From the Principal

Hello everyone,

We are all enjoying the cooler weather at school – with everyone having just a little more energy and enthusiasm. The new hats arrived for our primary school students and first reports are that they “stay on really well” and are “easy to play in”. They look great too.

I have been spending some regular time in classrooms across the school during Main Lesson time and am really enjoying watching our great teachers and students at work. The excitement and enthusiasm for teaching and learning in the classrooms is inspiring. So far, I have watched High School Science students constructing a model of the human circulatory system, listened to an exciting Norse Myth in Class 4 and enjoyed a wonderful Year 7 Class exploring one of my favourite poems, ‘The Lady of Shalott’. I look forward to continuing this regular activity for the rest of the year.

I enjoyed attending the P&F meeting this week and meeting with some of our Class Coordinators and parents. The role of Class Coordinator is such an important position in supporting the teachers with parent communication and coordination. I am very grateful to all of those parents who have put their hand up to give time for this role. I know that our teachers appreciate the support.

Finally, next year will be our school’s 30th birthday. We would like to plan a series of events spread over the year to celebrate this important anniversary. I invite any parents who are interested in joining a little working group to organise these events to please call or email me so that we can get started on dreaming up a wonderful year of celebration in 2018.




New Enrolments

We have new students Indigo Wilkinson in Kinder and Romany Miller in yr 9, we warmly welcome them and their family to our School community.


Reminder School Fees due

All parents are required to have a payment plan in place for 2017 school fees by today. If you haven’t already advised our Finance Administrator Julia whether you will be paying by Term, monthly, fortnightly or weekly please do so.

Term 1 school fees are due today – 24 February 2017, so if you don’t have another arrangement in place please pay Term 1 fees promptly.



Please support our student in her very worthy cause!

Dear Parents, Students and School Community,

My name is Lily, and I am currently in year 10 here at Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School.

Recently I have become aware of groups helping homeless women in big cities, like Sydney, through the distribution of care packages filled with things like sanitary items and a bottle of water.  These basics not only help women who are on the streets manage basic hygiene, but also allow them to spend what money they do have on food and other necessities, rather than sanitary products.

Shocked by the realisation that I’ve never really thought about how homeless women manage menstruation, I did some research on whether Byron Bay and surrounds had any similar services. They don’t.

When you walk around Byron Bay, you don’t see many homeless women; but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. As I read in the Northern Star, “The people you see day to day on the street is by far the minority…The vast majority of ‘hidden’ homeless people include…large numbers of vulnerable women, especially younger single parents, older women, and a large number of women fleeing domestic violence.” Byron Bay Community Centre community services manager, Cat Seddon, told ABC North Coast that Middle-aged Women are the new face of homelessness in Byron Bay. Saying that many of Byron Bay’s population do not fit the stereotype, “They’re women who are working full-time, with children in school, earning reasonable incomes but unable to afford rent in the area. “

I’d like to help these women, in what ways I can. One of those ways is by giving them clean sanitary items. I hope to make up several care packages and drop them into homeless centres and soup kitchens in Byron Bay and Lismore (to begin with) and hopefully expand from there.

I would very much appreciate any donations, sanitary products or other basic toiletries, which can be dropped into the office for me to collect.

Thank you,

Lily X

CBRSS Wellbeing Workers

Introducing Geraldine and Annie – CBRSS Wellbeing Workers

Annie Barrett and Geraldine Devas are employed to support the wellbeing of the students and the school. Both are experienced and qualified counsellors with a long-standing interest in working out of Anthroposophy.
We like to think of wellbeing in terms of caring for others and ourselves in the communities we live in. Wellbeing embraces a holistic picture of our physical, emotional, social, mental and spiritual health, expressed in our daily lives in our thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
We offer support, helping conversations/art to students in age appropriate ways, individually and in small groups, empowering students to find their own voice.
Students may explore friendship issues, family, schoolwork, relationships, and mental health concerns. If more serious mental health issues arise, external professional support may be advised in consultation with parents. We are also available for relevant support for parents and staff.
When you enrolled your child, you were asked to sign a consent form giving permission or not, for your child to participate in one-on-one support with student services staff. Please contact Geraldine or Annie via reception for more information.
Annie is available on Wednesdays and Fridays and Geraldine on Fridays


