From the Principal

Hello everyone,

In recent weeks I have had several parents asking what support the school provides for students with additional needs.  This is something we don’t generally share with parents on a class by class basis as we need to be careful to protect the privacy of individual students and families, however I thought it might be helpful to share a general picture of our approach to this important topic.

The teaching assistants in the Primary School provide general assistance to the teachers in their day-to-day teaching tasks.  In addition to this, we employ teaching aides across the primary school to support specific students (or small groups of students) with their learning needs.  The teaching aides work under the direction of our Learning Support Teacher, Marlis, and in collaboration with the Class Teacher.  Marlis works with the teachers to develop Individual Learning Plans for some children.  She also works with small groups, in the classroom and individually with students to support their needs.  We also work closely with an Educational Psychologist, who undertakes assessments and provides advice when needed.

In the High School, our Learning Support Teacher works to develop Individual Education Plans for students with additional needs.  She provides advice and support to teachers and also works individually with students.  From time to time, we may have teaching aides working to provide Learning Support in some individual classes if there is a higher individual need.  In addition to this, our Wellbeing Workers provide support to students across the school.

The teachers discuss students with additional learning needs regularly in Faculty meetings so that all teachers can provide advice, assistance and support.  We take a very strong team approach to supporting all of our students and, as such, are constantly evaluating the effectiveness of our approach and adjusting the support we give.

Rudolf Steiner said that one of our chief tasks as teachers is to work to ‘solve the riddle of the child.’  Each child comes to us with their own needs, their own strengths and challenges.  We work hard, in partnership with parents, to understand what the child needs from us and how we can best meet their needs.

If you have any questions about your own child, please do talk to the teacher or guardian.  We are always happy to listen, share what we are doing with your child and work together to support your child’s learning and development.

I would like to finish this week by welcoming Geraldine Devas to our staff.  Geraldine is a Wellbeing Worker who will be working in the school, with Annie, every Friday.  She brings a wealth of experience to this position, as well as a solid understanding of the philosophy underpinning our education, having been a parent at this school years ago and also working in Steiner Schools in Queensland and Victoria.  It is wonderful to welcome Geraldine to our school.


The Bush Dance!

Bushdancing pic

Dear School Community,

Just a quick note to let you all know that the Annual School Bush Dance is fast approaching!

It’s this Friday night!

Date:  Friday 20th May from 6 -9pm in the CBRSS Performance Hall

Tickets are available at Reception.  We will also be selling tickets at the next three Friday Markets

Adult:  $10

Child:  $5

Earlybird Family Ticket:  $20 (or $25 at the door)

Hope to see you there!

Many thanks
The Bush Dance Co-ordinators

Click to download flyer for Bushdance

An upcoming talk at Cape Byron on Creative Discipline

As parents we sometimes question how to find
effective ways to manage children’s behaviour.
How to discipline without using punishments and
rewards? How can we set limits while maintaining
closeness and trust?

We are lucky enough to have the author of ‘Creative Discipline, Connected Family‘, Lou Harvey-Zahra, coming to Cape Byron Steiner School on Wednesday 8 June, 7-8:30pm, to present a talk on Creative Discipline.  Please join us.

Creative Discipline

Click here for further details

Repair Care & Maintenance Day

Repair Care & Maintenance (RCM) Day
Saturday week the 28th May – 9am – 3pm
Lunch supplied by canteen

This is our second, RCM day for the year and another chance to enhance the beauty of our school. The children love it when their parents have an intimate knowledge of the place that they hang out in all day. They can tell you something, about their school environment, and know when you understand what they are referring to. You don’t have to work just in the area around your classroom but anywhere in the school where the task takes your fancy. There are lots of varieties of tasks and the more people we have the more fun the tasks are when done together. Encourage others to come along and help out. If we get good at working together we will be able to take on more challenging tasks and really help the school soar.

See you there!

Gavin Colley
Site Manager

Important information in relation to camps and excursions

We are now using the Parent Lounge on our school administrative system to process permission notes for camps and excursions. You should have received details of your log-in by email last week. If you haven’t received these details, please email Matt or Jon in ICT for assistance. When your child has a camp or excursion, you will receive an email from the school alerting you that there is a permission note to be signed and asking you to Login to the Parent Lounge to do this. We will attach some clear instructions to this email to assist you with this process.

