with the school is going. I look forward to talking to you and listening to your feedback.


New Students

We warmly welcome the following new students and their families to our School Community.

Dress Code Reminder

We have a relatively simple and straight forward dress code across the school. This is designed to ensure our students are comfortable, safe and can learn and play with ease. Details of the dress code can be found on the school website here.

Some important things to consider include:

Primary School – tops should be plain, single colour (no patterns, designs or logos please). Please make sure children wearing dresses or skirts where shorts, bike shorts or leggings as well. Shoes must be worn at school.

High School – shoulders must be covered (straps must be at least a hand width wide), midriffs must be covered and shorts and skirts must not be too short. Shoes must be worn at school.

Your assistance in ensuring your children are dressed appropriately for school is most appreciated.


CBRSS CANTEEN- How can I help?

To register your interest to work in the canteen for 2018 please email Amanda directly






Active kids program – apply for $100 voucher

The NSW Government is helping kids get active with the new Active Kids program.

From 31 January 2018, parents, guardians and carers can apply for a $100 voucher per calendar year for each student enrolled in school.

The voucher may be used with a registered activity provider for registration, participation and membership costs for sport, fitness and active recreation activities.

For more information and to apply please visit their website here

Snapchat….we have a problem

If you have allowed your primary school student or young teen a snapchat account, here’s something you need to be aware of.

One of the search functions of Snapchat is providing too much information about their users. If the location services for the app are turned on a very concerning security problem is revealed.

Snapchat has a very clever user retention strategy behind it. They lured in a whole generation based on the fact that their snaps would disappear after a short amount of time, so it became a second language for teenagers. A large percentage of kids say they use Snapchat because their parents don’t. Also, if you turn off location services for snapchat you start to disable some of the photo filters so kids won’t turn off location services for Snapchat.

And there lies a BIG personal privacy and security issue that you and your children are not aware of and should be.

Enter a school name or a suburb into the search feature on Snapchat and the app will deliver to you all of posts being made in proximity to the location. It will also suggest other schools (with other Snapchat account holders). Often this list will include the names of account holder, and provides the individual searching locations with the option to add the account holder to their contacts.

This raises two issues.

It provides evidence that numbers of students are using snapchat in and around school – often in defiance of the schools’ mobile devices usage policy.

2. Complete strangers are able to target your child’s Snapchat profile, using the school they attend as a way to find them. This issue is particularly disturbing.

Consider this possible scenario if you are not concerned by this information.

A predator doesn’t know the names or other regular locations of children attending any of the schools in the area that they may be, but simply by searching the school name in the Snapchat search feature, they are able to find regular users of Snapchat at these schools that are close to them.

Courtesy of Snapchat they are now able to add the accounts of any child they find, and may now happily follow their snaps, record or screen shot them……and watch for other locations that appear regularly in a child’s Snapchat feed, such as their home or regular place for sporting activity. They can also interact with the child through their account, and become “friends” with them on any other social media account.

What can you do to minimize risk?

Respect the age restrictions of 13+
Build trust with your child by explaining why you insist the account be set to private.
Ensure that Ghost Mode is enabled on the Snap Map, so account holder information is hidden.
Turn the location services for the app off on the device.
Regularly review with your child who interacts with their account.
Ask your child to respect the schools mobile phone policy.

If you have any questions please get in touch:

Kind regards,


What does Gavin get up to in the holidays?

There are dramatic changes underway at the entrance to the school. We have finally begun construction of our fabulous new Innovation Centre that will comprise two science laboratories & two classrooms.

You may find the changes look a little disturbing, as we had to remove a number of trees & realign the storm-water dam.

We have saved the trunks of the trees. Our Design & Technology department will turn the stumps into slabs of timber and our students will convert them to furniture & other items. This way the students get direct experience of the growth of trees right through their life cycle & journey to furniture.

Last year our students participated in the planting of 11,000 Koala habitat trees on the southern side of our school. These will now make a continuous Koala Corridor from the ridge through to the Belongil forest in the distance. This area will look & feel stunning in another 10 years.


• Storeroom removed from between Art & Science rooms to reopen path to Science & HS Music room whose only entrance for duration of building project is through the back door.
• New stone sitting circle outside HS music room.
• Pathway to east of Hall, which will be main entrance to school during building project, has been adapted to make wider for better flow of foot traffic.
• Removed set of built in shelving in Art room & constructed more versatile moveable shelving unit.
• Painted 12 GLA (General Learning Area) chalkboards.
• Gyprock repairs to various walls.
• Painted Silkwood, Casuarina, Melaleuca, and Grevillia & Lilli Pilli rooms.
• New double swing constructed with interchangeable exercise rings beside Outdoor Classroom.
• New bridge constructed at D&T.
• New gutter to D&T, new verandah roof.
• Major repairs to leaking gutters at Kindergarten Rose & Class 4 including installation of gutter guard.
• Removed leaking skylight from Kurrajong room & replaced with polycarbonate.
• Repainted parts of Class 5.
• Teacher, partner & parents repainted Cl 3.
• New Director of Primary K – 6 Office under construction beside Cl 3.
• New fly over verandah roof constructed at Cl 3.
• New Garden Shed constructed at Kindergarten.
• New shelving unit constructed for inside garden shed.
• A couple of new shelves to Kindergarten Bathroom.
• Renovate 30 desks for Cl 1.
• Repaint 30 student chalkboards for Cl 1.
• Renovate vege garden at Cl 1.
• New teachers desk & round rug for Cl 1.
• Repairs to birdbath at Cl 1.
• Deep Clean to whole school.
• Window clean to whole school.
• All gutters cleaned.
• Service air con units to whole school.
• New air con units to D&T, Cl 1 & Dark room.
• Service all fire equipment.
• Service all gas equipment.
• Service all D&T equipment including annual service of new dust extraction unit.
• Service all waste water systems.
• Service all waterless urinals.
• New industrial stove for Canteen installed.
• Safety test & tag to 660 electrical items.
• New LED down lights fitted to HS Music room.
• New power outlets around school.
• Service Hall emergency lighting system.
• Annual test of Hall fire safety systems.
• Various other electrical repairs around school.
• We had 2 large trees damaged in the big winds last week & had to be removed near Silky Oak Cottage.
• New white sand to all sandpits.
• New soft fall under all playground equipment.
• Raised vege garden beds renovated ready for class lessons.
• Much weeding, gardening & pruning around whole school. Lots more to do!
• Professional weed control program to whole school.
• All paving areas sprayed with Slasher (Geranium Oil) and whipper snipped.
• Excavator to clear stormwater drain near raised vege garden area, plus clearing of various other drains around school.
• Angle grind adaption of 30 lockers at Casuarina in preparation for arrival of 30 new self-closing locker doors.
• 30 new desktops for HS on order for replacement.
• Repairs to Maypole.
• Repairs to trailer.
• Repairs to various pieces of furniture, equipment etc around school.
• And a thousand other various tasks that has kept me & the 70 odd plus contractors busy throughout the holidays. It has been and still is a whirlwind of activity!

Christmas Market Charity thanks

A very big thank you to CBRSS from The Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital for the generous donation of Christmas presents. Your support means we can continue to bring fun, laughter and a helping-hand to children and families in hospital.

P & F Fundraiser

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Reflections on love

Love starts when we push aside our ego and make room for someone else.

~ Rudolf Steiner


Community Noticeboard

We are always posting new things to our online Community Noticeboard, you’ll find a wide array of interesting things including;  jobs, childcare options, tutors, workshops, Yoga classes, sports sign ons and song writing competitions. Please be sure to check it out here.

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