Seeking Spring Fair Coordinator 2017

Spring Fair Coordinator 2017
The school is seeking a Spring Fair 2017 Coordinator with proven skills in event management to coordinate our annual Spring Fair in September. You will be required to liaise closely with School Management, P&F and the Class 3 parents. The successful applicant will be engaged on a contract basis and thus will require an ABN.
Please forward your expression of interest by Friday 10th March 2017.
For more details please contact Teera Palmer – Director Primary K6 and or send your CV to

Canteen News

This term there is a delightful Summer Chicken Salad available on Tuesday. On Wednesdays there is a yummy Tofu Noodle Salad on offer


Thanks to Craig and his team of dedicated helpers for creating such healthy and delicious meals.

Yr 11 & 12 VA – GOMA Excursion

On Tuesday 21st February our Year 11 and Year 12 Visual Art
students travelled to Brisbane to experience a major Contemporary art exhibition at the Queensland Gallery Of Modern Art, named ‘Sugar Spin, You, Me, Art & Everything’

The students attended a Q & A style discussion with the Curator of SugarSpin in a state of the art cinema. Our students were busy photographing their gallery experience, recorded information about artists, were asked to consider to role of the gallery and the curator and create a photo essay of the day.

‘Sugar Spin’ is a celebratory exhibition for QGOMA that marks it’s 10 year anniversary.

Katie Alleva, Claire Sleeman & Vatika Gow



High School Swimming Carnival

High School House Swimming Report 2017

Sparta 1021 pts
Crete 990 pts
Olympia 762 pts
Athens 735 pts
An excellent day! More records broken and a general improvement of swimming abilities with most of our high school actively involved either swimming or officiating in some way through the day. Sparta really ran away with the points and showing participation is the key with 92% of students in Sparta participating in events and collecting points for their team. The team scores are the highest ever recorded. A very full programme was planned and we managed to complete the programme despite a little bit of a rush with the cheer displays at the end of the day. Athens was well seen and heard at the end of the day with their magnificent verses of praise, song and dance. Olympia looked threatening all day and appeared to be living out their motto of “The team of the Future”. Crete dominated in many races and Spartans looked concerned towards the end of the day, but it was Sparta that spoke with action, deed and participation to collect the extra 31 points to win the day.

Congratulations to all students who competed and a special thanks to students who could not swim but assisted throughout the day as time-keepers, scorers and runners. (These volunteers also scored points for their houses). More than two thirds of the high school participated in individual events and by the look of the empty stands during the ten minute participation swim and the aqua volleyball, very few students did not contribute in some way to their house points.

There are some outstanding individual performances that need to be mentioned.

New record holders-
50m Freestyle Boys
yr 9, Tom Pierce 30.64 sec,
50m Backstroke Girls
yr 12 Isabelle McMullen 42.48 sec
50m Backstroke Boys
yr 9, Tom Pierce 37.00 sec
50m Breastroke Boys
yr 7 Zen Larkins-Widdison 49.15 sec
50m Butterfly Girls
yr 12 Isabelle McMullen 39.12 sec
50m Butterfly Boys
yr 7 Zen Larkins-Widdison 50.64 sec

Crete’s Year 7 and 8 Relay broke a new record with their time of – 2 min 23.00 sec.