You can check in to the Parent Lounge at any time to see if there are any camp or permission notes outstanding. You can also view your child’s school reports and update your contact details. We hope this new system will make it a little easier for parents (and our Reception staff) to handle permission notes. The process of giving permission is very quick and simple and this will mean no more chasing endless paper notes. We understand that it may take a little while for everyone to get used to the new system, but please assist us by checking your emails regularly and completing the permission process promptly when you receive notification of a camp or excursion. If you are having any problems at all with the system, please call the school as we are really happy to help you.

Do You Need to Talk to Your Child’s Teacher?

Clear communication between teachers and parents is a vital part of the parent-school relationship.  We really value this communication and are happy to talk with you if and when the need arises.  Please call the school and make an appointment if you would like to meet with your child’s teacher.  Please do not approach the teacher in the morning before school as this is an important and busy time of preparation for our teachers and they will be focused on the students and the lessons for the day.

A Safety Plea ….

Over the last few weeks I have personally witnessed people driving up and down the hill at high speeds, people overtaking just before the blind bend in our road, people pulling out of our carpark directly across on-coming traffic and people parking in areas which make it unsafe for other traffic and for pedestrians.  We all have the odd times when we are running late for school or work, or when our attention is distracted from the road, however it only takes one moment for things to go wrong and somebody to get badly hurt.  It would be easy to think “it won’t happen to me”, but accidents do happen and the effects can be devastating.  I have a brother who is a quadriplegic after a car accident and a daughter with a lifelong disability after a separate car accident.  It can happen and it does …. with frightening regularity.   And so I make a personal plea….. please PLEASE slow down and take care on the way to and from school.  Obey the rules and be extra vigilant as there are a lot of little people (and not so little people) trying to get to and from our school.


Canteen Roster

The canteen is seeking helpers for Tuesday 24th May. If you are available between 9.30am-2.30pm, would like to claim some RC&M hours as well as have a free lunch for your child/ren, please contact Amanda Eade on:  0411 837 699 or email:

Also, there are still plenty of shifts waiting to be filled.  If there is another day that suits you better, please let Amanda know.

With many thanks,
The School Canteen.

Canteen Roster

Craft Group

Craft Group is seeking donations of pure wool yarn for toy making.  Please leave at Reception if you can help, or bring to Craft Group.
Craft Group is held in Silky Oak Cottage (P&F Space) on Thursday mornings from 9-11am.  Children are welcome in the Cottage.

CURTAINS needed for Silky Oak Cottage!

Anyone wanting to work off some RC&M hours is welcome to sew curtains for the room.  All materials supplied.
Contact Secretary

Chai Tent

CHAI TENT is on next Friday 27 May, along with class fundraising stalls, and the
school shop, selling wool, pencils, crayons, wax, and craft kits.

The CHAI TENT will also run on Friday 1 July.  Please contact the Friday Market Coordinator, via the School Office, if you would like to have a stall for your

Can you assist Andrew Rickert to build a Hangi?

Hello Parents and Friends,

I am about to start Main Lesson with Year 9 on Ecosystems and Human Culture.  I am looking for a helper who could help me with building a Hangi.  If anyone has experience and a bit of spare time for two Main Lesson slots (9-10.40am) either next week or the week after, please contact me ASAP, via the School Office.

Andrew Rickert

Join The Grail Singers Choir and sing at the Winter Festival


If you would like to be a special part of our Winter Festival this year please join us to learn some beautiful songs to share during the evening.  The Grail Singers meet on Tuesdays from 5pm to 6.15pm in the Movement Room.  We invite you all to join for a wonderful term, which will culminate in singing at this year’s Winter Festival on Friday 25th June.  All welcome – people who love to sing and people who think that they can’t!  Singing together is a fantastic way to come together and honor the connections between us.

The Grail Singers began on Tuesday 10 May, but you are welcome to join us soon!

$10 per session

Looking forward to singing with you!

The Grail Singers

Sun Shadow Slippers & Into the Woods

Sunshadow Slippers logo

We both live at Bruns!  Warm your toes with Sun shadow Slippers, or layer up with Into the Woods Organic Clothing for little folk!  We Also stock craft supplies, Mercurius pencils crayons and beeswax, hand dyed felt and wool, threads and Steiner-inspired hand made craft, including beautiful dolls, animals, gnomes, and houses.  Visit us at 21 Fingal street, Brunswick Heads.

Download our Flyer

Download Sun Shadow Brochure

Ocean Shores Art Expo: Calling all Artists!



