Winter Festival 2016

Our Winter Festival was a special, cosy, and reverent celebration of the Winter Solstice.  Students, teachers, and the school community gathered at the A & I Hall in Bangalow for some beautiful music, dance, song, and the lantern walk.  The Dynasty Eight choir delighted us with their harmonies, and Loani & Tom did a beautiful job of leading the students, teachers, and our very own school choir, The Grail Singers, in song.  Eva, and drama students from Year 11, mesmerised the crowd with a dramatic indigenous dance performance, the Aboriginal Myth of the Sun  It was the perfect way to celebrate the coming of the light.  The evening’s finale was a lantern walk of the spiral, beautifully laid out on the oval outside.  Students from Class 1-12 carried their carefully made lanterns and walked the spiral, on a very windy evening, before heading back to warm and cosy homes.