From the Principal

Hello everyone,

It is hard to believe we are almost half way through the term. The cooler weather and the change in light as the sun’s trajectory across the sky angles slightly closer to the horizon has an inner echo. The children are more settled in class and in the playground and the adults are enjoying the move to a slightly more contemplative and quiet mood.

Preparations are well under way for our Winter Festival and the big news is that this year we will be bringing the Festival back home to our School. It is clear that the A&I Hall in Bangalow is too small for our school community and it is quite challenging to manage a reverent and peaceful festival in the wide open space of the adjacent oval (much as we have loved the beautiful Winter Festivals of the last few years).

The College and Faculties have carefully considered how we can create an experience which is both appropriate to the children’s stages of development and also allows us to have safe and appropriate numbers on site (with particular reference to the issue of car parking). We have always had two Winter Festivals; one for the Kindergarten children and one for the rest of the school. This year, our Class One and Two Children will be celebrating their Winter Festival along with the Kindergarten children, whilst the Class Three to Year 12 students will be celebrating at school on the 21st of June. We will share further information about our Winter Festivals as we draw a little closer to the date.

Earlier this week, the school’s Annual General Meeting was held. I would like to congratulate Salakesh Ananda, Sophie Kemm and Jamie Morton on their election to the Board. A full copy of the AGM report is available on our website.


Caring for our Teachers

Our teachers work really hard and we make every effort to care for their wellbeing. This includes making sure they get ‘down time’ from school, time to spend with their families and pursuing their own interests. With this in mind, we ask that parents communicate with teachers through the Reception email, or by calling the school and asking for a call-back or an appointment. Please do not email the teachers directly at night or on the weekends. Please don’t be upset if a teacher does not respond to you at night or on the weekends, they will get back to you as soon as possible during their working time.

Important Re Bus Passes

If you have applied for a bus pass for your child this year through the NSW Transport website and have not received it as yet you may have to request to get it reprinted.

It appears there are many passes that have gone missing, and as NSW Transport can not provide us with a list, we ask that you either apply again, or if it was for either Blanches (B&E Blanch bus) or Brunswick Valley Coaches call Sue Wooley on 66862144 to get it reprinted and delivered to CBRSS.

Thanks Reception

Friendly reminder re School Fees

Term 2 school fees are due today – Friday 19th May 2017. Thank you to all who have already paid. If you haven’t paid or made other arrangements yet please pay Term 2 fees promptly.


CBRSS online Community Notice board

Have you seen our new Online Community noticeboard yet?

Just this week we’ve added a Casting Call, an Art Expo, some free bamboo on offer, Kylie Clarke’s’ new venture for Handmade delights and info regarding Junior basketball.

Please be sure to check it out regularly here.

If you would like to post something to the community noticeboard please use this link or email Yvette at

CBRSS Community Choir

The Grail Singers meet in the Movement Room on Tuesdays 4.30 – 5.45pm. $10
All voices welcome! Come and experience the joys of singing in harmony together.


From Gavin

Gavin will be away from school until the 30th of May.

Please direct all site related communication to Reception until then.

CBRSS Naidoc Week 2017

High School House Cross Country Event

The recent House Cross Country event was held on Monday 8th May and saw an excellent level of participation from students throughout the high school and the primary . The overall times of the students were lower showing an improved level of fitness with more students running the course than in previous years. Students were transported from school to “Brunswick Heads Surf Club” car park and after a spectacular start they ran, walked and crawled to the finish line at Torakina Beach.

Each student scored points for their house depending on their finishing position oveall as well as within their class. At the end of the day the house scores were very close and a special congratulations to all house captains who encouraged their team members to participate and perform at their best.