The Ocean Shores Art Expo team are Calling all Artists!

There are many artists associated with the school community who might be interested in entering the adult sections of the Ocean Shores Art Expo this year.

This year, Ocean Shores Art Expo asks artists to contemplate the theme “What Matters?”, to peel away the superficial, and the superfluous!

So drill down and retrieve what you value, give it colour, shape and form, and exhibit at the Expo.

Whatever your level of skill or your medium, you are welcome to exhibit this year with a maximum of two artworks.

Start getting your entry ready now!  Read the revised Conditions of Entry online at:

Regional Meeting of the Australian Steiner Early Childhood Association

The Regional Meeting for the Australian Association for Rudolf Steiner Early Childhood Education was held on Saturday 19h March 2016,  at Cape Byron Steiner School. Presenter Sandra Frain brought the room of around 30 participants a creative, informative and humorous workshop on preparing a biodynamic compost and liquid preparations. Through story, song and poetry, Sandra wove in the impulses of the animal world, the plant kingdom and the forces of the cosmos and the role they play in the creation of the beautiful, rich, living compost.

As parents of children attending CBRSS, and early childhood educators working at Periwinkle Preschool, it was great to be actively participating in making a practical contribution to the School. The children will benefit from the fruits of our enthusiastic work as they can add preps to the soil and participate in the unveiling of the compost and spreading it around the vegetable gardens. We all felt a connection with the land around the school and each other as we worked together to spread the biodynamic liquid preparations  (500 and 501) around the Kindergarten. It was refreshing to be encouraged to really get dirty, and feel the mud and earth below us.

Sandra’s enthusiasm during the workshop was totally infectious. We laughed as we worked together, we sang and we shared stories and experiences as a group. Not only did we learn ways to nurture and honour the earth around us, we finished the day nurturing and honouring each other with lemon foot baths and hand/foot massages with Anthroposophically prepared sphagni moss lotions.

All the staff from our Preschool felt informed and nourished by Sandra’s work and play. Many thanks to Sandra Frain and the Kindergarten staff at Cape Byron for a great regional meeting.
Kellie Dean, Bess Pegram Jones, Simon McLean, and Cynthia Harris.

From the Principal


I hope everyone had an enjoyable term break, it is always lovely to see the children streaming back into the school after a break, looking refreshed but happy to be back. 

This morning as I drove down the ‘big hill’ on my  way to work, I stopped at the lookout to watch the sun rise over Byron Bay.  The mist was floating through the valley and the breeze was gentle, cool and fresh.  I took time to reflect on our experience of autumn in this little part of the world.  We don’t have the brilliant, flaming oranges and reds of leaf change that symbolise autumn in cooler climates, nor do we have the dramatic change in temperature and daylight hours experienced in places further from the equator.  Instead, our experience is more subtle.  The light quality changes as the sun stays a little closer to the horizon.  We experience soft, morning mists and dewdrops sparkling on the spider-webs in the early daylight hours.  The insects calm and settle from their summer frenzy and our reptile friends can be seen in patches of sunlight (and on the top of my passionfruit vine at home), enjoying the warmth of the soft, autumn sun.  Inwardly, we also experience a subtle softening and calming.  The slightly uncomfortable feeling that characterises the early autumnal ‘coming in’  is now starting to settle and we can really enjoy the experience of autumn.  I encourage you to take some quiet time to tune in and become aware of your own experience of autumn, it really is a lovely time of the year.

On another note, I am really excited about starting a new study group this week.  This term, on Tuesday mornings, I will be facilitating a discussion/study group looking at Steiner’s ‘Kingdom of Childhood’ lectures.  These are an excellent introduction to Steiner Education and provide a good foundation for understanding the philosophy behind Steiner education.  Each week we will look at one of the lectures and there will be a lot of opportunity for discussion and questions.  Participants are encouraged to attend for the whole series, however if you can’t make it every week, that’s ok too.  We also have a study group operating at the school every Tuesday night (the group started with ‘The Kingdom of Childhood’ last year and is now meeting regularly and working through a range of texts and lectures).  If you would like information about either of the study groups, please contact Yvette in the office.



An Award for our Library ~ Congratulations Charlotte!

Our school library recently won an award as being a ‘great’ school library!  Congratulations to our lovely Librarian, Charlotte, for all her hard work & care!

