Y10 and 11 Creative Writing Workshop

Undeterred by a week of work experience and exams, thirty enthusiastic Year 10 and 11 students signed up for a unique opportunity to develop their creative writing skills with acclaimed local author (and CBRSS parent) Sarah Armstrong. On Monday 29 May, as part of a Byron Writer’s Centre initiative to promote creative writing by taking published authors into schools, we were lucky enough to have Sarah run StoryBoard, a three-hour workshop at school. The students discovered that Sarah is not only a talented writer who has had three novels published and been short-listed for the Miles Franklin Award, Australia’s premier literary award, but she is just as skilled at teaching the art of writing. Students were given direction and space to practise free writing, characterisation, plot structure and ways to maintain narrative tension through depiction of action. Thank you Sarah for a wonderful afternoon of invaluable insights you so generously shared with us.

– Katie, Ben, Alix