Report from Class 6

A Conversation With Gavin.
Reported here by Michelangelo and Sammy from Class 6.

“Hi Gavin, Miche and Sammy here just wondering if we could borrow a few minutes of you time to ask you a few questions?” we asked.
“Alright, do you enjoy your job of being the school caretaker?” Sammy asked.
“I enjoy it very much, it can get hard at times but I do really enjoy it. There’s a great variety of jobs that make it interesting,” Gavin responded.
“How long have you been looking after our school environment?” Miche asked.
“15 years and this is my 16th year,” he replied.
“What are some dangers you look out for?” we asked Gavin.
“Slippery paths, trip points, snakes, tree work and working with heights.”
“Is there any improvement you would like to see in the school environment?”
“An expanded gardening program and expanded playing fields, but apart from that the environment is pretty good.”
“Gavin, thank you for your time. We have learnt a lot and we hope you have a good day.”
“Have a good day to you too!” Gavin replied.