School Library Award

Cecelia drops in

Cecelia dropped by the school for a visit with the 9/10 elective music students and spoke about her experiences busking in the city. She played a few of her recent compositions to the class.

Click below to watch some videos of the visit.

Watch Video of Cecelia

Watch Video of Cecelia’s song Next Year

Student finalists at HEAD On Photography Festival

Maya Grigg and Liam O’Donnell have been nominated as finalists in the student section of the HEAD On Photography Festival held in Sydney.The Head On Foundation believes that all photo-artists need a fair chance to showcase their work. Head On has earned a reputation of operating with integrity and providing all photo-artists invaluable opportunities to exhibit in Sydney and internationally. The festival has toured in America, China, India, Europe and New Zealand.The winners are announced on the 30th April. We wish the students luck!

Head On finalists

Head On finalists 2

The Bush Dance!

Bushdancing pic

Dear School Community,

Just a quick note to let you all know that the Annual School Bush Dance is fast approaching!

Date:  Friday 20th May from 6 -9pm in the CBRSS Performance Hall

Tickets are available at Reception.  We will also be selling tickets at the next three Friday Markets

Adult:  $10

Child:  $5

Earlybird Family Ticket:  $20 (or $25 at the door)

Put it in your diaries & tell your friends!

Many thanks
The Bush Dance Co-ordinators

Click to download flyer for Bushdance

Early Childhood Regional Meeting

The Regional Meeting for the Australian Association for Rudolf Steiner Early Childhood Education was held on Saturday 19h March 2016,  at Cape Byron Steiner School.

Click here to read a report

Repair Care & Maintenance Day

Repair Care & Maintenance Day!

The next RCM Day will be on:

Saturday 28th May from 9am – 3pm
Lunch will be supplied by  the Canteen

See You There!


Canteen Roster

Dear Parents

Thank you so much to all of you that helped in the canteen last term.  Your support is always appreciated and, as always, very much needed.  Please think about putting your name down for a shift.  It’s a fun way to claim those RC&M hours, as well as meet the school community while your children receive a free lunch!  With no experience necessary, please contact Amanda Eade on or text 0411837699 to choose a date that suits you best.

Canteen Roster

Friday Community Beach Walk & Thank you from Lisa Larkins

Our regular Friday morning walk will commence this FRIDAY 6TH MAY (meet at 10:30 at the Brunswick Heads Surf Life Saving Club).  Please feel welcome to join our group and to share the pleasure of being together in this beautiful environment.  Come as little or as often as you like.  There is no set length of walk.  Your input is completely up to you.  Some of us also have a swim afterwards at the surf beach or further on at Torakina.
I look forward to you company
Warm wishes,
Lisa Larkins
(P&F Secretary)
After spending most of first term recovering from Knee Replacement Surgery, I was very fortunate to experience the support of our wonderful community.
The parents of Class 3, 6 and 12 in particular, provided meals and supported my children in getting to and from school over that lengthy period.
It was difficult for me to ask for help in the beginning, but the encouragement and offers continued throughout.
Class co-ordinators Emma, Jenny, Sharon, Sandi and Rachel Holt were wonderfully organised on my behalf and regularly checked on my progress and needs. Thank you to ALL the meal-givers and a special thank you to Denis of Year 12 for his weekly gift of Chicken Curry!
In addition, Ebony and Suzanne of Class 3, Tanya, (P&F) and Suzanne and Jane of Year 12, assisted in my daily personal care, shared my challenges and encouraged me to get back on my feet. It was a big commitment and these wonderful ladies brought so much love into what was a frightening and painful time for me.
Thank you to the class teachers, guardians and Katie Biggin for supporting me and my children and for keeping me in touch with what was happening at school.
Thank you also to Muriel for the loan of the exercise bike and the management staff at Cape Byron for their incredible support along the way.
I have been overwhelmed by the love and kindness shown and given.
We, the parents and friends of Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School, are very blessed to have such a caring and vibrant community. The experience has certainly confirmed that it is not only our children who are the lucky ones.
With love,
Lisa Larkins

‘Autumn Leaves’ Craft Group

Autumn Leaves pic

Autumn Leaves Craft Group meets on Thursdays in Silky Oak Cottage from 9-11am.  Please click the link below for further information and to view our beautiful flyer.

By the way, Silky Oak Cottage needs new curtains!  RCM hours available and all materials supplied.  If you can help, please contact:


Click here to download Craft Group flyer