From the Principal

Hello everyone,

It was lovely to see the students all back at school on Tuesday, after the mid year term break.

Gavin and his crew have been very busy over the break, working on maintenance and development projects around the school. You may have noticed our beautiful brick paving behind the Performance Hall. This will really improve the entry to the school, especially when our building project begins and the traffic flow to that area subsequently increases.

Our teachers have been busy in the Term Break. I joined a group of teachers who travelled to Sydney to attend the National Steiner Teachers’ Conference. With international keynote speakers and a range of workshops aimed at both Primary and High School teachers, the conference was a wonderful opportunity to deepen our understanding of Steiner Education. I was also honoured to be able to present workshops on the 9 year old transition at the conference.

Meanwhile, back at home, teachers were busy catching up with programming and assessments. Our HSC teachers were working with their students, supporting them in the development of their major works and preparation for trial exams. The trial exams were held in the last week of the break. I am hopeful that, in amongst all of this, our hard-working teachers managed to enjoy some down time with family and friends.

Early this week, I was lucky enough to be able to take two of our senior students to an afternoon tea with Gladys Berijiklian, the Premier of NSW. Bridget Brandolini and Minnie Manton were excellent representatives for our school and were able to raise the issue of the lack of public transport in the area when they spoke to the Premier.

This term will be busy with a number of camps and excursions, kindergarten enrolments for 2018, the HSC showcase and graduation activities, 2018 budget preparations and, of course, the Spring Fair. Even though it is busy, I do always try to make time to talk to parents and students whenever possible. If you would like to have a chat to me about any aspect of our school, please either send me an email ( or call Jacquie in the office to make an appointment. I am happy to find the time to talk to you.

It’s a mini Bulletin this week for the start of the term, next week the usual full Bulletin will resume.

Here’s to a wonderful, productive Term 3!


Meeting the Premier

Nerrida, Bridget and Minnie meet the Premier

Keeping Everyone Safe

Just a gentle reminder to please drive slowly and carefully down the hill when coming to the school. Please also take extra care in the car-park as there are a large number of children moving through this area in a short space of time during drop off and pick up times. We have asked staff and students to park on the far side of the bottom car-park, to leave the front parking spaces open for parents bringing students to and from school. Also, a gentle reminder that all drop offs and pick ups must happen from the bottom car park. Please consider carefully the need to drive students to and from school – using the buses saves fuel and time and also reduces the traffic volume on Balraith Lane (and helps us to maintain good relationships with our neighbours).


Would You Like Steiner Based Before and/or After School Care at Our School?

We are currently running a survey to gauge parent interest in having Steiner based before and/or after school care provided at the school. Dependent on the results of the survey, we will make a decision about whether to apply for funding to set up this program. Please go to the survey website to complete this short survey by Monday 7th August (better still, do it right now so you don’t forget).

CBRSS Student Wellbeing talks

Lisa is offering her Student Wellbeing talks again this year for classes 5 to 11, exploring sexuality and student wellbeing.

For parents she is offering 2 parent talks:

Classes 5, 6 and 7 Monday 31 July @ 6 – 7.30pm

Years 8- 11 Wednesday 2 August @6 – 7.30pm

Her latest book Sex Education and the Spirit will also be available at her parent talks.

Sex Education and The Spirit

Understanding Our Communal Responsibility for the Healthy Development of Gender and Sexuality within Society

A healthy relationship to gender and sexuality supports our wellbeing, both as individuals and as a community. The form of sex education that we bring to children and adolescents not only needs to combat the inner disturbances and imbalances created by social media and exposure to pornography – as the most prevalent sources of implicit sex-education in our time – but it also needs to serve them in cultivating useful capacities with which to meet the growing societal changes around this fundamental aspect of being human.

Providing a healthy and socially constructive sex education is the responsibility not only of the primary caregivers, parents, and teachers, but also of the individuals in the wider community, who likewise contribute to the collective consciousness.

Working to overcome our own biases and imbalances will prepare us to more readily awaken to the spiritual wisdom that can bring health and harmony into the evolving reality of gender and sexuality.

“Our bodies are our gardens, to which our wills are gardeners” – Shakespeare, Othello

The insights shared in this book are important for everyone who is interested in understanding the various forms of human relationship, and how we might work together to bring about a healthier community life.

LISA ROMERO is an author of inner development books, a complementary health practitioner and an adult educator who has been offering healthcare and education enriched with anthroposophy since 1993. From 2006 the primary focus of her work has been on teaching inner development and anthroposophical meditation. Through the Inner Work Path Lisa offers lectures, courses and retreats for personal and professional development, in communities and schools worldwide. Steiner Books has published; ‘The Inner Work Path’focusing on meditation practice, ‘Developing the Self’ written after years of working with Waldorf teachers to support their inner work and pedagogical understanding of child development, ‘Living Inner Development’ offering an understanding of the inner experiences and results of various inner development exercises, and ‘Sex Education and The Spirit’ to help awaken an understanding of our communal responsibility for the healthy development of gender and sexuality within society.

Lisa’s capacity to deliver esoteric wisdom with insight and understanding allows her to meet the diverse needs of a range of communities and professions. Essentially, her work springs from the inner work, meditation and exercises, together with a dedication to the path of unfolding consciousness.