From the Principal

Hello everyone,

What a busy couple of weeks it has been. The Winter Festival was a lovely opportunity for the school community to come together and celebrate the winter season. It was great to see so many parents, family members and friends coming along to celebrate this special occasion with us. The challenge with the increased popularity of this event is finding a venue which can safely and effectively fit everybody in. We will certainly be thinking carefully about this as we plan next year’s Winter Festival as the hall in Bangalow was certainly bulging at the seams last week.

The kindergarten children also enjoyed a very beautiful and reverent Winter Festival at school this week. The sense of community was strong and the children experienced a very special and reverent celebration of the season.

In the High School, our Year 9 and 10 students demonstrated some of the outstanding work they have been doing in their electives this semester. Works from Design and Technology and the Creative Arts were on display and the audience enjoyed wonderful performances of circus skills, music and drama. Congratulations to the students and the teachers for such a wonderful night.

Earlier this year, some parents approached me with some concerns about our use of WiFi technology in the school. I undertook some extensive research into this topic and, whilst there is no definitive evidence about the effects of WiFi technology, there is enough concern to warrant some preventative action. With the agreement and support of the Primary School Teachers, we have decided that the WiFi routers in the Primary School will be turned off when they are not being used by the teachers and we have purchased some timer devices to assist with this.

Finally, just a reminder that we will be having a meeting for all parents on Wednesday 27th July at 7pm at the school. We will start the meeting by sharing our new Master Plan for the school. Michael Leung, architect and parent, will be there to take us all through the plan. This will be a great opportunity for parents to have a look at what is planned for the development of school buildings and facilities into the future. The next part of the meeting will be a “World Cafe” type meeting (coffee and cake provided) to discuss parent engagement in student learning and the school. We are asking that at least 1 adult from each family attend this meeting, so please put it into your calendars.

Have a wonderful, peaceful and safe Term break.


Parent Involvement in the School – Important Meeting

Could you please mark in your diaries the date of 27th of July (which is Week 1 of Term 3).

We are holding an important parent meeting and are asking that at least one parent from every family attend.  At this meeting, we will be presenting our Master Plan to the school community.  We will also be talking about parent involvement in our school community.  There will be a number of short presentations and plenty of time for discussion.

We are asking for at least one parent from each family to attend (regardless of whether you are a new parent or have been involved in the school for years).

An invitation, with more information, will go out soon.

Winter Festival 2016

Our Winter Festival was a special, cosy, and reverent celebration of the Winter Solstice.  Students, teachers, and the school community gathered at the A & I Hall in Bangalow for some beautiful music, dance, song, and the lantern walk.  The Dynasty Eight choir delighted us with their harmonies, and Loani & Tom did a beautiful job of leading the students, teachers, and our very own school choir, The Grail Singers, in song.  Eva, and drama students from Year 11, mesmerised the crowd with a dramatic indigenous dance performance, the Aboriginal Myth of the Sun  It was the perfect way to celebrate the coming of the light.  The evening’s finale was a lantern walk of the spiral, beautifully laid out on the oval outside.  Students from Class 1-12 carried their carefully made lanterns and walked the spiral, on a very windy evening, before heading back to warm and cosy homes.



High School Activities

There have been many Wellbeing initiatives for High School this term and students have been treated to many important speakers and sessions to help them negotiate the teenage years. I would like to share them with you.  Annie Barrett, our Wellbeing Worker, and I work closely to bring a variety of expert speakers and groups to our High School students.

There are also many other events that we are involved in that are listed below!

Wellbeing Events:

  • The Youth Liaison Police visited the students early in the term to talk about cyberbullying and how to stay safe online. Students were given the opportunity to ask questions and learn how to protect their identity and manage their online behaviour
  • Drug and Alcohol talks for Years 9-12 from NCAHS Drug and Alcohol Counsellor. Kate Leith explored the perceptions of what might appear ‘normal’ in the North Coast about drug and alcohol behaviour, but is out of sync with the national picture.
  • PASH – Positive Attitudes to Sexual Health conference for Year 10. This whole day conference in Lismore, with students from all schools and systems, is a perfect opportunity to explore issues around sexuality and sexual health.
  • Psychologist Peter Chown talked to Years 9- 12 about use of smartphones and mental health implications. He also spoke to parents on the same day, in the evening. While we had some parents turn up for the very important evening session, it would have been great to see more parents come and hear what is delivered to students and learn about how to manage screen time. He is a wonderful speaker with a depth of knowledge on the subject and other parenting issues.
  • Byron Youth Theatre performance about LGBTIA issues for Years 9-11. What an amazing presentation, with some of our Year 11 students in the performance. So great to see issues of gender and sexuality explored in a sensitive and creative way.

