Safe movement to and from School

Drop-off and pick-up times are very busy in our school. We have approximately 370 students moving on or off the site within a relatively short period of time. This means groups of children needing to get to and from their bus lines and off and on their buses as well as a number of cars coming and going from our car park with adults and children walking all through the school.

We roster teachers on in the high traffic areas of the school to manage this as safely as we can and we also rely on members of our school community to help make this a smooth and safe transition.

We ask that parents dropping off or picking up young children (primary school aged children) keep these children with them and under their direct supervision whilst moving to and from the carpark. Children up to Class 3 age should be holding an adult’s hand as they cross the carpark to their car (we have witnessed several near misses where young children have run unaccompanied across the car park).

The top carpark is only for bus drop-offs and pick-ups. It is not a pedestrian zone and our bus drivers are not expecting that there will be cars or pedestrians moving through this area. All parent drop-offs and pick-ups must occur from the bottom car park. This includes for Kindergarten children.

Finally, please don’t choose the bottom car park area as the place for a social chat. This is a high volume traffic area and children who are not being actively supervised here are at real risk.

Your help in keeping the transitions in and out of school as smooth and safe as possible is very much appreciated.