The final scores

1st Place Olympia 1684 pts
2nd Place Sparta 1679 pts
3rd Place Athens 1420 pts
4th Place Crete 1406 pts

Some excellent individual performances need to be mentioned. First overall was Harper Kelso class 9, 2nd Omri Ben-Harush Class 12, 3rd Thibault Walker class 9, 4th- Jet Grimster class 9, 5th- Isaiah Campbell class 9. First for the girls was Yani Murray class 10, 2nd-Hannah Murray class 7, 3rd- Laila Campbell class 7, 4th Tahlia Van Oostrum class 12, 5th Anouk Smith class 8.

The primary year 5 and 6 classes ran a smaller circuit earlier in the morning and showed some excellent form from all participants finishing the course very quickly. The top 5 from each age group and gender were invited to represent the school at the North coast Independent Schools Competition to be held on the 18th May.

Top 5 Boys

1st Arlo Amos-Eakin
2nd Amit Sonnenfeld
3rd Gabriel Plesser
4th Jack Dodd
5th Amadeus O’Connor

Top 5 Girls

1st Brianna Hart
2nd Noni Wright
3rd Dakota Dennis
4th Lottie Killenberger
5th Tobsha Haig
Thank you to all staff who assisted on the day and to all students who participated with a sense of fun and achievement.


Vietnam 2017

On the 1st of April, thirteen students from Year 11 and 12 set off on a two week journey across Vietnam, accompanied by teachers Jess and Rachel. After many delays due to flooding, three flights and lots of waiting at airports, we arrived two days later in Hanoi City. From Hanoi we travelled south, down to Cuc Phuong National Park, Hoi An, to the Mekong Delta and finally Ho Chi Minh City.

We spent the first day exploring Hanoi’s old French quarter in rickshaws and travelling to a small farming village called Dong Trieu. Here we visited a local school, played a game of soccer with the Vietnamese students, rode bikes through the friendly village, tried rice farming and spent the night in a beautiful little homestay overlooking the fields. Our host family served us an incredible feast; steaming bowls of noodle soup, freshly fried spring rolls, Vietnamese salad, fragrant rice, stir fried vegetables, tofu sauteed in tomato and fresh fruits.

We spent the next three days in Cuc Phuong National Park, volunteering in the Endangered Primate Rescue Center and hiking through the lush jungle. Following our stay in the jungle, we made our way to Hoi An, on a 16 hour train trip overnight. Although many of us were not looking forward to the overnight train, sleeping in small four-bed cabins on a moving train turned out to be one of our favourite experiences.

We spent our three days in Hoi An learning how to cook Vietnamese food at a cooking class, exploring the city and waterways and venturing out to the lantern lit streets to the night markets. Our next stop was a small homestay by the riverside on the Mekong Delta before spending our last 3 days in Ho Chi Minh City. We spent our time in Ho Chi Minh exploring the city during the day and famous Ben Thanh marketplace at night. Overall, it was a wonderful trip and extraordinary experience that has formed amazing bonds between us. We would like to say a huge thank you to Vietnam School Tours and our inspiring and enthusiastic Vietnamese tour guide Thoi, to Jess and Rachel for caring for us and for an unforgettable two weeks in Vietnam, and lastly, thank you to the the school for such an incredible opportunity.

Ella Hart – Yr 11 Student

Rachel and Jess enjoying a Choco Pie.

NSW Parliament Leadership Program

On Thursday 11/5 two of our Year 12 students, Omri and Isabelle, had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Sydney for the NSW Parliament Leadership Program. The morning was spent visiting NSW Parliament, where we, along with leaders from many other NSW schools, were introduced to a number of members of the NSW Legislative Assembly, including the member for Ballina, Tamara Smith. They spoke to us of the electorates they represent, how the parliament works, and the value of democracy. We then had the opportunity to view a sitting of both the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council, both of which were debating some interesting changes to legislation.

