From The Principal

Another busy week has ended and it seems that the end of the year is rushing towards us.  With the Year 12 formal held this week, our graduating class have said their goodbyes to the school and are now enjoying a well-earned rest.  I look upon our graduating students with a sense of pride and gratitude that we have been able to share in their journeys (some for more than 12 years).

When I draw my gaze back to our lovely Kindergarten  children, I wonder what riddles we will have to solve together and what twists and turns our journey may take.  Whilst it is wonderful to celebrate the lovely human beings who leave us in Year 12. the real enjoyment is in the journey we take together through the school years.

With this in mind, I ask that if you have any concerns about your child or any information you would like to share, please do contact your child’s teachers or guardians and have a conversation with them.  We work best to support the children when we work together.

On another note, I have noticed that quite a lot of students are arriving late to school each morning.  When a student arrives late, they miss the important morning verse and coming together of the class.  They may also miss an introduction to a lesson or some morning circle activities.  In addition to this, when a child walks into a class that has already started, their arrival disrupts the rest of the class (even when they try to enter quietly). Please support your child, and the rest of the class, by ensuring your child arrives at school on time each day.


From the Principal

We are now over half way through the term and there is so much happening around the school.  HSC exams have now finished (thank you to the whole school community for your patience and understanding in supporting the ‘quiet zones’ throughout the exams).  I am looking forward to the final Year 12 formal next week, when we will have the chance to celebrate and farewell our graduating class.

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