Congratulations to all those students who participated and helped your team score points. A special mention to the following high scorers in each year level. (Please note that 50 points is the maximum score any student can collect in individual events.)
Year 7- Krystal Pierce – 50 points, Zen Larkin-Widdison – 48 points, Laila Campbell -34 points,
Year 8 – Della Knight 44 points, Joshua Stante – 34 points, Georgia Johnson 34 points,
Year 9- Tom Pierce – 46 points, Grace Johnson 42 points, Amelie Wright 42 points,
Year 10- Yani Murray 46 points, Charles Anderson 38 points, Avryl Hart 35 points,
Year 11- Joseph Brookes 40 points, Sage Badman 35 points, Ella Hart 28 points.
Year 12- Isabella McMullen 51 points, Myles Forbes 40 Points, Caspar Thomas 38 points
A special thanks to the house captains and all the year 12’s for their hard work, encouragement and keeping the day light and fun. To the parents, officials and the staff who assisted on the day.
Steve Richards (Ric)

Class 5 News!

We celebrated the end of our Ancient Indian Main Lesson with an Indian Feast day and what a feast it was!

The amphitheatre was turned into a sacred Indian space which set the mood for a puja ritual, (led by Fiona Walsh), which was powerful/beautiful/sacred and the children participated with equal reverence, respect and stillness.

The delicious Indian dishes were then served by the parents on banana leaves and we all eagerly awaited the last person being served, before a blessing of the food, and then the moment of eating our meal(with our fingers) had arrived. A little messy it may have been, however, eating food with your hands feeds not only the body but also the mind and the spirit.

The main meal was followed by Indian sweets and an Ayurvedic tea made by Aly, to help digest the delicious meal. A wonderful, gastronomic experience was had by all!!

In the afternoon we had the Bollywood sisters perform and they brought a different energy, lightness and joy . Before too long all the children were performing the moves and they even managed to get we adults on stage and there we were-‘Bollywooding’ together!

It was a fantastic day for all and a perfect way to enrich the lessons over the last three weeks!

A big thank you to all the parents who contributed to make this day the success that it was!


Ben Mackenzie


School Hats

The children in the Primary School were very excited to put on their new school hats this week. Each child now has a hat which will stay at school. Gavin has been busy this week ensuring there are enough hat hooks at the classrooms to give each hat a home. The hats are functional, comfortable and colourful and hopefully we won’t have any children missing out on play opportunities because they don’t have a hat at school.

Thanks to Felicity for organising the hats (including sizing and colour choices for each child) and to Gavin for making sure the hats have a place to hang at each classroom.

Art Makes Sense

Art Makes Sense
Looking for a Steiner inspired gift for a child’s birthday?
A beautiful array of quality art and craft supplies as well as Steiner based toys are available online
at Mercurius’s Art Makes Sense

Enter the promotional code: FRIENDCBRSS and 15% of the sale will also go towards P&F fundraising!


Sun Shadow Slippers

Sun Shadow Slippers
If you need new class slippers and have not ordered them through your class co-ordinator, you may be able to purchase them at Herbal Wisdom in Bangalow, near the police station. Call them first to make sure they stock 6687 0457.


Lost Violin

Kaden Ellyard class 4 has lost his violin on Monday 20th between the bus from Bangalow to school and his classroom.
It has a burgundy string on it with his name. If anyone sees it please return it to Reception or Class 4.



French for Parents

Bonjour chers parents,

This year once again our school has been accorded a grant for a French language program called “Parental Polyglots”.

The aim of this program is to propose some basic language skills to you parents so that you may understand what your children do during the French language classes. You will also be learning how to get by whilst travelling, how to order “un croissant et un grand café”, how to understand directions, and so many other fun things.

I would like to propose a one hour per week session over three terms; Term 2, 3 and 4.
I suggest Tuesday mornings from 9.15 am to 10.15 am.

I would be very happy to know of your interest to join this session.
Please contact me via email at

À bientôt.