After lunch we walked over to Government House for an audience with His Excellency, the NSW Governor, General David Hurley and his wife Dame Marie Bashir. We had to be briefed on the appropriate way to address the Governor, by calling him “Your Excellency” and following this with a small bow. Both students bowed with aplomb! After a tour of the resplendent Government House we sat down quietly waiting for the Governor to arrive and address the group. Surprisingly once His Excellency had introduced himself at the front he called on Isabelle to approach the stage, where he gave her a paper bag containing a gift. Isabelle saw inside was a jar of “Isabella” Honey. Can anyone guess why the Governor gave Isabelle a jar of honey?

After the address afternoon tea with the Governor was served on the Terrace overlooking Sydney Harbour, a beautiful spot to end an informative and inspirational day. Our students did us proud!

Rachel K

High School Disco

Last Friday night the Year 12 students hosted a 1980’s themed disco for all students in years 7 to 12 .
It was well attended and it was wonderful to see the range of crazy costumes, hair styles and disco moves on the dance floor! The Year 12’s organised games such as musical chairs and also performed various dance and song cabaret acts (with teachers and brave parents ).
Well done Year 12 for providing a safe and fun night for our younger high school students and for embracing the night yourselves!



Yr 10 Work Experience

Our year 10 students are doing work experience this week and as always they are making the School proud!

This was posted to the Farm’s Instagram page.

Grace in Year 10 is at Byron Vet. Doing a wonderful job according to main Vet, Russell Grigg, who is an ex parent of the school.

NCIS Touch Football

Twenty two Students ventured to Goonellabah on Monday 1st May to compete in the NCIS Touch Football Carnival. We entered a Boys team, and a Girls team, in the Under 16’s secondary competition. The Boys team won two games during the day but each game was fiercely fought and scores were always close at the end of the game. The game was a new and foreign beast for the Girls who played with great tenacity demonstrating some brilliant flashes of play. Their ability to learn throughout the day showed great results in their plays and the scores with the girls winning their last game convincingly. Both teams came away exhausted, but pleased and proud of their efforts on the day.. An enjoyable day was had by all and the students are looking forward to their next opportunity to represent the school in this sport.


All High Schools Futsal Carnival Day

The North Coast Futsal Competition was held at the Cavanbah centre from Tuesday 2nd may to the 4th May. We entered 4 teams in various age and gender specific groups.

As usual there was some outstanding individual performers but what was more impressive was the way our students participated with a high level of fun and sportsmanship without compromising a competitive ability to strive to win. Many of our students caught the eye of the referees and the talent scouts that were hovering around the stadium. Two of our teams have been invited to the next round of competition and 3 of our students, Marcus Gibbs, Naraian Solomon and Laila Campbell have been given personal invitations to be part of the 2017 NSW Representative Futsal team. The National Championships to be held in Brisbane in September.

Our teams won a few games and lost a few games, but were competitive throughout all the competitions. All the students enjoyed participating and are looking forward to their next opportunity to play again.


Cl 3 & 6 Buddy time

Classes Six and Three caught up this week for some buddy time together. They shared Main lesson work and read to each other as well as spending time in the library talking about their favourite books. It was a relaxed and fun occasion and so lovely to see how interested and caring the children were towards each other.
We finished with an outside game filled with light hearted silliness and laughs. It was a simple and wonderful afternoon of connection and wellbeing.



School Bushdance on 26th May

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Please support our Student’s Charity

Dear parents, students and school community,

My name is Lily, and I am currently in year 10 here at Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School.

I’d like to begin by thanking everybody who has already donated, your contribution has helped to make this happen and I have now put together my first 20 or so #PeriodPacks.

As this will be an ongoing initiative, with packs made up each month your continual donations and support will be very much appreciated.

I am also looking for prizes that I can raffle to fund raise for the cause. So I would also be delighted to receive any donations in this area.

Please read below for the Period Pack story. You can also now follow #PeriodPack on Instagram at @PeriodPack_ and see where your kind donations are going.

Recently I have become aware of groups helping homeless women in big cities, like Sydney, through the distribution of care packages filled with things like sanitary items and a bottle of water. These basics not only help women who are on the streets manage basic hygiene, but also allow them to spend what money they do have on food and other necessities, rather than sanitary products.