As well as Wellbeing initiatives, there have been a plethora of amazing experiences for all HS students this term:

  • a national poetry group called Poetry in Action presented to Years 9- 12
  • Study skills workshops for Years 10-12 from the Elevate Education team
  • Careers Expo for Years 11 and 12
  • Futsal competitions for Years 9-11
  • Year 6 High School experience day in High School – Year 6 visited our High School to learn a bit about what we do.
  • Cross Country House competitions and subsequent winners going to local and then state competitions!
  • Netball Gala day for Primary and High School
  • HSC English Advanced Excursion to Sydney to see Shakespeare’s King Richard 3rd
  • Year 7 Camp
  • Year 10 Camp
  • Subject Forum lead by Year 11 and 12 students for Year 10 students during a guardian period.
  • Senior School Information Night for Year 10 students and parents with staff presenting their subjects.
  • Year 9 visit to Lifecare – Older people’s home as part of their local community work.
  • Year 11 Survival Camp for PDHPE
  • HSC Parent Teacher Interviews
  • Winter Festival for all
  • Many subject specific excursions for Year 12 students to local HSC Study Day events

So, no wonder we all need a holiday!!

Have a great term break. Our HSC students will be busy studying, spending time on holiday classes with staff and then sitting their HSC Trial Exams in the 3rd week of the term break. We wish them the best of luck!!

Term 2 wrap up for K-6

Term 2 has been full of rich experiences for K-6.  The primary classes have been on a number of excursions in the local area.  The children have enjoyed visits to The Farm, Mullumbimby Community Gardens & Historical Museum, Minyon Falls, a local produce farm, and a viewing of the Aboriginal art exhibition ~ Bunjalung Country.  Class 6 expanded their knowledge of the galaxy with a trip to the Brisbane Planetarium & Science Museum, followed by a stargazing sleepover at school.  Class 5 had a fabulous week of outdoor activities at Tyalgum Ridge.

Class 5 & 6 started their mornings by jogging a circuit around the school in preparation for the annual cross-country race.

In addition to these forays out into the wider community, we were lucky to have several visitors to the school.

Bothmer specialist Dan Freeman brought his expertise to the school with lessons and games for the children and ideas and observations for the teachers.  John Billings played two Lyre concerts, including some Irish folk songs that were very familiar to the children.

There were visitors for teachers and parents to learn from too, with Dr Simon Bednarek giving a presentation on the 9-year transition.  Lou Harvey Zahara shared some gems on creative discipline, and Nathan Verinder kept parents up to date with tips on Cyber Safety.

Within the school there have been various festivals, performances, and fundraisers including the launch of the Kitchen Garden Program and the popular Bush Dance.  The sharing and enjoyment of the Class 4 & 5 Strings concerts was a pleasure for parents, and the Winter Festival, a soulful and evocative celebration of the season.  The coming of the light dramatized so beautifully in the Aboriginal myth of the Sun.

The teaching staff continued to develop their professional skills with an intensive on Bothmer Gymnastics, an AIS Child Protection workshop, training in First Aid & CPR, and the Camp Out for Kids.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Below are pics from the Class 2, 3, & 4 Term 2 excursions.

Excursions-01 Excursions-02

A successful Kindy fundraiser!

We are excited to announce that we have raised a spectacular $1455 for the Kindy!  Congratulations and well done everyone!

On Friday afternoon, the raffle was drawn in the office by the School Receptionist, Felicity.  First prize was won by Kindy mum, Sarah P, and second prize was won by Cath of Byron Bay.  Congratulations!

A huge thank you to the Kindy families, school, and wider community for your generous donations, ticket selling efforts, and support for our fundraiser!

Warm wishes

Sarah A and Jorja (Kindy Co-ordinators).

Kindy fundraiser 2016

Year 9 students helping Class 3

During a recent PDHPE lesson, Lizzie encouraged her Year 9 students to show Class 3 children a few games.  A very sweet display of older students helping younger students was the result.


Year 8 Biodynamic Gardening – Tree Pasting


Tree pasting is a process of mixing manure, sand, clay and water and applying it to the trunk and branches of trees which carries out a similar function to that of compost spread on the ground. It also nourishes and protects the bark and cambium of tress and vines and has the effect of sealing over crevices which pests may attack.

Last week we had the pleasure of hosting expert Biodynamic Gardening teacher Sandra Frain with a tree pasting workshop. She brings wonderful energy to the class with a wealth of knowledge. It was an inspiring workshop to see the students get into the process of applying medicine to trees.

More info on Tree Pasting

Peter Palmer

Year 9 & 10 Electives Showcase

Year 9 & 10 students recently showcased their work from elective subjects such as art, media, textiles, D&T, music, drama, & circus. An entertaining evening was had by all!