Conscious Parenting workshop

In the Light of Anthroposophy
MAY 13 & 14  9am to 2.30pm – Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School BYRON BAY

BOOKINGS & ENQUIRIES 0407 327  812

For more information please see the full flyer here


Joy of Parenting workshop

Anthroposophical Society in Australia National Conference


April 12-16 2017, Tocal College, Hunter Valley, NSW

“It is now the task of Anthroposophy not only to reach the single individual in respect of the fundamental needs of their soul, but actually to stimulate the whole of human life. Wherever the creative human impulse is seeking for active expression from within, there this striving can find contact with the source of Anthroposophy. For Anthroposophy takes all that is human for its province.” Rudolf Steiner

For full flyer and program details please click here

Byron Bay Junior Basketball

AUSSIE HOOPS (5-8yr olds) Thursdays 3.30- 4.15pm @ Byron Public School starts 9/02/17
MINIBALL (8-12yr olds) Tuesdays 4-5pm @ Cavanbah Sports Centre starts 7/02/17
For more information or ph; 66872246 a/hrs

Heartwood Siteworks workshop

Convened by Heartwood, in association with Shearwater, The Mullumbimby Steiner School and the Perth Waldorf School, Conversing with Nature; Phenomenological Engagement with the Living World, will be led by research scientist, author and international lecturer, Dr. Craig Holdrege, and mathematician, Henrike Holdrege, of the Nature Institute, Ghent, US ( As keynote speakers and course presenters they will introduce participants to ways of thinking and perception that integrate self-reflective and critical thought, imagination, and careful, detailed observation of nature’s phenomena. These five-day intensive seminars provide an opportunity to explore our contextual relationship to nature and technology.

Dates: April 18 – 22 2017

Venue: Shearwater The Mullumbimby Steiner School

Dates: April 25 – 28 2017

Venue: Perth Waldorf School

For more information check out their website

From the Principal

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to the new school year. It was just wonderful to see the students all pouring back into the school last week with bright, smiling faces, looking rested, refreshed and ready to learn. It was also wonderful to see the school staff coming back with such enthusiasm for their work with the students at the school after their well earned break.

We started the year welcoming some new (and almost new) teachers to the school. I am sure you will join me in welcoming Jenny (Kindergarten), Anna (Class 1), Paddy (HS Geography), Alix (English) and Phoenix (HS Drama T1). Later in the term we will welcome James (Class 5) and Emily (Kindy) and next term Ben (HS Drama).

It was wonderful to meet with our Class One parents at a morning tea on Tuesday and then our Kindergarten parents on Wednesday morning. The relationship we have with the families within our school community is so important to our work with the students. I really value every opportunity to meet with parents and to strengthen the work we do together. Class meetings are another opportunity for us to come together and I really enjoyed attending part of the Kindergarten and Year 9 parent meetings this week.

Over the holiday break, Gavin and his team were busy working on a range of maintenance tasks across the school. One of the most significant (and beneficial) changes was the addition of a new road surface to the bottom car park. I nervously watched on the first day of school and was really pleased that the dust problem has been very noticeably reduced (there was almost no dust on the day I watched). Fingers crossed that it will stay that way!

Next Tuesday we will be having our first twilight RC&M day. The idea for this was raised in the parent engagement evening we held last year; a number of parents said that Saturdays were busy family or work days and they would like some other options for RC&M events. Our RC&M events are a wonderful opportunity to get involved in the life of the school and contribute to the ongoing care of our wonderful buildings and facilities. I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on Tuesday. (Yes, Tuesday is St Valentines Day…. what could be more romantic than pulling out weeds together in the garden beds at school!)

I am looking forward to a great term, working together with staff, parents and the broader school community to bring the best possible education to our very precious and wonderful students.


New Enrolments

We would like to warmly welcome the following students and their families to our School community.

Staff Retreat

Every year, in January, our staff attend the CBRSS staff retreat. During this 2 day event, staff join together for professional learning activities, artistic activities and team building exercises. This is a wonderful way to bring our team together before school begins and a great way to strengthen and develop our relationships and our professional practice.

New Food Policy

Our new updated and Board approved policy is now available on our website.