Shocked by the realisation that I’ve never really thought about how homeless women manage menstruation, I did some research on whether Byron Bay and surrounds had any similar services. They don’t.
Shocked by the realisation that I’ve never really thought about how homeless women manage menstruation, I did some research on whether Byron Bay and surrounds had any similar services. They don’t.

When you walk around Byron Bay, you don’t see many homeless women; but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. As I read in the Northern Star, “The people you see day to day on the street is by far the minority…The vast majority of ‘hidden’ homeless people include…large numbers of vulnerable women, especially younger single parents, older women, and a large number of women fleeing domestic violence.”

I’d like to help these women, in what ways I can. One of those ways is by giving them clean sanitary items. I hope to make up several care packages and drop them into homeless centres and soup kitchens in Byron Bay and Lismore (to begin with) and hopefully expand from there.

I would very much appreciate any donations, sanitary products or other basic toiletries, such as toothbrushes and deodorant etc, which can be dropped into the office for me to collect.

Thank you,
Lily x

From the Principal

Hello everyone,

The term has got off to a lovely, calm start with our students enjoying the calmer atmosphere the cooler weather brings. Having said this, there is a lot of activity around the school with students attending a range of sporting events off-site, the Kindergarten Autumn Festival happening (a little late due to the severe weather at the end of last term) and planning well underway for several camps across the school.

We are also well into planning for our Winter Festival. We have taken on parent and staff feedback from the last Winter Festival and will be making some changes to this year’s festival. We will publish further information about this important event in the life of our school in the coming weeks.

This week our new study group was launched. We are studying Steiner’s “Kingdom of Childhood” lectures. These lectures form a wonderful, accessible introduction to the philosophy which underpins the education we offer. I really enjoy leading this study group each year; it is a wonderful opportunity to get to know parents and friends of our school in a relaxed setting. The study group meets most Thursday mornings this term at 9.15 am in the library. If you are interested in coming along, it is not too late to join in. Please contact Yvette at the school for information or see details further along in this Bulletin.

Finally, there is quite a bit of illness around the school at the moment; many staff and children are unwell. It would really help us to slow the spread of illness if you could keep any unwell children at home until they are completely recovered.


Please Help Us To Reduce Traffic on Balraith Lane

There are quite a lot of cars travelling on our local roads at drop-off and pick-up times.  We ask for your help in reducing the traffic load by considering carefully whether your child could utilise a bus service to come to school.  Alternatively, you might consider car-pooling with some other families.
Your assistance in reducing the school-based traffic on the roads will support a safer and calmer local traffic environment.


Spring Fair Coordinator

We are really pleased to announce that Emma Davies is taking on the important role of Spring Fair Coordinator. She will be working with the Class Three parents to bring our 2017 Spring Fair to fruition.



Welcome to new Student

We warmly welcome Anouk Smith and her family to the School community, Anouk has joined our yr 8 class.

From Georgi

Dear CBRSS School Community.

It is with much sadness that, due to family reasons, I have made the tough decision to resign from the Receptionist role at Cape Byron.

I have very much enjoyed working with your beautiful children, the lovely staff body, and this gorgeous school community. I will dearly miss everyone.

My two youngest boys are still at CBRSS, and so I will still see you around. Thank you for being such a beautiful school community to work with. I am deeply grateful, and already treasure the experience.

Thank you …

Much love,

from Georgi XO.


CBRSS Study Group

CBRSS has 2 Study Groups for Term 2, an evening one on Tuesdays and a morning one on Thursday. It’s not too late to join!

For more information on the Evening Group please click here

For more information on the Morning Group please click here

To register please contact Yvette or phone 02 6639 9302.

“If we do not believe within ourselves this deeply rooted feeling that there is something higher than ourselves, we shall never find the strength to evolve into something higher.”
― Rudolf Steiner