Shearwater Wearable Arts

This year nine students from CBRSS entered WAVE – Shearwater Wearable Arts competition and performance. I am very excited to announce that Yr 9 student Oceana Williams-Brauer won the student award for Section 3 with her fabulous entry “Give A Crap”. The challenge of this Section was to make a costume out of paper and her entry was so well made and delightfully colourful. She spent a lot of time carefully constructing it.

The other students who entered their costumes are Anais Stewart-Long, Amber Keller, Romy Miller, Phoebe Neuman, Lucia Bora, Meira Gorcey, August Bridge and Lani Kwiatkista. All the costumes are of a high standard and the students are to be commended for their hard work.

It was thrilling to see the costumes modelled by Shearwater students and coming to life on the stage with music and lighting.

The students will be modelling their own costumes at our Year 9/10 Elective Showcase so the community at CBRSS has a chance to see them.

Vatika Gow
Textiles teacher

Dear School Community
I would just like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who collected ‘who gives a crap’ toilet wrappers for me over the past two terms. Without your help, I would never have been able to complete my wearable arts project. So, THANK YOU!

From Oceana, Year 9