Year 9 & 10 Showcase

Year 10 Environmental Art

Denis recently ran a Contemporary Art main lesson with Year 10 students.  Gorgeous environmental artwork displays popped up all over the school.


Year 10 Engineering Challenge success!

Congratulations to our Year 10 students for coming SECOND in the recent Engineering Challenge, held at Southern Cross University!  James & Shanti took the group over to SCU to join other local schools for a day of engineering challenges!  Well done Year 10, James, & Shanti!

Enginineering Challenge winners

High School Lip Syncing Competition!

Much fun was had on the last day of Term 2!  Teachers & students in the high school came together to enjoy a Lip Syncing Competition.  We saw Lizzie, dressed in Geri Haliwell outfit & blonde wig, very convincingly, lip sync to ‘It’s Raining Men’.  She had many men (teachers and students) on stage to accompany her, and got them all doing a conga line off stage!  Malcolm, Andy, Ric, Peter, & James dressed up as The Village People, and had the crowd smiling with their lip sync to ‘YMCA’.  Many student groups dressed up and entertained the audience with their lip syncing renditions, but in the end, it was ‘Athens House’ (pictured below) who took out the prize for the 2016 CBRSS Lip Syncing Competion!

Lip syncing competition winners 3

Photo courtesy of Katie Biggin

2016 Spring Fair Raffle and Silent Auction

Dear CBRSS Families,

We are currently seeking prizes for our 2016 Spring Fair Raffle and Silent Auction from within our fantastically talented and generous school community.  If you are able to support our wonderful school with a prize donation of suitable goods, items, services, or vouchers, etc, this would be greatly appreciated.  Please contact Jen Henderson ( or 0413057600).

We will also be looking outside the immediate CBRSS community for prizes, but as this needs to be done in a co-ordinated way, we request that you please do not approach outside parties for donations without first checking with Jen (although any suggestions for contacts again are much appreciated).

Many thanks to all.

Here’s looking forward to another beautiful Spring Fair for 2016, “The Earth is Our Garden”.


Class 3

Call out for Empty Egg Cartons!


As preparations for the Spring Fair get underway, the Decorations Co-ordinators (Ebony and Suzanne from Class 3) need your help.

Don’t panic.  Its minor!

Egg eaters ~ Please could you save all your empty egg cartons over the school holidays and the first couple of weeks of Term 3.  We need to collect over 500 (yep, FIVE HUNDRED ‘cups’!).  That’s a lot!  …. and it’s way more eggs than our two families can eat.  Please take your empty egg cartons to Felicity at Reception ~ she is EGG-SPECTING you :-)

Thank you, Ebony and Suzanne.

Cat in egg carton

Term 3 Canteen Roster

Helping at the canteen is a wonderful way of not only getting to know the school community a little bit more, but also in claiming RC&M hours, and receiving a free delicious lunch for your child/ren. Hours are between 9.30am – 2.30pm. To put your name down on the roster, please contact Amanda at or 0411 837 699.




Painting & Drawing with Eleni in Term 3

Sydney Rudolf Steiner College 2

PAINTING AND DRAWING classes for parents and teachers in Term 3

Where:  Class 6 room
When:  Thursday 3.30 to 4.30pm (Weeks 2, 4, 6, & 8)
Cost:  $60 (to pay at start of Week 2)
Teacher:  Eleni

Leave name and phone number at office if interested.  Limited numbers.

Term 3 Silversmithing Classes


Eurythmy and Astronomy School


Faust Youth Summer Conference at Goetheanum


The Youth Section of the Anthroposophical Society at Goetheanum invites young people from all over the world to have an unique experience at the Faust Youth Summer Conference at Goetheanum, on the occasion of Goethe’s Faust 1&2, full version. This is a very rare opportunity with 17 hours of theatre! Several workshops and lectures will tackle essential questions raised in Goethe’s masterpiece such as who am I, Am I Faust, the development of identity, becoming human, etc. The conference offers young people the possibility to deepen and reflect on this existential issues together with others.

Thanks to a generous donation from some foundations the conference fee could be reduced to only 150 CHF all inclusive (performance, accommodation and meals). Five days in Dornach for this price does not happen everyday! Therefore we would like to ask for your support to encourage young people in your schools to come to the conference.

The conference is directed to school pupils, students and those in training under 35 years old that can participate as a class, a group or individually.

Under the motto “Am I Faust?”, the International Youth Summer Conference will take place from the 25th to the 29th July 2016 at the Goetheanum, in Dornach, Switzerland. (The performance will be in German, simultaneously translated into English and Spanish).

Here you find further information about Faust:

Contact the Youth Section Team of the Anthroposophical Society at the Goetheanum: