Permission slips for excursions!

Important Information ~ Return of Permission Notes!

We are finding that parents are increasingly returning permission slips after the due date, and on many occasions on the actual day of the camp or excursion.  In some cases, we have had to telephone parents on the day of the excursion to chase up a permission note.  This is not only time consuming for us, it also makes it very difficult to adequately cater for any additional student needs on the camp or excursion (illnesses, medications etc.).  For this reason, we will no longer accept permission notes which have been returned after the due date.
Permission notes for camps must be returned at least 5 days prior to the camp.  
Permission notes for excursions must be returned at least 3 days before the excursion.  
If the permission note is not returned on time, the student will not be able to attend the camp or excursion.  Please help us out by returning permission notes on time.