Spring Fair 2017

Dear School Community
We would like to welcome you all to the launch of our 2017 Spring Fair!!

As temporary custodians of the famous annual Cape Byron Steiner School Spring Fair event, Class 3 is excited to announce that the theme this year is Awaken to Wonder.

With the new Science Building commencing soon, we were inspired to look at the science of all things in nature, and we hope ‘Awaken to Wonder’ captures the appreciation of our beautiful school, the sense of curiosity of our children and the new beginnings that spring unfolds for all of us

So please save the date in your Calendars – Saturday 16 September

While Emma Davies and Class 3 parents are taking on the project of running the fair this year, as a community there is plenty you can do to ensure this year is a success.
We have the following information regarding the Spring Fair, which we would be grateful if you could read and respond if appropriate to any or all of the following:

  • Advertising Opportunity

Each year we advertise to the Byron Bay locals and visitors in the Echo. We are proud to offer advertising spaces for your businesses to appear on our double page spread in the issue of September 13th. If you are interested in advertising, please respond to Anna Watson at watson.anna.c@gmail.com or call 0410 007 144 to book in your preferred spot. Please respond by August 18 if you are interested. Ad sizes available: 58 x 85 – $150, 88 x 85 – $225, 118 x 85 – $300. Artwork for the Ad would be due by the 31st of August. If you don’t have artwork for your business, The Echo have kindly offered to design the ad for free.

  • Raffle Tickets

Over the next few weeks we will be delivering to students, one of our biggest fundraising projects of the fair – the CBRSS Spring Fair Raffle Ticket booklets.

A ticket is $3 each and they come in a book of ten, so we are making the offer to sell a book of single tickets or to purchase a book for $20, a huge saving of $10.

You can sell a book of single tickets and a book for $20, or two books for $40 etc.

This year we will be handing out two books to each Kindergarten and Primary school student. All Kindy and Primary school students get a prize for bringing back their raffle books. We have crystals and the very popular friendship bracelets to choose from.

This year we are not automatically giving HS students a book to sell. We will be asking students directly to get involved and to pick up some Raffle tickets from reception if they are interested in selling them. We might add there will be a significant prize for the High School student who sells the most!

  • The Great White Elephant Stall

Time to spring clean your wardrobe! This year we may have the biggest White Elephant stall yet, as we take over the High School Hall. Although we will not start our full scale second hand drive until closer to the Fair date (due to lack of storage), we are asking that you start considering an early ‘spring clean out’ for quality items you would be happy to donate such as clothing, toys, small furniture items, kitchen gadgets and books. Please note that we don’t want any Junk or electrical items, (as what doesn’t sell we have pack up and get rid of which is very time/energy consuming).

First call out is for jewellery. We would like to help your spring cleaning projects by collecting any jewellery you don’t wear anymore for the White Elephant Stall. Costume jewellery and all those single earrings. Please drop it into the box we have at reception, marked ‘Treasures and Bling’.

  • The Produce Stall

If you have been busy creating wonderful preserves etc., and would like to donate some to the produce stall we would be happy to accept any jams, preserves, pickles, sauerkraut, sauces etc. .. YUM!

  • Silent Auction

We have many exciting offers already for this year’s Silent Auction. We will be sending out more exact details of what’s on offer later this month. But if you have any items you would like to donate please contact Douglas May at dougal.may@gmail.com the Class 3 super dad organizing the Silent Auction Stall this year, or of course via reception.

  • The Craft Stall Co-operative

This year our beautiful craft stall would like to invite parents to participate in a craft co-operative. If you have beautiful handmade products you may wish to sell at our Fair, we have an ‘expression of interest’ form available at reception, or we can email it out if you are interested in exhibiting and selling your ‘Steiner appropriate’ craft goods this year. Please ring Kylie Clark on 0433 176 895 for more details. We look forward to hearing from you!!

  • The Great Book Swap

We will also be running a book swap at this year’s fair, where you can drop in a book and swap it, or purchase one with a gold coin donation. All proceed will go to a charity organization soon to be announced. So save your books.

  • Class Stalls/Activities

This week your Class coordinators are receiving their information packs for the class activities you will all be participating in to make our fair a very special day. Please support them to get your class organized and all preparations completed. Your help makes the world of difference!

  • Short Form Performance Poetry Competition

One of the exciting new events at the fair, will be a Short Form Performance Poetry Competition. Open to all High School Students, this will be in place of the song competition. We are lucky to have Class 3 parent Lisa Brockwell, a published poetry author and recent speaker at the Byron Writer’s Festival as an coordinator. We encourage students to put pen to paper and express your selves poetically!

The poem/performance must be:

  1. A maximum 3 minutes.
  2. On any topic, but must be suitable for general exhibition.
  3. Submitted as a written transcript one week prior to the fair.

More details to follow…

Finally, thank you for all the citrus that was donated. The canteen was working overtime to juice and freeze your produce. It was greatly appreciated.

We look forward to co-creating a wonderful event with you all.

Class 3.